In the world of technology and the Internet, where everything is available online, users find it appropriate to search for their ideal partner on different app platforms. People are already active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that help them to connect with friends. Because of the introverted nature of people, these apps have become crucial that not only help the users to make new friends but also helps them search for the ideal life partner.

With matrimonial application development, anyone can find the necessary information about the right match that can catch the attention of the user.

All the information about the bride and groom is display on the app. And the parents can find the detail of the profiles.

In busy lives where everyone is busy with their hectic lifestyles, a platform that can offer an easy search for a life partner is required. So let’s gather some information about the development and concept of the matrimonial app.  

Stats and Figures of a Matrimony App

As per the reports, in India, only around five million marriages take place every year. Most of the investors and startups are showing their interest in this area, and thus it is an ever-growing field. 

  • The online matrimony app business is expected to be $250 million.
  • The matrimonial app market is growing by 25% to 30% every year.
  • Previously, the users had to hire agents preferably get their work done. But with the app development, no longer do the users need to pay the agents.
  • As mobile penetration continues to increase, the rise in matrimony applications has no limits.
  • The number of paid subscriptions for the matrimony app was around 700 thousand in 2020 from the 571 thousand in 2014.

Here is a graph that shows the market size and statistics for the matrimony apps.

Matrimony App CTA

Benefits that the Matrimonial Apps Bring Along

With match-making applications, the viewers can find their match instantly by simply registering on the platform and creating a profile. There are a lot of significant advantages offered by the application, and that includes:

1. Decision-Making

It allows the parents to find a lot of candidates appropriate for the bride and groom. It can not be done with manual methods. When you have a lot of options to choose from, the decision-making for the user becomes easier.

You need it sometimes, as the app offers the endless support one would need. You need to set up the search standards and fill up all the details, and there are various options displayed.

2. Offers Security and Privacy

Well, this is the most crucial benefit of the platform. These applications are safer to use, and the information you share stays secured and protected. Your details are not shared with anyone unless you permit them. It is you who is managing your profile. And you have all the rights to share your information with other registered individuals.

3. Easy Accessibility

These platforms are user-friendly and offer transparency to the users. All the details can show easily on the platform itself, and it does not require any introduction. Even there is newly registered users can easily browse their profiles and exploit them.

Prominent Names in the Market 

1. Bharat Matrimony


3. Love Vivah

4. Way to Nikah

The Development Process of Matrimonial App

Let us discuss in detail the development process of the matrimonial app in that too in your budget.

1. App Platform (iOS, Android, or both):

It is the first step towards development. Whether you want to develop on Android or iOS, you can choose the platform as per your requirement. It is better to develop an app on cross-platform as it allows more audiences to visit and use it.

2. Matchmaking App Design:

With match-making apps, you can cater to numerous audiences. And for more user retention, your app has to be with a simple UI/UX that helps to make it more appealing. With more interactive designs, you will make your app worth it.

3. Size of the Mobile Application:

By this, we mean the total number of features & functionalities added to the app.

4. App Developers:

The development cost depends on various factors, includes the geographical location, experience and expertise of developers, technology stack, platform, and much more.

5. Payment integration:

Integration of a mobile wallet into the application makes it easier to make the payment and removes all the hassles of manual payments.

Essential Features for On-demand Matrimonial App

1. Pictures from Phone

The user can instantly add the pictures from their phones and share them with people interested in their profile.

2. GPS Integration 

It is also a beneficial feature to allow users to find the matches nearby their location. This way, the consumers can initiate the search within their area

3. Chat integration.

It allows the users to communicate with one another and helps to understand each other more. It efficiently allows beginning and chatting seamlessly.

4. In-app Camera

You can share live pictures with persons who are interested in their profiles.

5. Data Security 

Data security is the most important factor that builds the trust of the users. It will help to increase your brand awareness, and when the customers trust your platform, there are more chances of customer retention, and finally, the increased ROI

6. Advance Search and Filter

With the advanced search and filter option, you can help the users search for their ideal and prospective matches as per their personal preferences and requirements.

7. Third-party API

With the integration of third-party APIs, it has become easier for the apps to have a hold on the applications. 

8. Ratings/Reviews

The genuine reviews and ratings will enable the audiences to discover what your app offers, and therefore this is the essential feature. It allows other users to share their experiences with your platform. So that the users know the facts about the app, and it would help other users find the exact match for them.

Cost to develop a Matrimony App like

Numerous factors affect the cost of developing an app and website. The most crucial factors here are:

1. Functionalities & Features of a Matrimonial Service

 2. Design of the App, such as Matrimonial app design, can be different from other app designs. 

 3. Development platform for Matching App

 4. Size of the App

 5. Matrimony App development company


As more businesses are investing in these kinds of platforms, the competition continues to rise. To be on the top of the list, one should plan and develop the most lucrative and unique platform for the users. In the social distancing scenario, these applications are helping the users to find their ideal partners.

The mobile app development team you choose plays the most crucial role. It helps in deciding whether your app would be loved by the users or not. We treat your business like ours and ensure we help to develop an app that matches your needs. Get in touch with us and know more about the app development in detail.