A general-purpose scripting language for your web development, PHP is a choice for developers across the world. Supported by the majority of operating systems PHP is an efficient database management system that saves your time, money, and is easy to use. In other words, it is specially meant for handling the back-end. That is why PHP gets executed in a server, and you can only check the plain HTML on the front.

What is PHP?

It is the most widely used server-side scripting language that helps in the development of static and dynamic websites. Although it doesn’t have strict standards and rules like compiled languages as in Python there are guidelines available from the developers' community.

With the ease of programming and popularity, the scripting language is embedded in HTML and is utilized with a blend of web frameworks, web template systems, and content management systems. From managing content to the creation of websites PHP is integrated with several databases and is versatile to develop agile and feature-rich solutions.

According to the data from W3Techs you can be seen from the market share for websites, PHP alone dwarfs all other programming languages combined.

Percentage Share of Tracked Websites

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Since PHP is an open-source language, few major things were seen during its expansion:

  • PHP evolved from a set of scripts with built-in cookies and can work with every single database.
  • The community associated with PHP is eager and active. It positively pushed the language. 

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Top Advantages of PHP

As discussed, PHP is one of the most versatile and pragmatic programming languages with tremendous community support. It has a wide range of functionalities, an array of add-ins to extend functionalities, and open-source nature. Following are the top advantages of PHP which are as follows: 

1. Highly Flexible

Whether you talk about an ongoing project or after the project completion, flexibility in any programming language is crucial. The ability to make these changes allows users to save time and resources.

Moreover, developers don’t need to write fresh codes or command functions. Identifying and using the best backend service for your PHP application can help to maximize its flexibility.

2. Compatibility and Effortless Integration

PHP is highly compatible with many operating systems and is also supported by various platforms like Linux, UNIX, and Solaris. Developers do not need to redevelop the existing software because of its integration with Java and other technologies. It helps to save time and expenses.

3. Quick and Easy to Learn

PHP is considered one of the most important scripting language. It can be learned even without intensive studying. PHP's syntax is well organized and even the command functions are quick and easy to learn. Even if you don't know much about development, you can easily learn the language in days.

4. It is Cost-Effective

As the language is free and open-source hence is completely free. There are no expenses involved in purchasing costly licences or software. It can efficiently work with different databases and as a result, the cost of developing a website with PHP is comparatively low.

5. High-Performance Efficiency

The language offers substantial scalability if it is utilized for writing codes. It is used for the development of a wide range of applications and many developers prefer to increase the efficiency to create multi-page websites.

6. More Control to Developers

Compared to other programming languages, PHP allows the website developer to have more control. Other programming languages have complicated scripts, but in the case of PHP, it is not the same.

A few simple lines of code are sufficient. Furthermore, PHP allows tags, and hence, website developers can add and/or mix HTML tags, making the content extremely dynamic.

The ease of use, easy integration, cost-efficiency, and easy access makes PHP the most popular server-side programming language. So with all these features, one must be clear why PHP is the final choice for the developers.

However, if you’re lost, discuss it with our PHP developers and know more about PHP, and get a clear vision on how to utilize the technology for achieving business goals is also essential.