When you have a personalized diet plan, you know how to keep your portion in control while keeping your calorie intake in check. This is essential for patients so that they could get their meal boxes on time and fulfill their goals. Tracol is an ultimate solution that focuses on the health and wellness industry. It offers customized meal box plans that are based on your preference, needs, allergies, and more.

The platform offers the users and patients all their diet-related solutions and customized fruit boxes which they could also subscribe to. It allows them to add as many products to their basket and make the payment via online payment.

The Result: An ultimate web/app solution that helps Tracol team to boost up their revenue, solving all the user queries and delivering their customized boxes at their doorstep.

The Idea for the Personalized meal App

1. Fully personalized meal plans

Tracol offers a fully customized meal plan depending on what you feel like eating.

2. Nutrition advice

Depending on your goals it offers answers to all your queries. Apart from this it also helps to track down your calories and nutrient intake.

3. Wellbeing Tracker

You can measure your progress allowing you to keep your spirits and motivation high.

Development Goals & Objectives

1. To let users get answers to all their queries.

2. Offering a secured payment gateway

3. Integrating Order Tracking system for users

4. To let users buy subscription plans easily

5. Increasing interactivity


The main challenges, we faced

Though there are different platforms already in the market offering customized solutions to the users, we had to come up with a unique and new concept from all of them. Here are the challenges OZVID faced during the development phase:

1. Payment Gateway

We introduced a subscription-based model on the web. SenangPay. We ensured card data security that helps to protect the data of the cardholder, cross-border transactions, and solved all the multicurrency and other regional challenges.

2. Project Delivery

The client wanted the project to be delivered at the earliest. The team at OZVID delivered the project in a very short span of 45 days. Both the app and website were delivered at this time.

3. Clean architecture

It was crucial to build an app with a decent and clean architecture. We offered them a solution with an awesome architecture that gave an adequate performance.

4. Effective UI

UI is something that plays a vital role in application development. Therefore, our first task was to define a design pathway that is smooth and effective. We offered them solutions that are user-friendly and intuitive.


Turning to OZVID Technologies

OZVID  team quickly optimized the flow as per the demand of the customer, as well as geography-focused optimization. We were transparent about the project timeline and delivered the entire project on-time.

Tracol, A successful Launch

Tracol was successfully launched and users independently adapted to the new technology and solutions. The users began asking queries and buy their customized meal subscription plan that ensured timely delivery of their fruit boxes. The Tracol team had a brilliant idea and with collaboration with OZVID, we gave their vision a reality.