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Web Designing

Web Designing

  • Innovative ideas for web solutions and advanced multimedia designing and programming
  • Affordable and professional custom website designs contributing to business growth
  • Skilled and experienced web designers proficient in building websites
  • Logical and creative designs that attract target customers
Web development

Web Development

  • Develops custom websites with robust technology like Yii, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3
  • Offers SSL and develop websites that drive traffic and accelerate your business
  • Delivers high quality and economical website to clients worldwide
  • Maintains your web presence effectively
Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

  • Provide location tracking based apps, augmented reality apps, educational and informative apps, Hybrid apps
  • Deliver quality mobile apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms
  • Build solutions to solve the real-life problems
  • Scalable mobile¬†solutions
Software Testing

Software Testing

  • Software Testing for Web and Mobile applications¬†using various test cases
  • Delivering software with performance, quality, security, and value
  • Use of Open source software and tools for quality testing
IoT Applications

IoT Applications

  • Development of attendance control systems using RFID and sensor network technologies.
  • Expertise with various IOT platforms such as Raspberry Pi and GeekBox.
  • Focus on maintaining security and safety of IOT Devices.
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Follow an omnichannel approach with a single goal to increase conversions, and repeat traffic.
  • Our custom online marketing campaigns perfectly fit your company's unique needs and goals.