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Reasons Why Laravel Framework is More Preferred Over Other PHP Frameworks

Once you get into PHP development, it becomes the foremost step to adopt an appropriate framework. Choosing the right framework will not only offer you better outputs and successful projects but will certainly save your time and costs too. Thus, enhancing your web development area. Laravel gaining power Over the recent years, a strong competitor came up in the market chal...

Why are Hybrid Apps Best for your Business?

Did you ever lost your phone or forgot where you left it last time? It would have been the scary day for you. Isn’t it? Not because it is an expensive thing, but it holds your data and stays with you every moment. And when we talk about the device which stays with you every moment, it becomes necessary that it the apps within the phone are fully responsive, quick, and reliable. If they fail to be reliable enough, then you would simply quit using it and make a switch to another good one. Here is the point where hybrid apps make an entry.

Implementing the "Content-First Design" Effectively in Websites

Do you think that having a responsive and exquisite website design is all that you need to improve your visitor's experience? Indeed, yes, but partially. Without the correct content to flaunt your design, regardless of how swift and smooth your website's UI and UX experience is, it is bound to go wasted. It is very imperative to have synchronization between the design and content so that design complements the words, and gives visitors a quick idea regarding what you are conveying even without reading the content completely.

Effective reasons to choose iOS platform for your app!

No doubt that today the world is running over an automated platform, thus eliminating the manual operations. Isn’t it? Thereby, we simply can’t deny the fact that having an online presence for your business has become a necessity, then may it be via an app or a website, it is a must step. And if you are about to develop an app for your business, then choosing the right platform becomes the biggest dilemma. Choosing either Android or iOS, both have their own benefits. It all depends on the required parameters you hav...

Significance of Writing UNIT TESTS in Software Testing

Unit testing is a product testing strategy by which single units of source code, sets of one or more PC systems modules alongside the related control information, approach, and working strategies are tried and tested to make sense if they are fit to be used or not. In other words, the unit tests check that the program works and keeps on functioning as the developer expected or planned it to work. There are various specific subjects, similar to, Test Driv...

How React JS will Reshape the Future of Javascript?

While you are planning to take your business online, there might be thousands of thoughts that strike your mind. Isn't it? Which platform to choose, how to choose the right framework, defining the budget, considering the performance, and other parameters. It's just not easy to choose all of them correctly in one go.  ReactJS gaining Power! The most important...

How To Design Better App Icons!

Have you ever given a thought that how difficult it would be to design an app icon while conveying your brand into it? Or how would a perfect app icon alike? If you think that you need to give your 100% on building your app and put make no efforts on designing a unique app icon, then this would be your biggest mistake! The app icon you decide will represent your brand name and will be the only way to attract the customer attention. Why do we need...

Major Benefits of Choosing Automation Testing for your Project!

Whenever you go to a store to buy a new product, you simply pick up that product or do a little research? Obviously, we take time and then finalize the decision. And when it's your app or website going to be launched, you simply can’t let it go without a proper testing and verification done thoroughly. Every company gathers its team to carry out testing, but still delivers its customers a product which still holds errors and bugs. Want to know the reason behind it?

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