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Can Blockchain Revolutionize the IoT Industry?

Imagine a world where all your devices starting from the air conditioner at home to your garage locking gets automatically operated, without your involvement? Or what if I say that you left your main door unlocked while hurrying to your office, and it automatically locks the very next moment? Yes, this is what the word IoT has promised us in the coming time! As per a recent report prepared by Statista, for 2020, the installed base of Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost

On-boarding Techniques for Mobile Apps to Retain Users

In the past, UX was about a delicate and intuitive design. However, as we dive deeper, we find an ever increasing number of factors affecting the user's experience with a product. It is much more than a beautiful interface now. The extent of UX grows gradually covering such aspects as web content and formatting, customer service, as well as the overall value of a product. So when we talk about great UX, we imagine a happy and satisfied customer whatever it takes. And, how do we make customers happy? By solving their pr...

Website Redesign: Questions to Put Before Making a Step Further

Trends change with time and so we also need to stay ahead of the curve. The inherent motto is to be the best among all your competitors to win. Website redesign is the predominant approach that is the savior for the distinguished organizations in this growth-oriented arena. Website redesigning can be sometimes regarded as the techniqu...

Choosing Between Emulators and Real Devices for Testing

Testing a mobile application completely is a significant step before it hits the market. Testing lessens the chances that your product may confront otherwise. By testing your application before releasing, you communicate indirectly to the target market that your item is trustworthy. While there are a number of OS's and ever aggrandizing variety of mobile devices out there, there are two noteworthy approaches to test a mobile application i.e. on a real device or utilize an emulator for that purpose.

Tips to Consider for Developing IoT Applications

Technology is on a steady creative part and that point of view has acquired a huge change in our lives. With the progression of time connectivity has improved a lot better because of the smart gadgets, the wireless communication, sensors, cloud-based computing system and much more. But the one stage that has just made the trendy expression and publicity is the Internet of Things (IoT), empowering the associations to take controls and deal with the tasks advantageously along these lines undertaking the tougher projects to manage.

Promoting Your Mobile Applications to Making it Successful and Earn Profits

Application development is developing as a gainful business with different kinds of mobile operating systems and devices entering the market. Prior, the decision of operating systems that developers designers had was restricted to those like Apple, BlackBerry, and Windows. Presently, with the coming of new platforms for mobile and cross-platform applications picking up popularity, mobile application development has turned into a lucrative field for developers to acquire genuinely good amounts of money. The number of m...

In-Depth Qualitative Analysis of the Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications

With mobile devices turning into the primary choice to be used for online shopping, eCommerce store owners are thinking to their wits' end to locate the right app. Picking the correct sort of application implies careful research, knowing the sort of functionality one needs and how they need their end clients to access these apps. Creating a mobile application for your online marketplace is one of the best decisions. The next step is to pick what kind of application you should go for; Native or Hybrid. Be...

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