The idea to learn a new language is pretty awesome, because acquiring new skills is a trend. Every day, people use several foreign languages and allow you to memorize new words and master the accents. Learning is always a thrilling experience. There are various learning languages that students want to learn. But due to the busy and hectic schedules, they are unable to attend the classes.

These apps are in huge demand, especially due to the COVID-19 lockdown when everyone is locked in their homes. So, the right use of technology helps to overcome all the barriers. The language learning app allows the users to learn at the comfort of their homes.

Mobile app development is helping students to learn the most popular languages. A few of the popular language learning apps are Duolingo and Babbel. The app should be based on a simple principle that should make learning fun for the users. It should also offer them rewards for answering all the queries.

Why should you develop a Language Learning App?

The market is full of competition, the more language the person knows, the more are the chances for new opportunities and there is a wider horizon. The market continues to grow exponentially and many startups and entrepreneurs are developing such applications.

The graph by Statista shows the market for the global learning services market and how it helps to monetize the trend. Have a look at the graph:


What should a Language Learning App have?

Well, you should always try to find a language learning app that covers these entire well enough. The growth of your app can be tremendous if your app contains all of these features:

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Talking and Conversation
  • Written comprehension

Monetization Strategies for On-demand Language Learning App

1. Subscription model

The user can subscribe to your application. The subscription can be offered in three different types such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. This offers a reliable income to the app owner.

2. In-app Advertising

This monetization method allows the users to earn by promoting their ads on their platform. These apps advertising can be displayed in many ways such as pop-up windows, full-screen view, smart banners, etc

3. Freemium Model 

It is a great combination of free and premium features. It allows the users to download the app for free and allow users to explore the features and functionalities. For the users to learn new material, they need to unlock new lessons and will have to pay for them.

Benefits of Building a Language Learning App 

Are you looking forward to investing in language learning app development solutions, then you must know the benefits before building a language learning app like Duolingo:

1. Learn Language Anywhere Anytime

Language learning application leverages the benefits to learn any language, anywhere and anytime. Whenever the user gets time, they can make the most of their time by simply learning the application via the applications.

The users can learn languages such as English, Italian, French, Chinese, and many other languages. Every single language can be learned via a single app.

2. Different courses for different levels

The most important factor of the application is that it allows the users to learn the language at different levels. If you are a beginner then you can opt for the beginner level and if you already possess some knowledge you can opt for the advanced level.

3. Performance Analysis

The language learning application helps the user to track down the progress regularly so that they have an idea of where they stand. The app lets the user experience the best guide.

4. Quick Learning in less time

Nowadays, the users don’t have many times to spend on extra tasks. Most of the users have busy schedules and therefore the application offers quality learning in less time. It entirely depends on the users how much time they spend on the learning and how soon they finish their course. 


How to create a Language Learning App like Duolingo?

1. Content Generation 

The app owner needs to offer users the best data along with all the grammar and exercise illustrations to make learning viable for the users.

2. Design Creation

Users would love simple and appealing UI/UX. Understand the journey of the user and once the purpose is known you can design the app accordingly.

3. Select Platform 

Select platform wisely. Do not forget to offer a mobile platform for the users as most of the traffic comes from the mobile.

4. Front-end/Back-end Creation

The backend is where things happen. Whereas all the buttons, textbox, etc are part of front-end development.

5. Leverage The Latest Technologies

Leverage the use of the latest technologies such as AR/VR, chatbots, Voice Recognition, and more.


Must-have features of Language Learning App

1. Sign-in

Here the users are asked a few questions such as their names, e-mail addresses. It allows you to choose a password. To simplify the process, you can add social media credentials such as Facebook and Google Accounts.

2. Personal profiles

All the personal details such as age, gender, and a photo can be added and customized by the user. Personal profiles are the first impression when someone visits your profile.

3. Courses

This feature should include the different options users want to learn on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Offer a wide range of courses to the users, so that are satisfying and have different options to choose from.

4. Personalized Lessons

The AI algorithm personalizes lessons based on your performance, which is why the content is constantly evolving. Once you have covered a subject, you can take a test to validate your skills and move on to new challenges. The app also regularly reviews content already acquired to consolidate it and keep it fresh in your mind.

5. Chatbots

This is one of the most important features your learning app should have. The feature allows the users to ask as many questions and makes the interaction between the tutor and student easier. The Chatbot helps solve the queries in real-time. Also, it enhances the UI/UX. Although this feature can influence the cost of a development project, it is worth investing in.

6. Real-time analytics

This is the most essential feature that allows to track performance in real-time. So don’t forget to integrate analytics into your application.

7. Push notifications

This is an important feature. It allows the app to send notifications to the users and keep them updated and engaged.

Cost of Developing Language Learning App

So, now when you have an understanding of the required tech stacks, you can well analyse the cost incur in developing a language learning app.

It is again worth noticing that a language learning app cost relies on aspects like:

  • Features included-both advanced & complex ones
  • Preferred Platform (iOS, Android, or both)
  • Location for app development
  • Number of hours invested
  • Your app development team structure

Winding up!

The education app industry is huge and continues to grow. So, now you are aware of the cost analysis and the features for creating a language learning app. This is high time to invest in such a growing industry because of the pandemic.

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