With consumer behavior shifting towards online platforms, the on-demand industry has shown exceptional growth. Whether it is food delivery, medicine, or milk, people hardly want to move out of their comfort zones and prefer things at their doorstep.

Milk is the first commodity of your life, and starting your day with fresh tea or coffee is always a great idea. But what if you do not have milk in the refrigerator. The milk delivery application has got you covered. This application allows the users to set the delivery timing with ease and comfort, and the trend of such applications continues to rise.

Do you own a dairy and want to start your own milk delivery mobile application? Here in this blog, we have covered all the aspects of milk delivery app development including its features, cost, benefits involved.

Stats that show you must invest in the business

During the pandemic restrictions, there was a boost in the on-demand milk delivery applications. As per research, the revenue generated by these apps is around 250 million dollars in 2021. One of the admired examples of a milk delivery app is Milkbasket.

  • Milkbasket is a four-year-old startup and has raised $26 billion. It is expected to reach $50 million in the upcoming months.
  • As per a study food and beverage market is expected to grow as an industry of $869 billion in sales by 2023. 
  • The demand has steadily increased to around 269% after the pandemic.
  • The statistics show the revenue generated by the milk industry from 2012 to 2025. 


Benefits offered by Milk Delivery Apps 

Hiring a leading mobile app development company offers many opportunities for your business to grow. Here are all the benefits offered by a perfect Milk Delivery App:

1. Offers Flexible Delivery Timings

Flexible timing is one of the crucial features preferred by the customers. A mobile application eases and offers comfort to the customers as it allows the customers to avail of the services whenever needed. The more comfort the users get, the more you can monetize your business and earn the trust of your customers.

2. Delivery of milk at the doorsteps

It is another benefit of the milk delivery application. The user places the order, schedule it as per their timings and get it delivered at their doorsteps. We all know milk is the basic commodity that is needed by both adults & kids. So getting it delivered to your doorstep is one of the crucial benefits loved by the customers. 

3. Discounts and Coupons

Who does not love discounts? The app offers interactive discounts, offers, coupons that help in customer retention and gain their trust. You can offer loyalty rewards for your trustworthy customers.

4. Flexibility of payments

The inbuilt and flexible payment method is the need of the hour. The customers get the ease of making with the different options available that include- Credit/Debit cards, UPI payment, PayTM, and more. 

5. No order limitation

This attribute catches the user's attention in the best way. You can place the maximum order of your choice, and there is delivered as per your time scheduled.

How does the on-demand Milk Delivery app works?

Starting your milk delivery app is a great idea because it provides a plethora of benefits for both users and the business owner. The app offers you pure and fresh milk delivered to your doorstep and without any hassle. Here is how the on-demand milk delivery app works.

1. The first step is to develop a robust app to target your customer audience. 

2. Allow the nearby milk suppliers to register themselves in the application.

3. The milk suppliers can now decide their areas of milk delivery.

4. Now, the users can check all the nearby suppliers and order milk from the app. The nearby milk supplier gets a notification and delivers the milk as per the scheduled time.

5. The milk is delivered to the customer's doorstep at selected times, and the user makes the payment. The owner gets a commission for every successful delivery.

Business Model of Milk Delivery Mobile App Development

1. Dedicated Model

It is the preferred business model for the companies that own a reputed and full-fledged business. With the application, traditional businesses can even expand their business operations and reach more audiences. With the app development, they can begin a new journey and start delivery to restaurants, milk retailers, offices, schools, and hostels. 

So, if you already have a traditional dairy business, this is the right time for expansion. Get an app developed and start a journey to success!

2. Aggregator Apps

The aggregator model works like Zomato. It brings different nearby retailers under one roof. The app owner is a medium who necessarily does not have a milk business. They simply partner with the retailers and earn a commission. 

Monetization strategies offered by the Apps 

Every entrepreneur wants a lucrative model that helps them earn ROI and boost the bottom line of their company. Here are the best monetization strategies offered by the milk delivery mobile applications that help earn a good income.

1. Featured Listing

In this model, the aggregator app owner offers a top position of their app homepage for the milk retailers in exchange for money. Retailers opt for this method to stay on the top and have the maximum visibility and generate sales. 

2. Sale Advertising

It is another monetization technique that helps app owners to earn money. They can show display advertisements of other related products and services. With every click, the app owner earns a commission.

Features of Milk Delivery App Development 

Milk delivery is a booming industry, and it is vital to ensure you offer all the features to the customers. Here are all the salient features your milk delivery app should have:

1. Signup/Sign-in

The process should be simple as possible. The user can fill up the details like e-mail ID, contact number instantly. Users can also sign in using their social media credentials. 

2. Profile Management

After sign-in, the user appears on the landing page on their profile that has all the necessary details to update the delivery requirements. 

3. Multiple Address Saving

The users can save multiple addresses in their profiles. It saves their crucial time, and they do not have to enter the entire address again and again. 

4. Invoice on E-mail

The users can receive an invoice for every order they place in their e-mails. It helps them to manage their expenses accordingly. 

5. Track Order

It allows the users to track their order, also get an ETA of their order.

6. Referral Code

If the user wants to share the app information with their family and friends, they can do it via the referral code. They can also earn bonus points.

7. Loyalty Rewards

Loyal customers can receive bonus points after a certain amount of shopping. With the points earned, they can get exclusive discounts and offers. 

8. Order History

The user can check the previous history that helps them to manage their expenses. Also, they can re-order from the same. They can also request the PDF to their mail list.

Advanced Features 

1. Push Notifications

Push notifications are the alerts that the user receives related to the app. The user's mobile screen pops up, and it offers them all the necessary features. The feature sends useful information, coupons, and discounts to their loyal and regular customers. 

2. Real-Time Tracking

With real-time tracking, the customers can track their orders with a dedicated map that shows the exact location of the delivery agent and the estimated time. It also displays the location of the user to the delivery agent. 

3. In-App Calculator

When the customer has decided on the quantity and type of order they want to place, they should check for the estimated cost in the calculator. 

4. Schedule Delivery

Scheduling delivery is one of the vital features that users should have. It allows them to schedule the delivery at their preferred time, date, and convenience.

Cost to build a Milk Delivery Mobile App

The cost of app development is a big question that every entrepreneur has in their mind. Well, there is no definite answer to this. However, the cost of app development depends on several factors that include:

  • A platform for the app deployment
  • Type of mobile app needed
  • Complexity and features of the app
  • APIs used for push notifications, payment
  • Location of mobile app development


So, if you have finally decided to develop an app like milk basket, finding the right mobile app development company becomes crucial. OZVID has a team of highly experienced and talented developers who have expertise in developing milk delivery applications. Boost your business reach and opportunities with us and get better returns!