Nowadays, businesses realize that they need the right technology and platform to boost their presence and grow in the competitive market. And the rise in mobile applications plays a crucial role in offering convenience to users and their behavior in daily life. Mobile applications have revolutionized the conduct of people and offer them a luxurious lifestyle.

We are living in a time when the competition continues to upsurge, and several jewelry businesses are in the run to prove themselves as top-notch. So why not offer an online presence and give them what exactly they want. Developing an app for your jewelry business means creating a system that allows you to connect with end-users.

Every jewelry business owner must have an online store because there is a subsequent change in customer behavior. 

This blog will cover all the factors, benefits, and features that help you develop an ideal on-demand jewelry application.

Market Trend of the Jewelry Application 

The jewelry is an ornament, and every woman loved it. The jewelry has vast market value and has been trading for ages.

  • In the year 2019, the global jewelry market amounted to a total of over 21 billion euros.
  • Annual sales of the jewelry business are expected to rise by 5-6% every year.
  • The value of the jewelry market is expected to increase from 279 billion US dollars to 480.5 billion US dollars by the end of 2025. 
  • The graph represents the major jewelry brands along with their searches.

Jewelry Mobile App

How does mobile app help in the growth of your Jewelry Business?

Let us now explore all the benefits of investing in a mobile application for your jewelry business:

1. Greater Visibility

It allows the products to be visible at the fingertips of the users. There are many mobile app users, and the application offers a great platform to showcase your products, such as new collections, the latest pieces, antique jewelry, and much more. 

2. Information to customers

An application is a must to keep your customers updated about your business and the latest offerings. It allows you to send push notifications and is one of the most effective ways that help people know all the details.

3. Personalized Shopping Experience

With a customized application, you can allow your customers to enjoy a personalized shopping experience. The customers can check and buy the products anytime and therefore are much happier with their experience. 

4. Increase in ROI

As the application allows you to reach your target audience, you can surely get more sales, and hence the returns are also greater. 

Types of Jewelry Shopping Mobile App

There are generally three types of jewelry shopping applications in the market. Let us know them all and how they function:

1. App Dedicated to Single Brand

As the name says, the jewelry app focuses on promoting its products and brand only. There are many big brands such as Tanishq, Cartier, and more having a wide range of products of their own. Some customers are loyal to a specific brand of jewelry, so they enjoy shopping with these types of platforms. 

2. App that includes Multiple Brands

These kinds of applications include products of various brands on a single platform. It offers the customer variety and price variations before they buy the products. The main motive of these applications is to attract more customers and allow them to choose from a variety of products available under the roof. 

3. Catalog App

The catalog applications present the customers with lots of items with the custom list of properties offered. It allows the customers to choose from a broad range of items, along with a price tag.

Monetization Opportunities of the Jewelry Shopping Mobile App

1. Sales Commission

Now, developing an app is a great idea, but the main motive behind earning dollars. This monetization strategy allows the jewelry company to pay a commission to the app owner on a particular amount of sales.

2. In-app Advertisement

It is a monetization method, where the mobile app owner gets paid for displaying other third-party products and services for every click.

3. Manufacturing Profit

Business owners transfer the goods from the factory to the warehouse. The warehouse receives the products by adding a margin, and that is called the manufacturing profit. This option allows them to earn their margin.

4. Premium Membership

The premium membership offers one of the best monetization strategies for app owners. These members are ready to pay an extra amount to access the features and exclusive products. The app owners can earn from this strategy, and the users can enjoy the latest features and collection, offering a win-win situation for both parties. 

Must-have Features in a Jewelry Shopping App

The jewelry app development company designs the application that consists of two panels - the User Panel and the Admin Panel.

User Panel Features

1. Signup/Sign-in

This feature allows the users to log in to the application via filling out their email-id, contact number, and other details. The user can also sign in via their social media credentials that offer them ease.

2. Add Products to Cart/Wishlist

Users can add the jewelry to the cart, or if they want it for later, they can also add them to their wishlist. After adding the product to the cart, the user can directly make the payment.

3. Store Locator

If your jewelry brand has multiple stores, with this feature, they can locate the store that helps users to find easily in which the ornaments they are looking for are available.

4. Customization

It allows the users to customize, reorder, add or delete the ornaments as per the user's wish and needs.

5. Order Management

This feature allows the users to make, cancel, schedule, or reschedule their orders.

Admin Panel

1. Manage Jewelry Catalog

This feature allows the admin to create a catalog of jewelry and list all the products by managing them efficiently and adding price tags & more.

2. Real-Time Order Tracking

It enables easy tracking of the locations via Geotagging integration into the app platform.

3. Manage Alerts and Notifications

The mobile applications allow the admin to manage and send all the notifications and alerts to the users. Admin has all the latest product notifications and can generate an invoice, receipt and send it to their customers. 

4. Scanning bar codes

The admin can add or remove the product from the catalog by scanning the bar code to the attached product. 

5. History

The admin can check for all the history of the users about the products purchased, canceled orders, and more. 

Advanced Features You Must Have 

1. Chat Support

The chatbot helps to clear all the user's doubts as it allows them to ask any question and anytime to the experts. 

2. Smart Search

Users should be able to search. With the search feature, the users can instantly look for the products they want.

3. In-App Camera

The in-app camera will assist the customers, which will allow them to have a virtual conversation with the jewelry assistants on the app.

You can offer assistance to the customers, allows them to have a virtual conversation with the ones who assist them. 

4. Multiple Payment Gateways

This feature allows the user to make a secured payment via the integrated payment gateway. 

The app allows users to pay using their Debit/Credit card and other digital wallet options.

5. CRM Integration

Integrating an effective CRM helps to build a relation between the app handlers and the users. 

Factors that determine the app development cost

You can reveal the exact price of the application. However, there are various factors on which the cost of on-demand jewelry application depends, such as:

  • The platform you choose for App Development
  • Design and Complexity of the App
  • Features you want to Integrate
  • Vendors for the Development 
  • Location

Choosing the Right App Development Service Providers

As you know, developing an app to offer ease to the users and a hassle-free success of your business. It has made the life of jewelry shoppers easier since they can buy and choose stuff from the comfort of the home. 

If you are looking forward to developing a jewelry application that helps you reach more customers and target your audience, then you are at the right spot. Get in touch with one of the most reputed mobile app development companies, OZVID, and accomplish all your business goals.