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Human and Computer Vision

An overview of human and computer vision

Human and computer vision is a preferred platform that solves real problems directly on compute-constrained embedded devices. We at OZVID Technologies develop efficient artificial intelligence services and algorithms to meet customer requirements. We assist businesses to make quicker and better decisions quickly. Our services extend towards geographical locations, including the USA, UK, India, and Dubai.

Human and Computer Vision

Accelerating the AI age

We provide perception solutions across multiple business segments, from small businesses to large international brands. Having years of experience in the AI Industry allows us to deal with a wide range of human and computer vision services, from image classification to object tagging:

  • Image classification: Our services allow users to classify the images based upon quality, content type, or other custom criteria.
  • Object detection: Get a wide range of object detection tools for bounding boxes, polygons, and line labels to ensure that the customer receives accurate labels.
  • Landmark tagging: We implement landmark tagging in the face recognition system and robotics.
  • Semantic classification: Our team offers an object detection solution that has tools for bounding boxes, line labels, polygons, and quality checks so that the customers get accurate labels.
  • Video object tracking: We offer video object tracking tools to boost the machine learning models faster and smarter.
  • Object tagging: Our platform support dozens of classes, and customers can get images labeled according to their requirements.

Top-notch services from OZVID Technologies

Our team offers services to a broad segment of businesses from retail, smart home, government, and other industries. We have developed a suite of innovative algorithms that can perfectly fit the existing business models. Our technology-equipped services are a clear showcase of unique and smart services that help businesses to attain heights in the artificial intelligence industry. Our team of experts is made available round the clock to give technical assistance to the customers and clear their queries.