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Manual Testing

OZVID Technologies offers manual testing services across industry verticals to achieve a company's quality assurance requirements. We have a team of manual testers working on the software testing for errors and defects before delivering it in the market. With our manual testing service, you can ensure that your applications are thoroughly tested before its release to the end customer. We employ proprietary methodologies and structured processes in rationalizing the testing spend and finding defects early in the lifecycle.

Our testers are also well versed in various core functional testing, GUI testing, DB testing, usability testing, browser compatibility testing, and many more. Our experts understand the pitfalls of over-dependence on automation in the real-time environment and thus assert the utility of manual testing. We have not only tested our own solutions, but we have been a trusted 3rd party vendor for our clients’ products, giving them an objective opinion on the quality of their products.

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