Learning through the applications and the Internet is no longer the future now. With the development of e-Learning apps such as Byju’s, edX, and many more the sphere of education has been completely transformed. Not only these apps are interactive but also offer an easy-to-use interface with simplicity, ease, and effectiveness.

As per the World Economic Forum, almost 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom as schools are shut because of the Pandemic.
E-Learning Market size surpassed USD 200 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at over 8% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. The e-Learning apps are the third most frequently downloaded app on mobile phones.

Why should you consider developing an app like Byju’s?

Byju’s is the most valued and reputed ed-tech company with over $244 million in funding. The ed-tech and online tutoring company recorded gross revenue of over 14 billion in the financial year 2019 and is highly efficient for the preparation of different tests and competitive exams. It offers many other features such as:

  • Personalized experience and learning.

  • Engaging and attractive videos

  • Transparency for Parents and Teachers

  • All-time Access to lessons

  • Easy on budget

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How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app?

If you are prepared to develop a high-quality app with all the features and great products, we are here to help. The key factors that affect the cost of an e-learning app like BYJU’s are as follows:

1. Idea and Research

A plan can only be executed when there is an awesome idea behind but make sure you have carried proper research and the future of the end product like identity, communication, price, and its growth. Genuine research includes a broad understanding of the products, services, and circumstances whether it is an individual software product or a larger educational software. No matter what, one should be clear and precise while the concept should be feasible.

For this analyzing your competitors, brainstorming sessions, your target audience is vital so that you can easily move up for the next step. Perform enough market research and study regarding A to Z of the same apps.

2. Finding the Expert Team

Developing an e-learning app is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a comprehensive team of developers, designers, testers, and managers to successfully execute the project. If you can not hire the individuals for the app development, then you can hire an expert team that can handle the development, design testing, and execution of the project.

3. App Design and Features

App design is one of the deciding factors to estimate the cost of the e-learning app or software. As the popularity and use of e-learning apps are rising it's crucial to engage students with interactive, animated designs with a unique UX. An easy-to-use interface and attractive design is what engages the students with more interest. Whatever you choose as its main features or additional premium elements may add to development cost.

OZVID has a proven experience in designing and developing BYJU's similar app at an affordable price.

4. Platform and Development

It is time to determine the complexities and decide what platform would work the best based on your idea, target audience, and niche. Deciding whether to choose Android or iOS platform is vital to ensure there are as many downloads of the application. Another option is choosing a cross-platform that allows the app support for both platforms. The technology and platform contribute to defining the cost to an extent.

Now once the design is ready and the platform is selected, the time comes for the development. The development process includes several phases such as fixing all the bugs, updates, and other functionalities.

5. Technology Stack

An e-learning app requires various technology stacks that help to make their apps function seamlessly and smoother. There are several frameworks and technology that must be considered to make an app that works on both web and mobile platforms.

6. Student/Admin/Teacher Panel

The e-learning app consists of three different panels namely- Student’s Panel, Teachers Panel, Admin Panel. For each panel there is a different functionality depending on the requirement of the app:

i. Student Panel

The student panel is the most accessed, and it should have the following features such as:

  • Easy and Quick Registration

  • Search Filter

  • Online exams and Quizzes

  • Forgot Password

  • Posting Queries

  • Watching videos and chat

  • Profile Creation

ii. Teacher Panel

Teachers need to sign up for their lecture and should have the following features:

  • Register Account

  • Professional Profile and Dashboard

  • Video and Text chat

  • Edit Account

iii. Admin Panel

Admin panel is a place where the content and user are managed. The features of an admin panel consist of:

  • History of Transaction

  • Complaint Management

  • Discount and Coupons Management

  • Transaction History

  • Location Support

  • Multiple Filters

Post Development Services

The updates, maintenance, marketing of the app also plays a crucial role and contributes to the overall expenses. But choosing the right app development can be a great help. 

Winding Up

A simple replica of BYJU’s app with a limited number of features may cost up to $10,000 to $30,000. The ultimate cost, however, may vary slightly from the amount mentioned, depending on how many additional features you may expect the developers to build.

As the ed-tech platform has waked the market up and teachers and children are moving to online classrooms, everyone is adapting to the learning process. Develop an edTech App with OZVID and make your business reach new heights!