Do you know implementing DevOps is helping organizations to grow? Are you following the advanced set of practices to power the development, testing, and deployment? It has become crucial for businesses to adapt to new ways to stay ahead of their competitors.

DevOps has become a key focus and has shaped the world of software. Many experts predict that DevOps is going to be the mainstream and is going to reach its peak in the coming years. It is an advanced set of practices to power the development, testing, deployment that uses the latest tools and technologies to streamline and automate the process. With DevOps, organizations can have enhanced operational efficiency across various IT platforms.

What is DevOps?

DevOps helps businesses to make them adaptive to changes. It is an advanced set of practices that powers the environment with the agile relationship between the operations and development teams setting a clear and smooth communication between two business units.

It speeds the release process and, you get better opportunities to improve your product. The practice offers a much better understanding of the impact of new codes on software performance.

In a nutshell, DevOps process:

  • It is a model that was established to streamline an organization’s structure and makes software development cost-effective, flexible, and takes less time for development.

  • It combines development and infrastructure which are the two essential parts of software development.

  • It allows organizations to analyze the market and customer’s behavior and address them.

Interesting Facts about DevOps

  • 58% of organizations have experienced better performance and increased ROI.

  • The market share of DevOps will reach 6.2 billion by 2022.

  • 47% of companies have seen the reduced time-to-market of software and services

  • 68% of companies deployed DevOps and have improved end-to-end user experience.


DevOps Benefits Witnessed by the Organizations

1. Boost Productivity

In today’s robust and competitive world, software developers need to deliver quality software, on a strict deadline. Well, this is possible through automation that is the primary principle of DevOps. The entire DevOps pipeline goes through continuous integration, testing, and continuous deployment that makes it automated.

When QA is embedded, the quality part is taken care of, thus increasing the efficiency, productivity with the faster and continuous release.

2. Offers Great Quality

Automated and continuous monitoring allows an improved overall code. DevOps speeds up the development without any compromise in the quality. It speeds up the development of lifecycle and does not follow the traditional IT culture.

It enables you an enriched app quality where the bugs are immediately identified and fixed on the spot and there is no last-minute issue. The product output is improved, while the barriers are removed between engineering and operations. When DevOps is executed properly with a collaborative and interactive approach it drives the business towards success by increasing the quality and end-user satisfaction.

3. Superior Customer Experience

DevOps uses different technologies such as CI/CD that helps to improve functional integrity. It allows organizations to improve their deployment, recovery time, on-time delivery without any failure. With all the pipeline delivery automated and constancy of new applications, there is enhanced customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is crucial for businesses and, with DevOps, you can retain your customers with a flawless experience.

4. Cost-Efficiency

As cost is the major concern for all businesses, every organization prefers cost-efficient operations, innovations that allow them to get superior quality results while paying less. With the implementation of DevOps, there is an improved quality and, it takes less time to market the application.

When DevOps is adopted by the organizations there is a reduction in the overall costs while businesses can operate more efficiently and at a faster speed.

5. Easy Defect Detection with Quick Deployment

It creates an environment where teams can share knowledge and, there is an exchange of information. Based on automation there is simultaneous monitoring of codes and teams get to share their feedback on the same, which allows easy detection of the errors and quick deployment.

With unlimited benefits of implementing DevOps, you get cost-effective results and limited mistakes. So, in all aspects, you get a win-win situation.

The future of business relies on DevOps, offers a solid return and innovation continuously. It has established a new business culture that works beyond your software environment.

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