DevOps has now come a long way, its trend continue to rise in the coming years. It has been enabling organizations to develop software fastly and efficiently. With a robust collaboration between developers, IT team, and other stakeholders the delivery is streamlined while assuring quality results. 

When you develop software using DevOps, the different teams are brought together while working cohesively. Whether it is development, testing, or deployment, all the phases are worked upon. 

The concept of DevOps has now entered its second decade. The focus is no longer only on the product delivery, but also on the value delivery. Moving ahead with the opportunities, many new trends are shaping DevOps in 2021 and continues to add value.

Benefits of Implementing DevOps for System Development 

DevOps brings a lot of benefits when we talk about software development. Here is a look at all the benefits it offers:

1. Collaboration and communication

It allows the quality team, development, and IT team to work cohesively. This streamlines communication and ultimately leads to increased efficiency and productivity. The teams can easily communicate all their problems and discuss their requirements at any time.

2. Gradual Updation

The product development takes place in short versions. Firstly, the initial version is released, then the second version is rolled out. This way, if there are any issues found, the teams can be addressed immediately, and they can get back to the previous version.

3. Sharing the end-to-end responsibility

As everyone understands their responsibility, the teams can work with one another in a tight integration.

4. Early on solving the problems

It allows quick problem-solving. All the development lifecycle tasks are performed in a streamlined manner. It rectifies all the bugs, errors that can be addressed as soon as possible.


Key DevOps Trends of 2021


1. Popularity for Microservices Architecture

Microservice simply means different services that a team can work on individually. When the microservice architecture is used with the DevOps, there is rapid delivery of complex applications. It allows the teams to focus on the individual companies.

No matter how complex the project is, there is on-time delivery. The approach is cost, effective, can save time, can be maintained easily, and can be easily deployed. It has been easy maintenance, scalable, and can be tested quickly. It supports customization as per the need of businesses.

2. Adaption of DevSecOps

Security continues to be the topmost priority for enterprises, no matter what the company size is. So when you want to achieve a certain level of security, this approach is adopted. Most organizations are prioritizing cloud-based solutions, therefore you need cloud-native security for the same.

Thus, the adoption of DevSecOps by the businesses ensures agile security measures. Also, if there are any vulnerabilities, it is updated beforehand.

3. Integration of Kubernetes with DevOps

Kubernetes is one of the most effective tools that help respond to the changing client demand. It also helps in shifting the burden of running applications on the cloud. Kubernetes eliminates the manual tasks involved in deploying and scaling while enabling the organizations to run software even when they transition from one environment to the other.

4. Rising Scope of Cloud Management Platforms(CMPs)

To gain higher visibility, enterprises are now deploying Cloud Management Platforms. This is allowing them to have control and easy monitoring in the cloud environment.

5. Infrastructure Automation (IA) Tools

This is another latest trend in IA tools. With the implementation of infrastructure automation tools, your DevOps teams can design and automate the process of delivery and overall IT infrastructure management. IA tools can be integrated with different pipelines components. It offers more agility as well.

6. AI and ML-Driven DevOps Approach

The data that has to be managed by the organizations is huge and one of the most unmanageable tasks if they follow the traditional approach. As the volume of data is huge, the daily operations become complex.

But with the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven approach, it becomes easier for organizations to analyse the data. With this, there is also a boost in the workflow that ensures quick, easy delivery while helping to manage the applications efficiently.

The Innovation in DevOps Continues 

DevOps will continue to be the topmost choice of deployment. We offer full-fledged DevOps services using custom frameworks and the right tools to complete a project of any complexity. Contact us and seek the support of the most reliable DevOps partner at OZVID.