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Top Emerging Trends in Software Testing

How important is software testing for delivering a successful project? You might say that the answer is straightforward as testing is quite necessary for businesses these days. But the point is that at what level you are performing testing, or what sort of testing techniques are you using in your organization. With the emerging demands of customers and the evolving technology, there have evolved several trends in the software testing industry. With the latest tech strategies, testing industry has confronted considerable changes...

Importance of Omni-Channel Experience Testing for Business

In the event you look twenty years back, the most prominent method for building brands and reaching out to your clients was by means of mobile phones, outdoor, and multi-media marketing. Today, the overall customer scenario has "digitally" changed and practically there is no limitation to the ways by which the target customers can be reached. These opportunities are tossing different challenges for brands and enterprises, and one of the prominent ones is to ensure Omni Channel experience for customers. Why is Omni-Channel Experience...

Effectively Implementing Test Automation to Speed the Testing Process

The impact and benefits of Test Automation have been evaluated and validated by organizations, development and testing teams, and even industry analysts. Different techniques and methodologies have been utilized to viably execute Test Automation and bring accuracy and speed to the testing cycle. All things considered, the practices and innovation platforms behind automated testing are evolving with growing difficulties and adoption of emerging technologies. Automating Tests and actualizing automation frameworks can be a tricky task.

Why Mobile Apps Get Rejected?

The success of the mobile experience is exceptionally dependent upon the quality and functionality of the applications available for the respective mobile platforms. An average mobile user spends near 177 minutes on his/her mobile phone every day and 90% of this time is spent on apps. Apple's App Store, which had over 2.2 million functioning applications toward the beginning of 2017, is one of the largest application repositories on the planet. Apple is also known to be exceedingly dedicated to user experience and func...

Importance of Quality Assurance in Healthcare Industry

Digital transformation is changing technologies in manners we never observed before. It is changing enterprises, frameworks, infrastructures, representative models, or above all, security channels. A recent report by MarketsandMarkets suggests, “The healthcare IT market is projected to reach USD 280.25 Billion by 2021.” For the healthcare indus...

Significance of Writing UNIT TESTS in Software Testing

Unit testing is a product testing strategy by which single units of source code, sets of one or more PC systems modules alongside the related control information, approach, and working strategies are tried and tested to make sense if they are fit to be used or not. In other words, the unit tests check that the program works and keeps on functioning as the developer expected or planned it to work. There are various specific subjects, similar to, Test Driv...

Major Benefits of Choosing Automation Testing for your Project!

Whenever you go to a store to buy a new product, you simply pick up that product or do a little research? Obviously, we take time and then finalize the decision. And when it's your app or website going to be launched, you simply can’t let it go without a proper testing and verification done thoroughly. Every company gathers its team to carry out testing, but still delivers its customers a product which still holds errors and bugs. Want to know the reason behind it?

Latest Software Testing Trends You Must Know

Just like we all moved from pen-paper to wireless devices with the evolution of technology, so did the other industries transformed. Similarly, IT companies went down a huge transformation to stay within the dynamic marketplace. May it be a startup company or a larger enterprise, the main focus is to make your customers happy and receive positive reviews from them. Isn't it? If you are getting a positive response from your customers, good enough! But if your customers aren't satisfied with your services and have complaints about your services, then definit...

Choosing Between Emulators and Real Devices for Testing

Testing a mobile application completely is a significant step before it hits the market. Testing lessens the chances that your product may confront otherwise. By testing your application before releasing, you communicate indirectly to the target market that your item is trustworthy. While there are a number of OS's and ever aggrandizing variety of mobile devices out there, there are two noteworthy approaches to test a mobile application i.e. on a real device or utilize an emulator for that purpose.

Why Software Quality Assurance Needs to Evolve Continuously?

Change with evolution is an unavoidable cycle that enterprises need to embrace for development and sustainability. The AI stage and supporting applications are continuously evolving and growing further to oblige varying requirements. In like manner, Software Quality Assurance needs to experience a consistently developing procedure to convey various aspects, right from building substantially more compatible applications, to affirming with various security conventions. Neither QA nor development can recite a monologue and deliver satisfactorily.

Quality Assurance Contribution In Web Development Process

We all prefer quality over quantity. Being aware of the technology, same goes for the products and software we introduce. Getting a superior quality product is what every customer demands. As before, product underwent testing once it got ready, a stage just before the customer received it. But now, with the technology evolution, the process got advanced and products and software are getting verified before they get designed. Hence, saving time, labor and capital. One of the best parts of the testing process is the introduction...

Using Selenium for Automated Testing

Testing of a software is an important activity  to ensure the quality is good and will last longer performing resourcefully when pushed to maximum capacity.  After the developer is done with the programming, a number of tests have to be executed to check the functionality, user experience and other aspects of the software.  Nowadays, automated testing allows organizations to build better software products with less effort while&n...

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