Have you ever given a thought to the concept of parking applications? Yes, with the technological advancements the parking applications are now a big business. Because in the tech-savvy world, users prefer the convenience and are always in a hurry to reach their destinations. They usually opt for their vehicles rather than preferring public transport for the commute.

And as the density of vehicles and cars increases, parking remains a huge problem. Since the people couldn't find the parking spots, they park their vehicles anywhere which leads to traffic chaos while hampering the route of other vehicles. Here the car parking app comes to the rescue!


What are Car Parking Finder Apps?

The applications allow the users to locate the parking spots at the location they are visiting, allowing them to park most conveniently. Such applications have now additionally transformed how the vehicles were left in the past-time. This concept has now become the need of the hour, thus many businesses and startups consider offering such services. With the mobile applications, people can now save ample of their time by booking their spots prior in a suitable manner. Also, if the parking place is located away from the destination, the app will assign a driver to park your vehicle safely.

The graph shows the US smart parking system growth from 2016 to 2027 (USD Million)



Car Parking Mobile Apps Business Types

Planning to develop a car parking application but worried about the business run? So when choosing your approach here are several types of businesses one can consider doing through these apps:

1. Dedicated Apps

The dedicated model is the most suitable if you are a startup and want to run your business successfully without having to invest much. With the dedicated applications the users can find a parking spot near their vehicles or locally, however it does not allow them to make the necessary bookings.

2. Aggregated Apps

The aggregator model is fully functional as it offers a plethora of options. It allows the users to make bookings online and book their spots as per the preference of the user while making the payment online. The app has an in-built GPS that navigates and assists the user in finding the location.

3. Parking App full of functions

It includes all the advanced features that help to make your application stand out from your competitors. The development cost of such applications is usually higher than compared to other business models. The advanced features might include valet parking and door-to-door services. These services are the most secured ones as it provides the complete details of the driver taking their cars along with the identification.


Working of Car Parking Finder App

To offer a hassle-free experience to users the apps must work seamlessly so that the user does not have to move around the parking lot. The parking apps have made the life of users much easier. It allows them to book their slots beforehand so that there is no interference at the last minute. 

Here is how the app works?

Parking Apps have made the life easier, as one can make a booking for a spot before in hand, which is eliminating the hassles and stress involved with parking in urban areas.
To start with it, there are six steps in using parking finder apps. Take a glance at these steps:


1. Search for Parking

With the help of GPS, users can locate their cars on the app, it picks up the location and starts searching for the nearby parking available at that spot.

2. Comparison by users

Users get the complete details of the spots available at that time, they can compare as per their convenience and find out which one suits them the best based on the price and distance covered.

3. Book the spot

The driver of the cab can book a spot for themselves and gets access to it with the unique codes.

4. Payment

 The payments are made online via integrated payment gateways for the parking spot the user wants to book.

5. Driving

The app navigates and helps the driver to reach their parking spot. This offers them a seamless parking experience.

6. Parking

Here the parking of the vehicle is done at the spot which the driver has reserved.

Size of the Global Smart Car Parking Market 2018 – 2023 (in US billions)



This report from Statista suggests that global smart parking is expected to grow exponentially by 2023. It is expected to grow to $3.8 billion by 2023, CAGR of 14%. 


What is the Significance of Geography & Parking Time in such apps?


By Significance of Geographical Coverage

1. It focuses mainly on localizations

Under this category, the parking finder app offers a specific coverage space along with localization. All the localized areas available indoor and on-road are covered under their apps which is limited to the parameter set.

2. Focuses on spreading geographically

With this category, the services are not limited to a city or a state. But the services can be availed in several countries as well as cities. 


With the Significance of Time 

1. Parking in Advance

Under this category, the user can book a parking spot long before they wish to park their vehicle. The apps built under this category offer notifications to the users who have booked the spot.

2. Parking on fly

Under this category,  user can book parking slot on the go by simply feeding their location and time. They are notified about the spots available at that time.


Revenue Model Includes:

1. Commission

The commission is the main revenue model that allows the app owners to earn as they will keep a certain amount of commission for every booking made while keeping the wheels rolling.

2. Reward Points

Rewarding your customers for using your app frequently can help a lot in the long run. The more you reward your customers, the happier they will be to use your services.

3. Premium Membership

If you offer your premium customers a dedicated spot of their choice, there would be more premium bookings and an increase in revenue.


Most Crucial Features to Integrate into your Parking App

For User Panel 

  • Register
    Users can log in with the help of social network or email account credentials. This helps to make it easier for the user to find space even when they are not at the destination. This step should be as easy as possible because it decides user retention.
  • Track Vehicle Location
    With the GPS, the users can track down the location of vehicles while estimating the distance between their parking and current ones.
  • Enter Arrival and Departure
    The user should be able to set their arrival and departure time so that they get the optimized parking places.
  • Schedule booking 
    The user should be able to schedule a booking so that they can book the parking place at their convenience.
  • Make Payment 
    Based on the time and other features users can pay via inbuilt payment gateways.
  • Manage History 
    The users should be able to manage the parking history.
  • Ratings and Reviews
    Based on the services the user can post reviews and ratings.


Admin Panel

  • Statistics and Reports
    All the reports and statistics related to the number of requests captured, preferred location, parking charges, driver information, etc are managed by the admin.
  • Manage Earnings
    It includes features where the admin can keep a track of the finances involved.
  • Offer Management
    It includes customer loyalty programs and discounts that are managed by the admin.
  • Reservation Management
    Reserved parking locations can be tracked by the admin. With this information, they can easily let the users know where their vehicle can be parked.
  • Add New Locations
    Depending on the requirement of the user, the admin can add new parking spots.

Advanced Features

  1. Map Searching
  2. Nearby Place Suggestions
  3. Push Notifications



The car parking app finder has made it easier for users to find parking spots. Building a mobile application for parking offers a great way for your business to level up and generate higher revenue. Make sure you reach the right on-demand mobile app development firm and turn your app idea into a working reality

If you have an app idea then contact us, we would be pleased to offer a free consultation for your car parking mobile app development journey.