No industry is left unchanged with the integration of modern technologies. 2021, has brought a drastic change in all the industries, out of which education is the most crucial one. Earlier the only way to learn new things was by attending classes physically, but with the pandemic the scenario changed. It took learning to a whole new level with the e-learning apps.

Now with the availability of e-learning app development, education becomes more engaging, easier, quicker for parents, students, and teachers. The technology offers a way that has made easy access to learning. The market size of the education apps is expected to grow by $46 billion during 2020-2024. Therefore, a lot of reputed organizations like Samsung, Dell, and more invest in the education and eLearning industry.

This guide will lead you through the entire process of developing an ultimate education app with the latest trends, benefits, and features that you need to incorporate.


A brief overview of the market growth for online learning 

During the 1st quarter of 2020, the world saw drastic and unforeseen problems as the lockdown was announced. Following the Research and Market predictions, it was estimated that the e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025, which means it will increase over 300% from 2015. 

  • Education is the third most popular category in the App store after games and business. 

  • A market research firm Technavio recently released that the education app market will expand by $46.9 billion with a CAGR of 26%.

  • Universities all across the world are now signing up for Apps that include schools from Spain, Netherlands, Poland, and many other countries.

  • There are over 20 million students, faculty members, and staff who use the educational apps that were launched by Google.


Advantages of Having Education App

1. Flexibility of Learning

Education apps offer sheer comfort for the learners. It offers the learning material whenever and wherever so that the education of the child does not get affected in any case. Also, there are adaptable class plans that give you complete flexibility to pursue the class whenever you are free.

This type of learning offers you autonomous learning patterns and style that helps the students to fulfill their scholarly objectives.

2. Cut out the commute

As the modules can be run at your own pace, the virtual lessons can be learned sitting in your comfort zone at any time of the day. It saves you from the hectic schedules of moving out of the home, traveling long distances to learn. With the applications, you get spare opportunity to perform anything you desire to!

3. Substantial learning experience

Online features and activities keep the mind of the child more active. There are many activities such as quizzes, HD video lectures, assessments, virtual field trips. It makes the learning process more informative, engaging, and captivating for children. Education apps break all the stereotypes regarding the usage of the application it can incorporate learning with visuals to make the process compelling, interactive, and exciting for children.

4. Lecture Recording

If in any case the class is missed, the apps have the capability that allows you to replay the videos incredibly within your comfort zone. Of course, there is an advancement in the learning process, here are the new models of learning continually develops. The virtual study lessons are setting down deep roots!


Types of Educational Apps

eLearning Apps for Learners

The most common types of e-learning apps for learners include:

1. For Specific Purpose

This means creating an app for a particular goal and objective. It includes anything where you can acquire new skills.

2. For kids

Application for kids has to be different with easy-to-use features. From colors to rhymes for toddlers, kids love these kinds of applications.

3. For Exams

Conducting exams successfully is a tough job. This is a great help to conduct the important exams such as SAT, TOEFL, or for driving license tests, nursing licenses, aviation aptitudes, etc.

4. For Information

These are specifically designed to boost the learning of children. The information on several topics can be searched within the application. This is quite popular among the professionals and students who seek to gain more information.


eLearning Apps for Teachers

The most common types of e-learning apps for teachers include:

1. App for planning

This saves a lot of time for teachers making it easy for them to hold the previous lessons while preparing for the next one.

2. App for scheduling

It helps to effectively schedule their time so that they get the most of the entire time they have with them.

3. App for grading

These applications allow the users to secure grades, reports, calculations, notifications, and much more.


Technology Trends for the Educational App Market

1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR/VR is one of the latest trends in the education app development process. Many big organizations such as Facebook and Microsoft are already incorporating it in their designing and development. As per a report from Statista the market is amounted to a forecast of 18.8 billion US dollars in 2020 and is on the verge of rising continuously in the upcoming years.

2. Voice Assistant and AI

Integrating the voice assistance feature such as Alexa and Siri offers a personalized user experience for the users. These can be afforded with the help of intense machine learning algorithms. Voice assistance and AI have been merged that has a huge impact on the e-learning sector.

These help the user to perform all the functions and have the potential to make life much simpler. Integrating them in the education app sector is a great help!

3. 5G

5G connection is the most stable while offering a faster Internet connection. It has proved to be a boon for the education industry as its announcement that it supports mobile device processors and hardware has gotten a lot more attention.

As per a report, the 5G connections are projected to grow by 1.1 billion by 2025, with the subscriptions reaching 2.61 billion the same year.


Features and Functionalities of the Education App

1. Sign-up/Login

Offering a simple sign-up option for the users such as filling out the details such as email, password, phone number, and more. To make the app user-friendly social media sign-up option should be integrated. During the login, you should add the “Forgot Password” option as well.

2. Flexible Search

If you want your educational app not to fail, it's crucial to develop a flexible search. To find the right course and subject there should be an option of advance search.

3. User Profile

The feature allows the students to go through the dashboard (must be interactive) and the courses they want to join. It allows them to add their account details, subjects they are interested in, age, and much more.

4. Select course

To choose the right course, students need to look through the details like the course program and description. Also, here you should add the buy the course button.

5. Payment

The payment gateway should be secure that allows the payments to be quick and easy. This includes credit/debit cards, PayPal, and much more.

6. Push Notifications and Course Activities

Push notifications are now the most effective and interactive feature that helps the users to stay connected with the app. It is also a must-have feature as far as the educational app is concerned.

7. Live Tutorials & Interactive Sessions

This is one of the main features of an educational app and allows the students to join live lessons and teaching sessions of their respective teachers.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Education App?

The cost of developing an education app depends on the time and many other features required to complete the development and testing of the learning eco-system.

Also, it depends on the advanced features if any, you want to integrate into the development project. Security of the application also has to do a lot with the cost of the app development project. Putting all of these together, an estimate for a basic app would be between $15000 -$30000.



Education applications are the future of learning. It requires a great effort that needs to be considered while developing a high-performance education app. However, still, if you find yourself stuck anywhere in between we have got you covered!

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