The digital era has simplified the lives of people. From small to large, businesses are dependent on technology for the betterment of their operations. The dependency on the apps continues to increase, and people prefer to complete most of their daily tasks via on-demand applications.

This even goes for the home service industry which has lead to the development of pest control applications. Pests are a real threat wherever it attacks. Be it a cockroach, insect, or a termite it can ruin your peace. Not only do they affect your health but also destroy the furniture, walls and yes, of course, the illness! The only solution to this problem is Pest Control through on-demand pest control applications.

Statistical data shows that the pest control industry has seen a growth of 4.5% this year and is expected to rise more in the coming times.

Do you wish to get an on-demand pest control application for your agency? If yes, here are the comprehensive details with the functionalities and features that your pest control app must possess.

Few Statistics for the On-demand Pest Control App 

  • The market of pest control is expected to reach 20.5 billion USD since 2019 to an amount of 27.5 billion USD in 2025.
  • As per a survey, Global pest control services are expected to rise by USD 5.35 billion by 2023.
  • Whether it is a school, organization, home, or any other property the pest control business is in huge demand and continues to expand its services.


What are the benefits of On-demand Pest Control Applications?

The pest control app is booming as it helps to keep your commercial and residential areas pest-free. The on-demand applications for pest control can help the users in several ways such as quickly finding the expert looking in your area, book an appointment, and much more. Some of the greatest benefits that the app offers are highlighted here:

1. Easy and quick connection with customers

If you are already running a pest control agency, an app will allow you to stay connected with the users while offering them the most advanced services. With a single tap by the user, they can schedule an appointment with your agency while helping you boost the business volume and ultimately productivity.

2. Offers Real-time Support

Users and the service provider both get real-time access to the information on their mobile devices. With real-time communication, the experts can revert to the client queries faster that may be related to billing, service, or any other issue.

3. Enhanced Productivity

The customers can book the services instantly which helps to increase the productivity of the team in multiple ways. The technician is appointed as the user books the appointment and they can reach out to their destination using the location tracking feature in the app. The process is seamless which ultimately helps to enhance productivity.

4. Global Awareness

In this digital era for any resolutions to the queries, the user is dependent on digital solutions. Therefore an on-demand pest control app is the need of the hour that aware people of the services you offer.

5. GPS Service and Tracking

The app has an in-built GPS tracking feature that enables the location of the user and the expert while keeping a track of their location in real-time.


Steps to Develop an On-demand Pest Control App Development

Various factors need to be considered such as the app idea, market research, competitors, and more that need to be taken care of. These are the common challenges during the development process and must be dealt with beforehand.

1. Make your App Idea Clear

Your app idea behind the on-demand pest control app has to be clear and easily understandable by the developers and the team. You should be able to explain the features, the logic so that the developers are clear about what you want. Link all parts in an arranged way making it clear while the execution.

2. Market and Competitor Research

For any industry, you must have a clear understanding of the market and what trends are the competitors following. This way you have a clear idea of what exactly your customers want and what are their service subscription behaviors.  Implement the strategies your competitors have adopted to allow the business to be executed in the right direction.

3. Define Pitch and Target Audience

Pest control has many verticals and offers a variety of different services. Whether it is controlling the pest for your home or commercial areas, crops you must ensure the services offered are the best of interest and defines your target audience. You will be wasting a lot of resources if you target the wrong people.

4. Plan your Investment

You might have to go through various documentation and legal procedure that could cost a thousand dollars. Therefore, you need to ensure you have a proper plan for your investment, and all the funding sources are reliable.


Monetization options for On-demand Pest Control App

1. Freemium Mode

This model allows the uses to download the different versions of the app. The free version is restricted to few features only but the paid version has full access to all the features.

2. In-app purchase

The app owner can collaborate with pesticide dealers and showcase their products in their apps. When a user buys a product from the app, you can earn a commission from each sale made.

3. Sponsorship

This monetization model allows you to achieve many followers. You can partner with popular brands. The brand pays for the action user takes, and the app can generate further engagement.

4. In-app Ads

Here you can free few sections of your app and offer advertising space for other businesses. These businesses can promote their products and services on your platform. With this method of promotion, your business receives immense popularity and revenue as well.


Features You Need To Add In Your On-demand Pest Control App

An On-demand Pest Control App generally consists of three main panels Customer, Pest Control Service, and Admin panels. Here is the detailed list of features that helps to satisfy them all:

Customer Panel

  1. Signup: The sign-up form should be as simple and user-friendly as possible.
  2. Real-time controller tracking: It should give real-time data and information and allow the users to track their pest controllers.
  3. Schedule Service: The pest control app should be able to schedule a service as per the user's need.
  4. Payment Gateway: The app should offer an integrated payment gateway and eWallets to ease the process of payment.
  5. Review and Ratings: Allow the customers to leave a review and rate the services.
  6. In-app chat: The app should allow the user to chat with them for any query if they have.


Admin Panel 

  1. Manage the Schedule: If there are two bookings at the same time, the admin has to take over the control and manage everything.
  2. Dashboards: The admin’s dashboard should show the person’s name who booked an appointment, the timings, and all other information.
  3. Manage Service: The admin has an access to accept/reject the request of the user based on several factors.
  4. Manage Pricing: The admin has an access to manage the pricing and offer discounts whenever needed.
  5. Track the customers: The admin can track the customer and the location.
  6. Transactions Made: Admin should be able to view the transactions made and the entire process of it.


Pest Controller Panel 

  1. Profile Management: A pest controller needs to signup. Once the signup is done, they can make the changes to the profile.
  2. Customer Management: The app should have an integrated feature where the pest controller receives all the relevant information of the user.
  3. In-App Navigation: To know the exact location of the customer, they should be able to navigate the location of the customer.
  4. Contact Customer: The app should offer pest controllers an option to call and communicate with their customers making a smooth communication bridge.
  5. Review and Ratings: The pest controller should be able to leave feedback on the customer.
  6. History: Pest controllers must be able to view their service history from the day associated with the company.


Advance Features for On-demand Pest Control App

1. Multilingual & Currency Support

This is a crucial feature for the app development process as your consumer can be of any background. With multilingual and currency support, the user can access the service easily without any disruption. Also, they can calculate the amount to be paid in their currency and make the payment for the services availed. 

2. Integrated Payment Structure

All the customers choosing such services should be offered the option of integrated payment gateways. There should be different payment options such as Credit/Debit cards and e-wallet options to make the payment seamlessly.

3. Real-time Tracking

With real-time tracking, the users can track the location of the expert. It allows them to share their live location using the in-built GPS tracking and connects the service provider with the customers anywhere and anytime.

4. Flexible Scheduling

On-demand services should offer personalization to the users. With this feature, the users can choose any service at any time and choose instant service or schedule it as per the availability and the requirement. 


How much does it cost to develop an on-demand pest control app?

The cost to develop a pest control application depends on the various factors that include- the platform you choose for the app development, technology, the country you target, advanced features you wish to integrate the time, and the number of developers you hire for the project completion. 

So, it would be difficult to give an approximate cost of developing the app. However, you can discuss it with your app development partner and finalize the cost!


Are you ready for the launch?

As already discussed in today’s time there is a massive need for on-demand applications whatever industry you target. What you need to ensure at the end of the day is the app should make the entire process of booking the services easier. Above mentioned features must be integrated for successful app development.

OZVID can help you with all your needs! Our experts are highly experienced in developing on-demand applications by employing the latest technologies and offering the top-notch app for your customers.

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