The introduction of smartphones and applications has made the life of people easier. Digitization has paved the way and made it possible for people to avail all kinds of services. Car washing, maintenance, and regular cleaning are the most daunting daily chores that annoy car owners. 

Can you imagine how convenient it would be if you can avail yourself of the car washing services with a single tap on your phone screen?

It is possible with the on-demand car booking application that has made it easier for the car app owners to book their services and avail them as per their availability. Well, people now demand convenience and comfort, due to which the demand for on-demand applications touches the height. It leads to the development of on-demand car washing applications.

When we talk about running an online car wash business, many things to consider, such as its benefits, features, and types. Let us discuss all the information in detail.

Market Size and Statistics for Car wash App Development

The revenue generated by these services was very high. Now take a look at the percentage of people availing the services through the app and how often they use it:

  • 47% of the people using the app avail one service every two months.
  • 28% of them prefer to take at least one service in a month.
  • Lastly, 25 percent of those like to take one service every six months.


Types of Car wash Applications

Mainly, there are two types of car washing apps available in the market. Here they are:

1. Aggregator Applications

The aggregator model is perfect if you don’t own a car business of your own. Yes, this business model allows the local car washing service providers to list their business on the platform. When the retailers list their business, they list all their services, timings, and more. So the customers can contact them directly.

The app owners can earn a commission on every service availed by the user via their platform without having an organization of their own.

2. Dedicated Mobile Applications

This type of business model is quite popular when you have a reputable car wash organization of your own. The company, therefore, to enhance and expand their business and can offer their users an online platform with advanced features. Mobile app helps attract more customers, more customer retention, and the customers can avail services. The user-friendly applications can boost up your ROI as well.

Top Names in the Market 


Monetization Strategies of On-Demand Car Wash Service App

You must be thinking about how these car washing apps earn money. Well, several monetization methods allow them to make money. Let us talk about the most popular monetization methods: 

1. Advertisements

It is quite a popular method and allows you to list third-party products and services on your platform. In exchange for money, they get a space on the platform. It permits the app owners to earn a decent amount of income. 

2. Sponsorships

By allowing sponsorships, one might earn a handsome amount of money.

3. Merchandise

One can also sell their brand products like car shampoo, wax, cleaning gloves, exterior paint, and other car interiors on their app, along with the other services. It also helps them to generate a good amount of income. 

The Essential Features for a Car Wash App

When it comes to on-demand car wash applications, there are many crucial features you must add. If you want to proceed with the development of a car wash app, here are essential features, do not forget to integrate:

Customer Panel 

1. Sign-up/Login- This is the first section once the app install. Users can register into the app with their social network and email account details.

2. Service Request- Users can place the request for car washing and maintenance services.

3. Select Location- Users can select the location of the car with the integrated GPS. So that accordingly, technicians can make the provisions for cleaning.

4. Select Package and Services- Users can select the packages and services that the app offers.

5. Technician Availability - Accordingly, the user can check the technician if he is available to wash the car.

6. Make Payments- Users can make the payment with the integrated payment gateway that is safe and secure.

7. View order history- The users can view the history of the order. 

Detailer Panel

1. Sign-up - The service provider of the detailer can log in with the username and password provided by the admin.

2. Add Service Location - Detailers can add the location of the services to allow the user to request the service centers that are nearby.

3. Push Notifications - Detailers can send the notification to the users once they receive the order. The users get an update when the washing is done.

4. Accept/Reject Service - They can accept or reject the request of users based on the number of requests.

5. View Completed Job History - Detailers can check the number of requests completed along with the date and time.

6. Request Payment from Admin - The detailer can request the payment to the admin for all the services offered.

Admin Panel

1. Registering of Technician - Admin can track all the technicians and assign them with different services.

2. Manage Service Time Zones - Admin can monitor all the jobs assigned by the user.

3. Manage User Payment - Admin stores the payments made by the user through the online models and gateway.

4. Manage Rating and Feedbacks - Admin is responsible for maintaining the reviews and ratings provided by the users based on the services.

Benefits of On-Demand Car Wash App

1. Easy Access

The app allows the users to have an online and offline booking that offers seamless service without the hassle. Even when the internet is not working, the users can make a booking, check their transactions.

2. Quick Response Rates

These applications have a quick response rate, and the users can get the response immediately for the service they want. The apps offer quick solutions. 

3. Request for multiple car service

A user can request services for more than one car at one time. They can manage the bookings on the app for any number of cars they want to avail of the services.

Cost to develop an On-demand Car Wash Mobile App

It is tough to calculate the exact cost of the on-demand car wash application. However, the cost of car wash mobile app development depends on several factors, and here they are:

  • Size of the application and complexity
  • Platform selection for App Development 
  • Third-Party APIs
  • Location of your mobile app development partner and an hourly price.

So, you go with the MVP product. The cost would be around $10,000 to $20,000 for a sole platform. Adding more advanced features and third-party integration will raise the price from $20000 to $40,000.


Regular car washing increases the life and enhances the look of your car that you have bought with your hard-earned money.

The car wash app development is the preferable business nowadays, and it is one of the most effective ways to earn money via a unique business strategy. If you are willing to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your business, then it is time to opt for the car wash clone script.

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