The uplift in the demand, convenience, and efficiency of mobile apps is already known. The supreme rise is due to the norms people have to practice while maintaining social distance. People usually avoid social gatherings and prefer to buy stuff online, whatever it is. The figure shows the factors that drive people towards on-demand IT solutions.


The scenario has changed the facet of many industries, and one of the dominating industries is on-demand Gas and Fuel Delivery. Fuel delivery app development jumps into the trend and has made changes to a great extent, helping people to avail themselves of convenient services. Using the on-demand fuel services, users can request flammable liquids at their doorstep without having to visit the gas station to fuel up their vehicles. It is wiser for startups and enterprises to invest dollars in this industry as it will prove to be a game-changer in the industry. Want to know how to develop such an app? Continue reading the blog.

How does On-Demand Fuel App work?

The app has a working model similar to Uber. The user using the mobile app can make an order of whatever flammable liquid is required. Then they need to select their preferred location. The app makes the location. There is an in-built map that allows the fuel truck to navigate to your location and refill the vehicle while maintaining compliance and following safety guidelines. The payment can be done manually as well as online.

On-demand Gas Delivery Business Model

Here is the business model that the fuel delivery app development follows.

1. Gas Industry Aggregator

This model allows you to list retailers on your application. The aggregator app offers a pipeline between customers and retailers, allowing them to earn commission out of the same. It is based on delivering fuel on demand.

2. Getting a Retail App for your Outlet

This model allows the retailer to list their retail outlets using a single dashboard and track the sale of each outlet using analytics and graph.

3. White Label App

This business model allows the app owner to connect with customers via the delivery app. It assists them with emergency issues anytime that may be due to a lack of gas/fuel.


Benefits of Online Fuel Delivery Service

1. Low Maintenance Charges

As there is a boost in automation and such services, the business has realized the potential, and using the latest technologies manual research is eliminated. Also, the industry no longer has to spend on compliance and regulations. As the cost and maintenance get to reduce, the companies can save an immense amount that could ultimately help to make a rise in their profit levels.

2. Offers Customers Loyalty 

Customer retention in today’s time is the most crucial factor that businesses work for. For any query and issues, the user needs an immediate response and solution, i.e two-way communication with the business. Therefore, an app-based service offers the best features that include push notifications, chat/call support, and feedback options, ultimately helping to retain customers.

3. Savior during emergencies

What if you are driving and run out of fuel at the midnight? No worries, the on-demand app proves to be a savior here because just with a single tap on the application you get the fuel required for your vehicle.

4. Helps save time and effort

As the on-demand services are gaining huge popularity, they are becoming more efficient as compared to the offline platforms that are a real headache for the users. Fuel delivery on time offers solutions to customers that save their time and effort.

Challenges Associated with Fuel-Delivery Service 

1. Legal Issues

There are many Govt issues involved when it is to the Gas and Oil industry. Clearance and approval from many organizations are required. If you want your on-demand fuel industry to run in a seamless manner and without any roadblocks, it becomes mandatory to keep yourself updated with the norms and compliance.

2. High Tech System

The truck needs to be featured with a high-technology system. The trucks should include a fuel quality monitoring system so that you get to know immediately if the fuel is adulterated. It’s vital to tackle all the challenges efficiently so that the delivery is smooth.

3. Designing Safe Trucks

Fuel has a high risk of leakage, air, and combustion. So the design of the trucks should be air-tight, theft-proof, and combustion-proof, so there. Also, ensure that the trucks should not too large so that it does not fit in large areas.

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Features Required to Develop an On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Customer Panel

1. Easy Sign-up

The user should be able to signup easily via phone or social media logins. 

2. Quick Ordering

Customers should be able to set up the location of their vehicle and order fuel quickly by choosing the type and quantity.

3. Delivery Options

The customers per their convenience should be able to schedule the delivery by setting the date and time.

4. Tracking of the order

The customers should be able to track their orders via inbuilt navigation and tracking.

5. Seamless Payment options

Flexibility in terms of payments can take your app a long way. Users should be provided with a variety of flexible payment options in the form of cards, e-wallets, and more.

6. Figure the cost

The customers here receive the appropriate cost of fuel they will be charged on their screens. This makes it easy for the customers to decide.

7. Review and Ratings 

Customers should be able to share their personal experiences with the service they have received and provide their reviews and ratings based on them.

 8. View History

This feature allows the customers to check their previous orders made along with the complete history of incoming and outgoing.

9. Referrals

Every user should be offered referral codes so that they can share the same with friends and earn accordingly.

Driver Panel

1. Availability Status

Drivers have the option of turning the online and offline modes depending on their convenience.

2. Dashboard

With the dashboard, the driver can check out all their important things on a go.

3. In-app Navigation

Navigation is the most important for drivers as they have to deliver the order, and while they are on the way they must ensure they keep it on.

4. Invoice Generation

With this feature, drivers can generate an invoice for their payment.

5. Rating the Customers

The driver should be able to rate the customers as per their experience.

6. Accept payments

Drivers should be able to easily generate an invoice to accept the payment.

Admin Panel

1. Manage the Bookings

The admin should be able to manage all the bookings and make the necessary changes to the reservations.

2. Analytics and Reports

The admin can make it easier to generate data-driven results via analytics and reports. 

3. Cost Management

The admin is responsible to manage the fuel tanks. The admin should manage the pricing of different gas and petrol types.

Here are a few of the Additional Features

1. Push Notifications

With this feature in the fuel delivery app development, the user can stay updated with the services they have asked for. It allows the users to stay updated and in touch with the app while allowing them to avail the latest offers and discounts.

2. Geolocation

This is the most crucial feature when it comes to on-demand delivery. It helps in detecting the user's location. The customer can be found at any spot, be it a highway, or some isolated area, the app auto-detects the location and helps to reach the customer.

3. Real-time Tracking

The feature allows the users to keep a real-time track of their gas delivery request along with the driver’s route, location, and more.

Cost of Developing an On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

The fuel delivery app development cost depends majorly on three crucial factors that are:

  • Number of Platforms for which the app is developed
  • Size and complexity of the app
  • App Development Region
  • Location
  • App Execution
  • Overall Development Method

In general, the development cost of the app lies between US$ 15K-20K.


Winding up!

The fuel delivery app development is gaining huge popularity as it offers a great way of reaching out to the audience. Developing such an app is not an easy task. You must hire the best app developers and team to take care of your on-demand application.

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