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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Implement IoT?

Humans are smart because they solve problems in their unique ways. But, if we go back to a few years ago, you would have never thought that we would call smart to things around us. Humans can think, learn, interpret and grow, so is the technology today. Our phones, cars, doors, refrigerators, and even watches have become smart.   Yes, we are talking about IoT, and how it is disrupting the current scenario in the technological world. For businesses, IoT can help them serve their customers better and grow at th...

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): The Future of The IT Industry

What Is the Industrial Internet of Things? There is hardly any person related to the world of technology who hasn't heard about the Internet of things. The technology is making a great buzz in the industry. When the capabilities of IoT are implemented in the industry, it becomes industrial IoT. This technology is the combination of various technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, and Automation which have been dwelling in the industry for a long time. Industrial IoT facilitates a better work environment in the en...

Internet of Things: A Quick Glance on Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Internet of Things of IoT is a new entry in the world of technology that is meant to make life more happy and peaceful. In layman term it is the extension of existing connections between human beings and technology thus helps in building a better digital connection. IoT helps in measuring and report data and is even used to measure the effectiveness of those data. Internet of Things is a hot topic these days. It refers to a virtual internet connection from things, processes, people and...

Internet of Things: Its Impact on Businesses

Internet of Things is a technology that allows objects like home appliances, cars and other devices of our daily use to send and receive data via the internet. It is a network of physical internet-connected device that collects and shares data across the network. Have you ever thought what your Apple watch is? It is an IoT device. In the least time, IoT has taken over the world and will not stop growing. The speed at which the IoT is growing is remarkable. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be around

How to Handle Major IoT Security Challenges?

2018 has been a year of IoT in which we all encountered connected devices, smart homes, smart watches, refrigerator, and what not. Your main door getting automatically locked and car garage automatically opens for you, what else does IoT has to prove! No doubt the Internet of Things brought a revolution in the complete tech world in the recent time and is expected to grow rapidly. More and more industries are adapting it for experiencing advancement. For 2020, the installed base of Internet of Things devices is fo...

Using Mobile Applications for IoT Monitoring and Management

The ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT) is disturbing and changing numerous businesses, with companies investing vigorously in machine-to-machine technology and mobile applications. In fact, projections from a 2017 IoT report from Business Insider have organizations investing about $5 trillion into the IoT from the beginning of 2017 through the end of 2021. The same report also predicts that 2021 will see 22.5 billion IoT devices being used which is a  tremend...

Planning to Develop an IoT Application? Go Through These Questions First!

The world today is exploding with the Internet of Things, as the technology has been pleasantly received by the people and it has earned a name in pretty much every industry today, be it smart home systems, machinery, medicine, healthcare, security, education, and much more. Basically, on account of IoT, different devices communicate among themselves and thus form networks, which are aligned with each other and with the Internet. Statistics presented by

How IoT is Impacting Mobile App Development

Internet of Things is a modern technology connecting devices with one another through the internet. Right from the mobile phones and the cars to the gadgets in the home and even the whole city, everything is being connected and smart because of IoT. The first traces of IoT lead back to 1999 and it has grown exponentially from that point onwards. The growth report for IoT, by Gartner, even suggests that there would be more than 26 billion connected things on earth by the end of the year 2020. ...

Will IoT be the Next Big Thing for India?

Have you ever thought the change IoT has brought to our lives? Maybe not because IoT has become a crucial part of our daily lives in no time and has gained the spotlight in the whole industry. Then may it be our automobiles, house, car garage, or even watches, everything has become automated and got connected over the web. All thanks to the IoT industry which connected the things over the web and got them automated. IoT in India With the rising popularity and usage of IoT, connected devices will multi...

The Effective Role of Cloud Computing in IoT

Connecting all the devices which could never connect over the web, was made possible with the introduction of Internet Of Things. By now, we all would be aware of this concept and it is no more a new word. Isn’t it? Internet of things gained a huge name in the industry in no time. Making devices connected and heading towards an automated and a smarter world is what IoT offered us.

Latest Technology Trends in IoT industry!

Imagine a world in which every device or object gets automated including your home and car garage! Yes, by now, you all would be very well aware of the transformation the Internet of Things is going to bring for us. Out of all the major technology trends that emerged out recently, Internet of Things came out to be the best one which gained the spotlight in no time. And why not, it has actually made world automated, connecting those devices over the internet which could never connect with the computer in the real world. So, sayi...

Can Blockchain Revolutionize the IoT Industry?

Imagine a world where all your devices starting from the air conditioner at home to your garage locking gets automatically operated, without your involvement? Or what if I say that you left your main door unlocked while hurrying to your office, and it automatically locks the very next moment? Yes, this is what the word IoT has promised us in the coming time! As per a recent report prepared by Statista, for 2020, the installed base of Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost

Tips to Consider for Developing IoT Applications

Technology is on a steady creative part and that point of view has acquired a huge change in our lives. With the progression of time connectivity has improved a lot better because of the smart gadgets, the wireless communication, sensors, cloud-based computing system and much more. But the one stage that has just made the trendy expression and publicity is the Internet of Things (IoT), empowering the associations to take controls and deal with the tasks advantageously along these lines undertaking the tougher projects to manage.

Will IoT Transform the Mobile App Development Sector?

By the end of 2017, out of all the technologies that went mainstream, Internet of Things came out to be the best out of all. As per estimations, by the year 2020, around 20 million connected devices will be gathered worldwide with a revenue of $300 billion. IOT is currently working on implementing AI into the real applications. Making a world in which devices work autonomously, instead of getting driven by a set of defined orders. By this year, we’ll see these transformations work in real life. Switching from condition-ba...

IOT Integrates With the Major Industries

Internet of things (IOT) has transformed the lives, certainly for better aspects in a very short span of time. May it is IT industry, retail business, real estate or healthcare, IOT has acquired its identity in almost every field. Moreover, it even made an effort to bring private and government sector together and work parallel. Its high time for us to study whether 2018 will be an IOT year or something else will replace it? The answer is already clear. IOT has gained a good name in the market as all major businesses are adopting IOT rapidly.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Video: Top Trending in 2018

Web technology is growing rapidly and has developed massively in a very short span of time. This growth has helped web technology to reach a countless number of people and has likewise ended up being very useful. One can reap benefits of technology by implementing it in its early stages and not in its pinnacle. Thus, it is important that you get to know the trends of tomorrow and incorporate them into your web development design as soon as possible. However, implementing web development trends is a quite troublesome task. In 20...

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