With the great progression in mobile and web development services, there is an introduction of plenty of technologies. But among the long list, it becomes essential and often challenging to pick the one that resonates with your business requirements.

AngularJS is evolving as a popular language that covers the mobile app development landscape. The AngularJS is introduced to simplify the development of dynamic web applications. In simple terms, it is defined as a restrictive JAVAScript Code that is used to extend HTML vocabulary to develop expressive, readable, and quick web applications.

Basic Architecture of AngularJS

AngularJS was launched by Google in 2009 that simplifies the development process and makes working on the website easy to use. It has all the features that make a dynamic webpage app development process easy and seamless. Some of the basic tasks on which AngularJS work are:

  • Extension of HTML attributes
  • Unit Testing
  • Error and Event Handling
  • Routing and Binding
  • Offer instructions to accumulate data into HTML
  • Controller and HTML rendering
  • Abstraction of DOM modification and manipulation of the same

The above mentioned architecture of AngularJS can address many challenges that are helpful in developing the best web and mobile apps.

Why Choose AngularJS Framework for Mobile and Web Development?

The AngularJS has unique and extraordinary features that make it useful and the perfect web app development solution. Various benefits of AngularJS that make it unique in its own way are:

  • Model-View-Control (MVC): AngularJS framework uses MVC architecture where 'Model' is the logical structure of data free of any information about the user interface, the 'View' is the visual layer of the application while the 'Control' is the connection between the mobile and view. This makes it easy to manage sections like the business logic layer, data layer, and presentation layer.
  • REST Easy: The RESTful APIs helps in making seamless communication between the server and the client. The communication with the server can be made by using a single line of JavaScript.
  • Elaborate HTML: With the help of AngularJS framework one can use HTML like XML. This makes it easy for the user to use an ample amount of tags and attributes.
  • Two-way data binding: An easy two-way data binding process makes the development task seamless for the developers. Thus the developers need to write fewer codes which make synchronization between the Model and View easy.
  • Can work on different browsers: The framework is compatible to work on different browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. This keeps the codebase brief and makes the framework favorite among the developers.
  • Provides better support: It is one of the most convenient options that is being preferred by both app developers and clients. The developers easily find the issue and figure out the most appropriate solution to fix it while the client can be able to select the development team as per the requirement.
  • Easy Maintenance of Code: The code written in AngularJS is easy to understand and can be maintained easily. The code can be changed whenever required without any assistance. This prevents the client from seeking help from the developers every time they face a problem or when they need to make certain changes
  • Customizable: The code used in the AngularJS framework can be customized easily and can be modified as per the client's requirement.
  • Well-defined solutions: The framework comes with readymade and adaptable solutions like UI routing approaches and module practices that can be used within an app.


AngularJs thus can be developed independently without the requirement of plugins and framework. The framework is performance-driven, efficient that makes front-end codebase easy to maintain.

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