With the digital revolution, businesses all over the world have transformed. The emergence of the Internet and smartphones lead to the magnificent growth of mobile applications in 2021. People have started embracing these on-demand mobile applications as it offers users the ease and convenience. One such industry that adopted the use of mobile applications is the Travel industry.

Whether it is about flight booking, hotel booking, or any other service, the travel applications offer multiple benefits for the users and the company. The time is gone when the users had to look out at different portals and were dependent on travel agents. But with the advent of these applications, planning a vacation now has become so easy.

If you are an entrepreneur, it is time for you to invest in the application and carefully choose the business model, revenue, and features to bring out the most benefits.

This article has sorted all the points you need to consider before developing a mobile application for your travel business.

Travel App offers a Great Business Opportunity

Whether it is an app for hotel booking, air tickets, apartments on rent, and others, they offer a great business opportunity. Here are some of the stats and number that shows why investing in a travel app development is an excellent idea:

  • As per research, more than 70% of the bookings and trips are making using these applications.
  • The app allows a virtual tour for the users, and per research, more than 64% of the users want to have a virtual tour of their rooms.
  • Traveling apps are among the top 10 popular applications in the App Store.
  • As per a report from Statista, the travel & tourism industry generated 17.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020.

How does the Travel App Works?

Offering crucial information along with engaging content are the primary factors that help to drive more sales.

The travel company relies on:

  • Travel guides
  • Ratings/Reviews
  • Exclusive and Virtual tours

What benefits do the Travel Apps offer?

Every business today is now turning digital, and so is the travel industry. Below-mentioned is some of the most vital benefits that the travel app offers:

1. Seamless Maintenance

The mobile application for your travel business allows you to manage all the content on the dashboard and makes it easier for you to track the bookings, cancellations, revenue, and other user details. 

2. Instant access to information

The mobile application offers users access to all the information on the go. You can check for all the information on the phone itself along with the prices without having to call. It not only saves your time but also offers convenience to the users.

3. Brand Recognition

By offering a mobile application for your travel business, the users get the opportunity to avail of your all service. It helps to build robust brand recognition.

4. Offers Customization

People nowadays prefer customization for all the services. Whether booking a train or hotel, you should offer different packages and deals such as corporate trips, family trips, fun trips, and more. The application should be able to fulfill all the customer's needs and should offer personalization as well.

Types of Travel Applications

1. Hotel Booking Apps

When you travel, hotel booking is highly mandatory. One of the best examples of the hotel booking app is Airbnb, which allows users to find a suitable place for a stay. There is all the information about the hotel with the amenities, nearby location and, other information. The users can book the property and pay the rent.

2. Taxi Booking Apps

Taxi booking is the most crucial when you travel as it makes it more convenient and hassle-free. The Taxi booking app allows the users to book a Taxi at whatever place they are and reach their destination safely. It has two panels like the Taxi owner app who manages the vehicles, route, manages users, and more. The other is User Panel, where the user can search and book their Taxi.

3. Railway Ticket Booking App

Train booking applications are the trendiest that allows users to book their train tickets instantly. One of the great examples that offer users to book their tickets is Railyatri. You can use AI-based technology and develop a Train booking application like this.

4. Airplane Ticket Booking

The airline companies offer mobile application services that allow the users to book plane tickets for the desired location and at a reasonable price.

You can offer your users an app that is convenient and allows them to book tickets for any Airline company.

Monetization Strategies of Travel Apps

Earning is the primary goal of the app owner. Below are some of the monetization strategies that you can apply to your proposed application:

1. Merchant Model

It is quite a popular model when it comes to traveling applications. The merchant can buy some hotel rooms of resource and then resell them to the customers.

2. Advertising

It is one of the most popular business models as it allows your platform to display relevant ads like hotels, airlines, and more. When you allow these third-party platforms to display their ads, you can earn for every click made by the user to avail of their services.

3. Commission Based

If you are a small business owner, you do not have a high advertising budget. But there are big platforms that list your app and make a robust digital presence.

In return, you pay extensive resources a set of commissions for every transaction.

4. Direct Sales

The company having a vast brand value can expand business by directly offering their products/services through their application.

Desirable Features, Your Travel App Must Have

There are tons of travel apps in the market, and therefore this leads to more competition. To make your app a success, you need to add unique features that help your app stand out. Here is the list of most convenient and beneficial features your travel app must have:

1. Registration

Signup/Sign-in is the most vital feature for any application, and that includes travel apps too. You can offer simple sign-in to the users via email, contact number, and password. The users should also be able to sign in using the social media platform. The faster the registration, the better is the user experience.

2. Booking/buying services

Without the booking feature, the travel app has no use or existence. For implementing this service, the developers are using various technologies and APIs. Ensure to offer a transportation facility within your app, as it is another crucial part of the trip.

3. Search and Filters

This feature help users to find a place as per their preference, people, budget, dates, and more. The filters allow you to get precise results instantly.

4. Reviews and recommendations

Reviews and recommendations by other users are the essential factors. People, after they avail of the services, should be able to review and share their experience.

It is the building block towards any relationship, and also more are the positive reviews, you get more user retention. With the customer feedback, you have all the genuine details you need to know before booking the service.

5. Messaging Channels 

Adding a call/chat option for the customers and service provider helps to resolve all the customer issues instantly.

6. Notifications 

Push notifications are another great option that keeps users updated with the latest information, discounts, reminders, and coupons.

7. Payment gateways

Allowing a user to make mobile payments within your app is essential. You must integrate fast, easy, and trusted payment methods like PayPal, PayTM, Google Wallet, Credit/Debit card, etc.

8. Weather forecasting

You must be aware of the weather condition, and they have a vast effect on your travel plan. So this is also an important feature that allows you to depict the weather in real-time and plan a better trip without any hassle.

How much does it cost to develop a dedicated travel app?

The cost is the ultimate point for the app owners.

How much cost to develop a robust and feature-rich application is the primary concern. If the question is troubling you too, here are some of the essential factors:

  • The platform – Android or iOS
  • The extent of features you would like in your app
  • The approximate time it takes to launch
  • The number of developers
  • Free or Paid theme


To sum it up, travel apps are becoming quite essential for tourists and business owners as well. We hope this blog cover all the details about developing a robust travel app. Do you wish to build an app that helps you take your business to the next level?

To develop a highly interactive application, it becomes a priority to consult the leading mobile app development company. Contact OZVID and to know more benefits of mobile apps for the travel industry. Get to get your dream travel app to rise above your competitors with us!