Health and Fitness apps are the two buzzwords in today’s world. During the second wave of the pandemic, gyms and fitness centers are being hit hard.  

As a majority of the people are staying home, their necessity to stay fit and healthy is on the rise. People are becoming aware of good health and its benefits. Therefore, they take a healthy diet and take all the necessary steps. 

Technology is making things easy, and exercise is no exception. Health tracking applications are becoming a primary part of today’s culture and are making a huge impact on the lives of people. 

According to the research by Reports and Data, the worldwide health and fitness market application is expected to reach over $14.6 billion by 2027.

To comprehend the standards of the users, these apps should provide the best features and functionalities right at the fingertips of users. Being handy, these applications have become easy to use than ever. The article gives you detailed information about the fitness app development guide.

An Overview of the Fitness App Market Trends 

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard, and people are staying home. Instead of going to gyms, people prefer to stay at home. Therefore, the market for fitness app is expected to reach $14.7 billion by the year 2026. The market is expected to reach a CAGR of 23 percent. As per a report from Statista, the fitness industry reached $17,963 million in 2020 and continues to expand.

  • The revenue is increasing at a CAGR of 5% while resulting in a market volume of $20,499 million by 2023.
  • The apps were downloaded globally 593 million times in 2020.
  • The market is significantly expected to grow more by 2021, and therefore it is the right time for the startups to invest in the industry, especially the startups.

Fitness App

Benefits of developing a Fitness Application 

The user can easily download the fitness apps on mobile phones, and get tons of benefits. A few of them include:

1. Helps to Monitor Diet 

Health and Fitness applications can count your calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and fat content. It allows you to track your calories to avoid food that is not right for your health. To stay fit and healthy, maintaining a good diet that helps every individual to eat more carefully.

2. Track your Foot Steps  

These apps are available on mobile phones that allow you to track your distance and the steps you have walked. These apps enable the users to meet the target while offering you all the information you need. By monitoring your step count, you can achieve your target and improve your daily step count.

3. Health and Fitness Tips 

These applications offer all the health and fitness tips that help meet their health goals and plan their routine easily. 

4. Monitor Progress

It allows you to monitor all your workout routine and progress while enabling you to fill in all the health details and updates.

Most Popular Types of Fitness Apps

1. Workout or exercise apps

These are the broadest category in the list and focus on the workout and exercises. 

It allows the users to know about the exercise and with tutorials how to perform those exercises. The application category can be broadly categorized into three groups:

  • Personal Trainer AppLogbook App
  • Fitness Apps with Paired Devices

2. Activity tracking apps

These are the crucial applications that allow users to track the number of steps and calorie count instantly. The apps are suitable even if the user is not going to the gym. There is an inbuilt geolocation feature that helps you track the distance walked and covered. 

Activity tracking applications can be pair with wearable devices such as smartphones and bands. It allows the user to track whatever they are looking for.

3. Nutrition apps

Setting personal goals is the main focus of such apps. If a person has a hard time sticking to healthy nutrition, the app will help create grocery shopping lists and even collect healthy food recipes!

Appropriate goals setup is the main focus of the user. And if the user has a hard time maintaining their weight, these applications encourage them to stay healthy and control their diet.

How to earn money through a Health and Fitness Mobile App?

The fitness apps you are creating should offer you positive results. You must include all the essential features in your app for more customer retention. Here are a few monetization methods that allow the apps to generate a decent income:

1. In-app advertisement

It is one of the most popular monetization approaches that allow fitness companies to partner with other advertising and third-party companies where you can charge a commission from them and earn a good amount. 

2. Freemium Apps

Allows the users to unlock all the advanced features and possibilities as they can subscribe to a premium version and make the payment on a monthly or annual basis.

3. In-app purchases

Even if you are offering free fitness applications for the users, they can still make money while encouraging them to buy something within the application. It is also the best monetization strategy that allows app owners to earn a good amount.

Key Features of a Fitness Application 

Before you develop a fitness application, you must know all the features that help to meet the budget of the client and satisfy all their needs:

1. Registration

Onboarding is the most crucial and first step towards the registration that allows the users to sign-up in the most efficient way. The registration process should be simple via email and contact number. The users can also sign in via social media credentials such as Facebook.

2. Updating Personal Information

The users can add all their personal information and details to their profiles. It is following their weight, height, age, and more. This way, the trainer can customize and offer them personalized workout plans. It gives more motivation to the users and can quickly resolve their health issues. 

3. API Integration

Different APIs such as social media log in, users can check out all the data and friends who utilize the same app.

4. Setting-up of Targets

These fitness applications allow the users to set up their targets. Aggressive workout needs targets and also the users who have set a goal. For the diet applications, the target is based on calorie limit and weight loss. For the exercise applications, the users need to count on the weight reduced. 

5. Gamification for entertainment

Engagement is the key to user retention. It let the users participate, get rewards, and measure up to the results with their colleagues or friends.

6. Pre-set Work-out and Exercise Scheduling

It is the most crucial feature of workout applications. It is one of the most convenient functionalities for a fitness app.

7. Live Streaming from any Work-out Place

It is one of the most appealing features of the users. The live-streaming allows the users to put on air their daily workout videos and the training procedures conducted at any place.

8. Tracking and Monitoring of Fitness Activities

The wearable devices such as Google Fit and others monitor and track daily activities such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming performances.

9. Geolocation

Activities tracking mobile apps are all about location maps. You must integrate this feature into your application. 

10Diet Tracking

It is difficult for a fitness app to sustain itself without a diet tracking feature. Diet tracking apps have to make it effortless to log data. 

11. Dashboard

The dashboard allows the users to monitor all the information, details of equipment, supplements, and track live chat sessions they have had before.

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How Much Cost to Develop Health & Fitness App?

The cost and estimated time to develop a fitness app mainly rely on the three factors. Here they are:

  • The complexity & size of the mobile application
  • The number of platforms you want your app to sprint on
  • Location of the app development company

Key Takeaways

As the demand for health and fitness apps, increasing day by day, it is one of the most beneficial investments for stakeholders. As people are unable to go to gyms, it acts as a daily gym instructor for them.

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