The on-demand delivery services have increased the expectations of the customers. Whether it is food delivery, grocery delivery, or medicines, they need everything at their fingertips. We all can agree on the point that medicines are the most crucial, and patients suffering from serious conditions may need them during emergencies. On-demand medicine delivery apps have gained immense popularity after the pandemic.

There are many other inconveniences a user may face at the pharmacy store, like waiting in long queues even during emergencies!

The on-demand medicine delivery has taken the industry by storm. And, therefore, many stakeholders are focusing to invest in the medical delivery business. Here is a comprehensive guide that will take you through all the steps and guide you towards the development process.

Medicine Delivery: Need of the hour during COVID-19

The whole world was suffering from the crisis of Coronavirus and at that time realized the importance of online medication delivery. With the help of technology, you can control, and prevent the spread of the virus, which turned out to be their biggest support system. As people were scared to move out of their homes, contactless delivery became the most preferred choice for households.

The medicine delivery applications gained momentum in March 2020, while gathering steam all around the globe. Also, the patients who didn’t bother to get themselves admitted to the hospitals uploaded their prescriptions and got the drugs delivered at their doorsteps. As per a report from Statista, health applications are expected to grow by $128 billion in the year 2023.

As per a report, the global online pharmacy market in 2018 was 49.7 billion US dollars and is expected to reach 177 .8 billion US dollars by the end of 2026.


So, this is the most crucial time for startups and entrepreneurs to invest in the medicine delivery business.


Why should invest in Medicine Delivery App Development?

The pharmacy market had struggled a lot, but COVID-19 made sure that developing an application would surely be beneficial for the growth of the healthcare market. There is an exponential rise in the growth of applications for medicine delivery after the pandemic. That means the industry is booming after the pandemic.

The statistics show that the health and fitness industry is one of the leading businesses that accelerated with mobile applications and digital devices. As per a report from Statista, the projected growth of healthcare applications is estimated to grow by USD 332.7 billion by 2025. Here is the graph depicting the above stats:



Here are some more stats that would surely let you know why to invest in Medicine Delivery App:

  • Around 60% of the users have Health applications installed on their mobile phones.
  • These applications are increasing the productivity of healthcare workers and help the patients to save around $200 billion on remote patient monitoring.


Benefits of Having the Pharmacy Online

1. Quality Patient Assistance

This way customers can have detailed information on the medication and study all the instructions carefully. This offers quality patient assistance to the customers as they know about the drug reference and tracker.

2.  Customer Loyalty

The app keeps the user updated while offering app reminders, discounts, promotional offers, and many other notifications, making user and admin interaction much easier.

3. Convenience

The app offers both time and money-saving, thus making it the most convenient way of ordering drugs online.

4Drive more Customers

With the app, you can work with some of the best app marketing services to help drive more customers to your business. When you have a global presence, there are more chances of sales while generating a much higher ROI.

5. Update about Availability of drug

There may be chances that the app at that particular time does not have a particular drug. With the app, the user can stay updated via push notifications and stay in touch.

Types of Pharmacy Applications

Here are the different types of models:

For Marketplace

If you want to develop a marketplace business model for medicine delivery and order, it allows all the nearby pharmaceutical stores to list their store in the application and benefit their businesses. This way, the user can instantly order medicines as per their preference from their nearby stores.

For online Pharmacy Store

It is the best model for independent pharmacies and brands. It allows the users to connect with the customers and interact with them easily and globally. The items can be directly sold to the consumer and there is no third party involved.

For Pharmacy store chains

Having an app for a pharmacy network under one roof can help the users increase sales and loyalty.

Crucial features in Pharmacy Application 

  1. Customer

  2. Pharmacist

  3. Admin

  4. Driver


1. For Customer Panel

  • Easy Login/Sign-up: Customers should find it easy to register and login into the application via email, social media credentials, or phone numbers.
  • Prescription Adding: The user should be able to upload the prescription given by the doctor from their devices quickly so that the pharmacist can know the exact drug.
  • Search Category: There should be filters that allow the user to carry out advanced searches and find the drug without any hassle.
  • Information regarding the drug: There should be complete details along with the price, description, manufacturer of the drug, and much more.
  • Find Substitutes: The customer should be able to find a substitute for the drug if the same is not available.
  • Track Order: The customer should be able to track their order in real-time and should be updated with the delivery detail and tracking status.
  • Medicine Reminders: Alerts and notifications on the medicine intake.
  • Payments and Offers: A variety of inbuilt payment options should be available such as credit/debit card, PayTM, and GooglePay.
  • Profile Management: The feature allows the customers to manage their profiles, delivery, and payment details.


2. Admin Panel:

  • Inventory Management: The admin should be able to spot the expiry date of stock if the stock is updated, and its availability, while managing their price.
  • Order Management: Admin should be able to manage the status of all the orders placed and update it accordingly.
  • Customer Management: Admin should have secure data of all their customers.
  • Deals and Offers: Admin should be able to offer discounts and promotions and know the payment is to be handled.
  • Content Management: FAQs, terms and conditions, and other important content.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Should have complete insights that allow them to make the correct decision..


Pharmacist Panel:


  • Dedicated Interface: It offers a better order/inventory management
  • Order Notification: Pharmacists are notified tiofy for new orders via email or web notification.
  • Digitize Prescription: Digital prescriptions are easily accessed by pharmacists.
  • Offer Support: There should be complete support for the customer's needs, which is the topmost priority of the pharmacist.


Driver Panel:


  • Login: Drivers should have a separate login, they can choose the credentials on their own.
  • Driver Profile: This feature allows the driver to check and store all the history of the deliveries.
  • Delivery Details: The driver could make the necessary changes in the delivery status as per the requests.
  • GPS Tracking: Drivers should be able to use maps to track the best route.


Here are a few of the Advanced Features:

1. Chatbots

The feature allows users to answer simple questions about the app features that can immediately be addressed by chatbots.

2. Multi-Language Support

The app should support the user in multiple languages.

3. In-app Consultation

This feature allows the user to tell their queries directly to the health expert and get a prescription.


Concluding Thought

As we have already seen the trend of on-demand applications in every industry, it is time to pick up the pace to meet the demand. Are you ready to start developing your online medicine delivery app? Our experienced developers and latest technologies offer robust medicine delivery applications to meet your needs. Let us know about your project!