As the fan base for cricket, football, basketball, and other games increases at an exponential rate, the sports industry becomes one of the leading and undoubtedly billion-dollar industries. This huge popularity of sports applications creates a buzz among entrepreneurs and startups to develop investing in Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11.

There is a huge craze for IPL among the people. Multiple teams compete with one another to win a trophy that comes out with a lot of excitement and eagerness. As IPL is considered one of the top picks and preferred for sports enthusiasts, it is crucial to develop an app that keeps you updated with the IPL events and the scores.

Dream11 is such a sports application, as cricket is a passion for every person. It is a fantasy sports game that is based on the knowledge and prediction of the player. Here a virtual team is created for the games that are coming forward and points are given based on the real performance on that particular day. Developing a Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11 has a huge craze in the market as the users can earn based on their knowledge and skill set.

There are thousands of applications on the Play Store and App store, are you curious to know how to build an innovative app like Dream11 to get the maximum downloads?

Latest Trends and Market Value for Fantasy Sports App

As per research, the global fantasy sports market is expected to reach worth USD 9.34 billion by the year 2024. The business continues to break records in the upcoming years as it draws many sports fans with their knowledge testing. People from different parts of the world are taking part in an online sports league where users can play, predict and earn with the right prediction. Almost half of the US sports fans play these fantasy games today.

  • The US fantasy sports industry is the size of 18 Billion USD.

  • 59.3 Million are the number of fantasy sports app users in the USA and Canada.

  • Dream11 has 1.8 crores of users associated with it, and it is one of the biggest players in the Fantasy app race.

  • As per the user engagement, a user spends around 42 minutes in a day playing fantasy games on a smartphone.



How does the Fantasy App like Dream11 work?

1. Select a Match

Once the app is downloaded, they need to log in with the OTP verification. After the verification window opens, that shows up the list of upcoming matches and the ongoing ones. The player can select a match of their choice.

2. Form a Team

The player needs to create a team of 11 players, and they get a total of 100 credits to form a team.

3. Choose the Captain and Vice-Captain

As now the team is created, they have to choose the captain and vice-captain. 

4. Can form Multiple Teams

A player can maximum create six teams, they can play with one team at a time.

5. Team Management

A player can modify the team till it reaches a deadline. Once the deadline is reached, it can not be changed.


Business Model of a Fantasy App like Dream11

As the game of cricket has a huge craze, when it comes to earning via the application it is considered pure gold. Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11 also tried the monetization strategy, but with time they understood that the user experience has to be smooth and ad-free. Therefore, they abandoned it and shifted to a commission strategy.

For the game joining, players have to pay a small entry fee. Here, 20% of the entry fee that is collected is charged by the company and the rest is given to the players.


Top reasons to develop a Fantasy Cricket App

1. High Scope for improvement

These kinds of apps are in the early stages of popularity. This way your app will have huge visibility in the market with very little competition. The app still has a high scope for improvement, and it can enhance its features to suit the choice of users.

2. Plentiful Opportunities

The app can win over the user requirements and fulfill them instantly, which helps them to perform the best in the market.

3. Trusted Users

The app offers high retention for the user, as nearly 74% of users play these fantastic games quite often and stick to the same app for a longer period.

Most Loved and Unique Sports App you can go with 

1. eSports App

eSports are similar to Netflix and Prime allows users to watch sports-related tournaments and content anywhere. Whether it is a live sports tournament or any other information, these apps stand out to offer relevant content. To make it more engaging, you can add features such as push notifications, discussions, and more.

2. Fantasy Sports App

Fantasy apps like Dream11 are a big hit. It allows the users to build their virtual teams that may be Cricket, Football that are being played somewhere else.

3. Ticket Booking App

It offers a platform to sports lovers where they can book their tickets for the upcoming events and tournaments that are taking place around the world.

4. Sports News App

This is the most loved idea for the sports lover. It allows them to keep sports lovers updated about the information that is new in the sports world.

5. Team Management App

This app allows the trainers and coaches to manage their teams while keeping a record of their performance during and before the matches. Players and coaches can easily communicate via this platform.


Top Features Must Include building a Dream11 like Sports App

General Features

1. Multiplatform Availability

They should support multiple platforms including desktop, mobile website, or a native mobile application.

2. Choose Player

For the match, your users must get the options where they can select the players and decide who places a bet against whom.

3. Live updates of Game

Users should be able to check the live score, highlight game analysis by integrating live match API into the application.

4. Player Information

For the development of a fantasy sports app, the user should be able to check for the complete information of the player. The app should offer detailed information on the innings played, total score, the highest score, achievements, and more so that the users choose the player wisely.

5. Match Calendar

The app should have a feature so that the user stays updated about the match scheduled, and also offer them an option so that they can schedule the matches in the future.

6. Final Rank Report

The admin should be able to send the notifications to the users so that they stay updated on whether the user has won or lost the match while updating them with the final ranking.

7. Manage Cash prizes

With this feature, the admin can manage the bonuses and cash prizes offered to the users.

8. Revenue Management

The admin should be able to manage and review the total earnings of the match played on the fantasy sports application.

9. Instant Payment

To run the app seamlessly, you should integrate smart payment gateways that include Credit/Debit card payment, GooglePay, PayPal, and more.

Additional Features and Functionalities

1. API Integration: It allows to seamlessly integrate with other platforms via fantasy gaming mobile app API.

2. Push Notification: It allows regular updates and alerts about the upcoming matches and other information without having to go through the application.

3. GPS Location Tracker: This feature allows the alerts to be sent for the tournament and matches nearby your location.

4. Data Analytics: It helps the user to make quick decisions by offering real-time insights about the ongoing match.


What is the cost to develop an App like Dream11?

The cost to build a fantasy sport betting app for both Android and iOS platforms varies between 19000 USD to 24000 USD. Let us throw some light on the factors that add to the cost of building such an application.


1. Platform

There are different platforms for app development. Once you book a consultation with the development team, they would be able to guide you in a better way about the best platform for you.

2. Design and Wireframe

The design must be captivating and simple enough so that the users don’t have to struggle with the application use. Wireframes refer to the tabs and bars on which the design is placed.

3. Panels

There are generally two panels, the user and the admin panel. If you plan to add more, the cost would increase. 

4. Database

It refers to the information you want to offer your users. If the app is targeted on a global basis, you need to have information on every match, player, game, and more.


Wrapping Up 

Hope we have not missed any of the details that are necessary to build a custom Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11 as per your business needs. Building such an app is not an easy task. You need a trusted and reliable fantasy sports app development company just like OZVID.

Hire our expert developers and know more about our sports app development services.