Technology continues to change all aspects of life and plays a role in all the industry verticals. Travelling is one of them! The customer desire and preference for traveling have changed over the years, and flight booking apps are the new sensation. 

Users now prefer quality services with a mesmerizing customer experience. The flight booking applications allow the users to check for the flights, compare prices, and book for the flights. The competition in the airline industry is very tough, and many apps like MakeMyTrip, have made a success. 

Are you willing to develop and set up a Flight booking application with all the required attributes and qualities to stand in the competitive market? Don’t look for somewhere else because we have here a complete guide on Flight Booking App Development. 

What are Flight Booking Mobile Apps?

Yes, traveling all over the world has now become easier with Flight booking applications. Whether it is booking or boarding, the users can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience. You can integrate the app with all the basic and advanced features. It allows users to have everything at their fingertips. 

What is the benefit of Flight Booking Mobile Apps?

With the flight booking applications in place, you can book your flight and travel seamlessly anywhere in the world. These kinds of flexible and scalable applications allow users to organize their trips cost-effectively. Want to know all the benefits offered by such applications. Here they are:

1. Easy Booking of Tickets

The application offers a user-friendly interface that allows easy ticket booking by the users. 

2. Allows Early-check ins 

The booking app offers an early check-in option for the users and saves time to perform formalities and other verifications. These jobs are automated, and therefore the customer can stay stress-free. 

3. Helps save time

These apps are like a blessing to the users. They can book their tickets anywhere, at any time ease.

4. Easy Cancellation and Refunds

Even if there is a change in the plan, or you want to cancel it, the app with a single tap allows you to perform all the actions. 

Market Stats of Flight Booking Apps 

We are living in a digital era where customers expect everything at their fingertips. The apps have simplified our lives, and therefore they have become crucial for every business. The flight booking app has become a necessity for businesses that own a travel agency.

  • As per research, people are inspired by the social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram for traveling. With this, there is a boost in online flight booking apps.
  • Around 39% of the travelers found flight booking easier via the use of applications.
  • 79% of the users appreciate the alerts, notifications, price drops, and more that add value to their business.
  • More than 60% of ticket booking is via mobile applications.


Business Models of Flight Booking Mobile Apps 

There are two different models of a flight booking application. Let us know in detail about both of them.

1. Aggregator Model

It is one of the widely known business models that combine various booking apps present in the market. With this model, the platform displays the entire list of airlines, categories, and prices. It allows the users to compare and book the tickets at their convenience. The flight is selected, and the user is redirected to the platform to make their payment. 

 2. Dedicated Model

It is another popular model used by the top-most airlines who already have a name in the market. It is for a specific airline. Furthermore, it allows the airlines to connect with their travelers and communicate with them seamlessly. Almost all popular airlines have their application.

Features you should include in Flight Booking Apps.

For making your applications stand out, it is crucial to integrate all the essential features in your application. Let us check on the most important ones:

Customer Panel Features

The customer panel should include the general features that engage the users and deliver an excellent and smooth experience. 

1. Social Login/SignUp

With the easy signup and login, the users would be able to access your services faster. Simply entering your e-mail ID, contact and password are enough for the user to sign in. They should also be able to sign in via their social media accounts. 

2. Flight Schedules

With this feature, you can allow your passengers to schedule flights for their desired destination on the preferred date and time. 

3. Flight Booking

The flight booking process should be simple for the users to quickly book their flight on your platform with just a few clicks. 

4. Booking Status

It is one of the general features where the users can check the status of their booked ticket. It shows them whether their order is canceled or confirmed. 

5. Flight Status

You can here display the cancellations, delays, arrivals, and departures to offer your users the status of their flights.

6. Check-In

Here, the airport check-ins are updated, and the users will get the notification of their check-ins.

7. Ratings and Reviews

This feature allows the users to drop the genuine ratings and reviews about their order, the service, their experience with the particular airline. Before booking the flight, other users usually check these reviews so that they know about their experience. 

Admin Panel Features

The admin panel should be simplified so that the admin can also enjoy their work. You can add the features in your admin section. 

1. Multilingual Support

The application should support multiple languages. It allows the users to easily communicate with the app and manage their support and services. 

2. Offer Management

The admin is responsible for managing the offers, discounts, and coupons they wish to provide to their passengers during the booking. 

The offer may vary from time to time. 

3. Chatbot

The passenger can communicate 24/7, and with the chatbot integration, you can resolve most of the admin hassle. The users can get all the answers to their queries and are available every time. 

4. Information Management

Service providers find information management easier with this feature, like flight details, customer information, and more.

5. Customer Support

With this feature, you get around the support, and it is crucial for every business. 

7. Manage Booking.

This feature will manage all the bookings in the intuitive dashboard. 

Advanced Features to Include In A Flight Booking App

These are the basic features your application must have. Apart from this, your app should integrate all the advanced features that help you stand competitive in the market. Also, they help to boost the performance and the user experience of the users. Here they are:

1. Live Flight Tracking

You should integrate the live-flight tracking feature as it allows the users to track their flight in real-time, know the status of flight, timings, delays, cancellations, and more. 

2. Virtual Travel Agents

If you want to offer personalized guides to the users, integrate virtual travel agents. It may include things to do, places to visit, and more a travel agent suggests.

3. Social Media Integration

You must integrate social media platforms into online flight booking app. Therefore, do not forget to include various social media icons on your app as it allows your users to share the info about the trip with loved ones. 

4. Secured Payment Gateway

A secured payment gateway is the most crucial feature, as the flight ticket booking app deals with making reservations and accepting payments.

5. One-way/Round-trip/Multi-city Search Option

The users can search for the flights as per their requirements. The users can opt to select the round-trip, one-way or multi-city flight search option.

6. Price Comparison

This feature makes it easier for the users to compare the prices. They can enter the destination, the date they want to travel, making the booking experience seamless.

Cost of A Flight Booking App Development

Want to know the cost of developing a flight booking app? Let us check out all the crucial factors that may determine the cost of the app:

1. Design of the App

You must offer the users a well-crafted design that offers customers satisfying results. It is the essential factor that is the key to a seamless user experience. Therefore, a good UI is a must for the flight booking apps, but it boosts the development cost.

2. Application Platform 

The type of platform you choose for the app development is another factor that affects its cost. The iOS app development costs less because it needs less testing with a lower development cost. 

3. Dynamic Functionality

With the dynamic functionalities, the cost of applications becomes much higher. On the other, running with basic functionalities will come up with relatively low pricing.

4. Mobile Wallet 

You must integrate a mobile wallet into your application, which makes the payment methods more secure. But integrating such an option also increases the cost of developing an app.


Flight booking development continues to become a new trend for gaining business revenues, business visibility, and brand value in a span. Want to enter the lucrative market? Ensure you hire the right app development team that can help your business grow. Contact OZVID and get a free consultation now!