Dogs are the most loyal best friend of a human! With the increased number of pet parents and the majority of their busy schedules, they don’t always have enough time to spend with their pets. That's why the idea of the on-demand dog walking application started to gain popularity quickly.

As applications are being developed for all the processes and people urge for comfort, relying on an on-demand dog walking app for pet care is no big deal. As per research from American Pet Product Association, people spent $5.24 billion on pet services such as grooming and their care.

It allowed the pet care services and business owners to get an app developed. Continue to read the blog and know-how as, one of the leading mobile app development companies we curate apps with customized features and lets you make serious money.

The trend of the animal walking Apps

There is a massive growth in the pet care industry as more households are open to keep buddies. To put it in a nutshell the pet care industry is expected to grow by 5.9% in the next six years (2020-2026).

Here are a few facts that advocate the growing trend of the animal care industry:

Features contributing to the leading dog walking app

An on-demand dog walking app is a profitable option for owners who are willing to start their business. Although it’s not crucial to indulge all the features at one time in your application, and you can start with a minimum investment. But here are a few crucial features you must add because on time investment can bring a lifetime of profit.

1. Quick Registration

By simply filling out the details, a person should be able to register over the app. The checkbox should have an email sign-up and password. Another option is directly using social media credentials to sign-up.

After the sign-up is completed, a user should be able to login with a tap or OTP that is sent to the email id or registered contact number.

2. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking of your pet is an essential feature as it allows dog owners to track their pets while they are on a walk. This relieves the dog owners from unnecessary worries and allows them to track wherever the dog is.

To make your app much more highlighted you can also add an option of the instant image of the dog to make it look more superior.

3. Schedule Slots

The scheduling of the walk is a very crucial step. Once the dog owner opens the app and schedules an appointment, the app offers a calendar where the time, date, day, and venue for the pickup could be set.

4. Push Notifications

When you are the owner of the app, there are many key points you need to consider that helps to promote your app and keeps the user engaged. One of the most effective ways is offering a push notification feature that gains the attention of the users and keeps sending them with the latest updates/notifications anytime and anywhere as per the requirement of the user.

5. Dashboard

Dashboards are the front face for any application. It should have all the features in the dashboard itself so that a user doesn’t have to look here and there for the essential functions. The panel lets them operate everything provided within the app.

6. In-app Payment

There should be enormous inbuilt digital payment gateways such as Credit/Debit cards, mobile wallets, PayPal, and others so that the user can pay as per their preference. This offers convenience to both the users and the app owner.

How does the dog walking apps work?

For Pet Owners

1. Search the App

Once the owner installs the app and registers they can find the dog walkers nearby their locations and book them as per the availability.

2. Meet Walker in Person

On the time scheduled the walker would come and meet you in person. The meeting is important for the dog owners will choose the walker depending on the reaction of the dog.

3. Easy Walk Schedule

Scheduling a walk can be done instantly. Even if you plan 10 minutes before hiring a dog walker they can immediately schedule a call.

4. In App-Payment

An integrated digital payment gateway allows the users to pay instantly.

For Dog Walker

1. Walker Profile

To be quickly found by the pet owners in the same zip code create a mesmerizing profile.

2. Receive updates and requests

Walkers should be able to immediately check the requests and should have the access to accept or reject.

3. Time and Date Availability

Walkers can add time availability to their calendar. Hence, it becomes easy for a dog owner to allocate the job at the available time.

The average cost for a dog walking app

How much does it cost to develop a dog walking app? What platform you should choose for your app development process? It would be a tough question to answer that how much would it cost. The cost of the development of an on-demand custom dog app depends on many factors.

To exactly estimate the cost, you should be clear with the following details:

  • Type of business model

  • All the essential features

  • Your Set budget

  • The platform you wish to develop an app on


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