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You want a challenging and enjoyable work environment, we want you to realize your potential. You want to get recognized for your work, we want you to fulfill your aspirations. Being a performance oriented organization, we strongly believe that a great leader‘s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion and not position. We strive to be the best at what we do every day by providing a working environment where people can grow professionally and personally. We offer a winning combination of mobile and web development services to help our clients get the most out of our solutions so they can focus on what they do best.

We have achieved success with teams of talented people who share a vision and a passion for working together. We’re always looking for people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our teams. We recognize our employee‘s with in-house appraisal systems ensuring that their career path is in line with the organization goals. We have achieved success with teams of talented people who share a vision and a passion for working together. We’re always looking for people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our teams.

Whether it is helping you become better at what you are already good at, or helping you discover what you are the best at, we have the right people and programs for you. We focus on working with the best talent in the industry. If you want the world to be your playground, you need the best coaches, If you’re looking for a place that values your passion and desire to learn and if you are aspiring to achieve your dreams then wait no more and send us your candidature for the position that best suits your expertise. We will be happy to welcome you onboard.

Why Choose Us ?

Company Culture

Our self-motivated, and motivated professionals work to build a great work culture. We move forward by keeping our core value and has attained success in creating the most cultured, disciplined, diverse and responsive work environments in the world. We believe in open, informal communication that helps our teams to work together and in delivering the top-quality services to our clients worldwide.

Food Coupons

We show our gratitude towards our employees who work extra hours and do hard work by offering them food coupons. If any of our employees work for late hours in the office we provide them with extra dinner coupons free from the company that he/she can use to order food of their choice

Reward and Recognition

At OZVID Technologies, we analyze the performance and hard work of every single employee and do not miss a single chance to appreciate, acknowledge, and thank them for contributing their efforts for company's success. We offer various rewards to strengthen the ways and help our potential employees to create their identity.

Extra Benefits for Overtime

We appreciate your time and do not ignore the efforts that our employees put to get the work done. Whether the employee works for extra hours or worked on weekends or other non-working days we acknowledge their efforts and show our gratitude with rewards and other benefits like extra pay apart from their salary.

Developing Skills

We do not rely on feeding lessons and technology, instead implement practicals in real-life to gain more ideas. We learn the theoretical concept and implement the ideas practically to help our candidates and employees to learn more and develop their skills.

Weekly Trainings

To stay updated with the latest technology trends which other competitors are practicing, we make a point to carry out regular training sessions to make sure that every employee is aware of the current technologies. Presentations and seminars are conducted by our expert professionals to make understanding easy and fun for the complete workforce.

Fun and Team-building Activities

Team outings and fun serve a greater purpose to the team and company. Frequent outings, fun activities rejuvenate the team and motivates them to achieve their goals. We believe the same and organize small and big events like birthday party, festival celebration, annual party and a lot more.

Health benefits

We do consider your health and care for their well-being. The company offers health insurance through its group health insurance program that helps to stay on the safer side. We provide them with the health card for availing the cashless medical facilities in case of need.

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