Flowers play a crucial role in human emotional existence, well-being, occasions, and more for a long time. Whether you are sending gifts to your loved ones or showing them how important they are, the flowers significantly lighten up the space.

The mobile applications allow the users to choose the flower type and the delivery timings with just a couple of taps on their mobile phones. Owing to the benefits the app offers, businesses, and entrepreneurs are now investing in such apps. 

If you own a flower shop and lack earning profits, it's time to get digitalized with flower delivery app development. The blog covers all the details and helps you gain a competitive edge.

Why invest in Flower Delivery App Development?

As per a recent report from IBIS, the florist industry reached $800 billion in recent years and will augment to a billion-dollar industry in the upcoming years.

  • Flower delivery is a multi-billion dollar business if you offer a user-friendly and high-quality app.
  • The entire global flower business made a whopping 60 billion US dollars in the past year.
  • The industry will experience growth over five years to 2025, as the economy begins to recover from the COVID-19
  • Hotels and resorts receive market attention, and the sales of flowers will surpass US$ 10 billion by 2021.
  • Approximately $26,600,000,000 annual U.S. spending on floral products.

Benefits of developing a Flower Delivery App

1. Consumers get the ease

The flower delivery application offers users ease and books their deliveries on the same day. Customers with a few taps on their mobile phones can get the best gifting option for their loved ones. The flowers are delivered fresh to the doorsteps and are considered one of the ideal presents. 

2. Global Presence of Business

Digital platforms are the most vital option that expands your customer base and increases your reach globally. With the apps, you can extend the business globally, and customers will reach you and bring more customer retention.

3. Available 24*7

The app is your savior during emergencies. The apps are available 24/7 to the customers, and they can make orders anytime they wish to. 

Business Models of Flower Delivery Mobile App

1. Brand Dedicated Business Model

As the name says, it helps to boost your business revenue. The dedicated apps are more specifically for reputed brands or that have gained customer attention. The customer receives all the services from the brand itself. From placing the order to making a delivery, the brand seamlessly conducts all the events.

2. Aggregator App Business Model

The aggregator business model is a lot different from the dedicated one. It is a platform where brands and vendors offer services under a single roof. The customer can choose the delivery service provider as per their taste, convenience, and price.

The app owner charges a commission from the vendor and florists to earn profits.

How does the Flower Delivery Mobile App Make Money? 

The app owner follows many strategic ways for their business expansion and revenue generation. It is the ultimate goal of the app. So here is how the apps can generate an income:

1. Commissions:

The app owner charges a certain amount of commission for the delivery via their application. The owner charges a commission from both the vendor and the customer. It is one of the best and most popular sources of income and helps the app owner generate a good income. 

2. Featured Listing:

These are the service providers who appear at the top when the user searches for the results. The featured listing gets the most attention of the users, and with this, they can earn business profits. 

3. In-app Advertising:

It is another monetization strategy that allows service/good providers to display an ad in your app. The app owner can charge an amount of fee from the advertising business for their ad displays. 

Features for a successful on-demand Flower Delivery App 

1. Login and Signup

The feature allows the customers to sign in quickly. The sign-in process should be simple & user-friendly. So there is more customer engagement. The users can sign in via their email ID, password, or social media credentials are also a great option. 

2. Customized Flowers and Gifts

Every user looks for customized options, and it becomes vital to offer customization to the users. The feature allows the users to create a hamper on their own. It boosts customer engagement and provides a budget-friendly gift to them.

3. Smart/ Advanced Search

Users do not like wasting their time scrolling. They prefer searching via an image or voice search. So it is a unique option feature you must integrate into your app. 

4. Real-time Tracking

Customers get the live tracking option for the entire fleet. And with this, they can track down the order in real-time and get updates. The app offers all the details. It includes the order processed, the shipment, and more so that the users stay updated.

 5. Real-Time Analytics

Integrating the app with real-time analytics offers a plethora of benefits. It allows the app admin to view all the reports, charts, and dashboards in real-time.

You can track all the metrics, such as retention rate, user acquisition, and deliveries. With all the statistics displayed seamlessly, you can take productive business decisions. 

6. Multiple Payment Options

With the multiple payment gateway options, you can allow your users to make quick and hassle-free payments. The preferred mode of payment included Google Pay, PayTM, Credit/Debit cards, and more.

7. CRM Integration

With the CRM integration feature, the app can build and strengthen relationships with its potential customers. It helps to respond quickly to customer queries so that the users do not feel ignored. 

8. Multi-Lingual & Currency Support

It is one of the vital features if your application operates in multiple countries and locations. It allows users to send customized gifts to their loved ones overseas. 

9. Marketing & Promotional Tools

The admin can integrate various marketing tools such as advertisements, email templates, and promotional campaigns to send special offers to customers and encourage them to use the app.

10. Order Management Integration

With the order management system, you get an easy update on your inventory so that you can fulfill customer orders in time. There is the seamless working of different departments so that the order gets delivered on time. 

11. Loyalty Programs

Offering rewards and other programs allow customers to use the app and feel special with the loyalty programs. It is quite a valuable feature that boosts potential customer retention.

Cost of Developing a Flower Delivery Mobile App

The cost of developing a flower delivery app is not fixed and depends on several factors. Some of the most prominent factors that affect the cost of developing a flower delivery mobile app are: 

  • The platform you choose for the app development
  • UI/UX of the app
  • Frontend/Backend Development
  • API/Third-Party Integration 
  • Features and Functionalities
  • Geographical location/hours taken 

If you hire a US/UK-based company for your project, they will charge you around $70-$200 per hour, and hiring developers in India would generally cost you $20-$70 per hour, which is quite a reasonable rate.

Summing-it up!

If you are a florist, a flower delivery mobile app can offer a significant boost to your business. And to develop a robust solution, you must choose the best flower-delivery app development company that caters to your needs. 

Discuss your requirements and features with us, and we will provide you with a team of expert developers from OZVID for the seamless development of your app.

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