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Will IoT Transform the Mobile App Development Sector?

By the end of 2017, out of all the technologies that went mainstream, Internet of Things came out to be the best out of all. As per estimations, by the year 2020, around 20 million connected devices will be gathered worldwide with a revenue of $300 billion. IOT is currently working on implementing AI into the real applications. Making a world in which devices work autonomously, instead of getting driven by a set of defined orders. By this year, we’ll see these transformations work in real life. Switching from condition-ba...

Quality Assurance Contribution In Web Development Process

We all prefer quality over quantity. Being aware of the technology, same goes for the products and software we introduce. Getting a superior quality product is what every customer demands. As before, product underwent testing once it got ready, a stage just before the customer received it. But now, with the technology evolution, the process got advanced and products and software are getting verified before they get designed. Hence, saving time, labor and capital. One of the best parts of the testing process is the introduction...

IOT Integrates With the Major Industries

Internet of things (IOT) has transformed the lives, certainly for better aspects in a very short span of time. May it is IT industry, retail business, real estate or healthcare, IOT has acquired its identity in almost every field. Moreover, it even made an effort to bring private and government sector together and work parallel. Its high time for us to study whether 2018 will be an IOT year or something else will replace it? The answer is already clear. IOT has gained a good name in the market as all major businesses are adopting IOT rapidly.

Oversights When Outsourcing Mobile App Development

From multiple points of view, mobile app development can change business activities, and the final product is an effective and effective approach to interact with customers. Over time, a huge number of smart, well-planned applications have given organizations the chance to achieve what was previously unimaginable; however, challenges em...

Consequences of Not Doing SEO for Your eCommerce Website

The difficulties of eCommerce selling are different from those of the traditional in-store selling. The reason is that it depends only on online channels for reaching the potential customers and driving them to convert. Hence, this business vertical needs to depend on digital marketing to broaden its scope. A typical digital marketing strategy contains a blend of strategies, for example, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing.

Google's New Update on Broad Core Algorithm and Its Effects on Your SEO!

Google regularly updates its algorithm to make sure no one is taking a wrong step and everyone is getting a chance to recover. Recently it had a major update of broad core algorithm causing tremors for webmasters and SEOs. Many were happy to see that traffic on their website jumped up to 200% whereas many reported on losing website traffic to the competition. This initiated a massive discussion on multiple popular SEO forums and social groups. One such discussion is given below:

Boost Your Conversion Rates With These Push Notifications Rules

Online business advertisers always must be exceptionally cautious of the design and the language of the message they need to put over. If marketers disregard this vital aspect, they neglect to speak with the audience as they lose attention. As time evolved from analog clocks to smartwatches, people moved from desktop to mobile browsing. Taking a look at the current increment in mobile internet use, push notifications are urgent for conveying valuable information to your audience.

What Makes Laravel The Most Trending PHP Frameworks Of 2018?

Laravel is a free PHP web application framework specifically to develop web applications. Being one of the most popular frameworks of PHP, there has been witnessed a phenomenal rise in the popularity of this application along with Yii2, Nette, etc. The main reason for such a popularity is its extensive features, including high readability, modular packaging system, and its orientation toward syntactic sugar. The best feature of Laravel is that it is not like...

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