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Taxi : Web and Mobile Applications

We have seen drastic changes in private or personal transportation in last few years. This credit goes to mobile app based taxi and car booking system. Any company in passenger transportation now cannot survive without a mobile app, especially if competitors have already occupied one. An app for a cab company is as beneficial as for passengers and cab drivers.

Waiting for a taxi, and that too for a long time is a serious daunting task. It is at such distressful times, you really understand the importance of Taxi booking mobile application. With a single click of button in your iPhone or Android, you can make the taxi stand at your doorstep. A cool and smart service right on your phone. Now you don‘t need to waste time waiting for the taxi and don‘t need to remain idle. It is a win-win situation. 

There could be many software and application development companies in the market who design the same kind of products. But are they following the industrial standards? There is no guarantee in that. At Ozvid, we follow the rules and regulations laid down by the mobile application industry. The entire mobile application for any kinds of phone like iphone, android, blackberry is done by us in an efficient and simple manner. Our best development includes, Ride sharing Apps, Uber Clone Apps, Pick up and Drop Taxi services, Real-time tracking taxi Apps, Cab booking services, Private Car services, Lyft clone Apps etc. 

Benefits of cab app solutions for taxi booking services are uncountable. Take the example, customers. You need more and more customers to stay ahead in the market. A mobile app arranges limitless customers. And how does it make sense? No one likes to chase down a taxi on a metropolis street or pray god that a taxi miraculously pass by his or her location. But unwillingly they do it and do it daily. With the help of smart-phones, it allows you to book taxi and get to it without delay of even a single minute. 

Here location feature plays an important role. The app asks users to share the location before booking the cab and at your end, you can allot nearest cab available in customer location. You save money and customers get the cab on right time. With location enabled app, passenger can also track the cab right from its booking. You can also discover who is best and who is worst driver in your fleet because the app can be added with a feature that allows passengers to rate drivers. Consistently low rating will allow you either issue warning to bad drivers or out them from your fleet. Booking a taxi in an easy and convenient way must have been a distant dream. But now it is possible with the help of the advanced mobile application.

Our cab booking solutions provides a mobile friendly experience to engage users on both smartphone and tablet. We are very precise with the design and flexibility of our product and ensures that it could take minimum labor unlike other processes. We offers best smartphone solutions in a very low price so that people starting new businesses can easily start our product. We offers the functionality of ride estimation also in which user can estimate his/her ride and can plan accordingly. 

Several benefits of our taxi apps are discussed below:

  • Tracking the arrivals of the taxi and its fare
  • Setting up the destination and drop information
  • Multiple booking for future and feedback
  • Easy cancellation and SMS confirmation
  • Interactive map
  • Freedom of choice
  • Hassle free system, with very few clicks and your cab will be arrived
  • Cars can be available for pre-booking with credit card & Cash
  • You will get the driver info, you can call the driver, or the driver may call you to confirm the arrival point and time.

Key Features used in our cab booking apps include

  • User-friendly interface
  • Real time tracking of taxi
  • Google map integration
  • Payment method integration
  • Email address Sign Up
  • Referral bonuses
  • Selection of different types of vehicles
  • Fare spitting options
  • Promocode, discouts or coupon option available
  • Review or rating given to driver from passenger 

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