The digitalization and the rise in cashless payments during the pandemic made people understand the importance of QR codes accurately. It allows people to make payments hassle-free by simply scanning the QR or barcode.

There is no denying the popularity of QR codes and the convenience it offers to the users. The trend of QR code scanner applications is exponentially increasing. Developing an innovative scanning application offers a considerable way for entrepreneurs to enter the market and earn.

If you are planning to create a QR code scanner application for your business, you have landed in the right place. In the blog, we have covered all of the details about app development!

What is a QR code?

QR codes stand for Quick response codes and are machine-readable codes with an array of black and white squares. It stores URLs or other business-related information, read by the cameras on smartphones.

One such trending incident for QR code usage is in restaurants. Customers scan the QR code on their mobile phones and get the menu on their phones. The apps hold importance in many other industries.

Invented in 1994, the codes translate the information into something easily read by humans. You can often find these codes in different restaurants, signage, and other commercials where you can quickly scan the code on the screen.

Why are QR codes becoming popular in the market?

QR codes are beneficial for the customers in many ways. It opens up multiple possibilities for marketers to better engage their target audience. Here is why the apps are becoming popular:

1. Are Quick and Error Free

As the customers do not need to type the URL, the codes are quicker to scan and have no errors associated. URL typing is time-consuming and not convenient on mobile screens. 

2. Informative

By simply scanning the code, the users are updated with every bit of information. Therefore, adding a QR code is beneficial as it gives your customers a way to access unlimited information. 

3. Engages with rich Content

With QR codes, businesses can share rich content while doing print promotions. It leads to better audience engagement.

4. Easier to Save

With the QR Codes, the user can easily save the data on their smartphones.

Market Insights of QR code Scanning Apps

The market of code scanning applications is experiencing exponential growth. Here are a few insights that illustrate the same:

  • As per experts' estimates, the global market for QR code scanners will reach $3.18 million in 2023. The CGPR is 5.9%.

  • As per Technavio, the barcode scanner market will grow by $478.43 million from 2018 to 2022.

  • North America is one of the leading markets with a 30% value share in 2021. Organizations are heavily relying on technology, which leads to more demand.



Different types of Code Scanners in the Market

As there is extensive use of these bar code scanner applications in different industries, we understand the need for customized solutions. Here are the different types of code scanner applications we can help you develop:

1. Laser Scanners

A laser scanner is easy to understand and functions in a simple way. The scanner uses a laser beam as a light source, and once you throw light on the code, an oscillating mirror scans the laser beam back and forth across the code. It thus reflects the value of the code.

2. Pen-Type Readers

These are the simplest type of readers and are not expensive. Generally, these types of readers are in airports. The scanner has the light source and photograph diode. The scanner is durable and does not have any moving parts. It has to be kept at a certain angle. The person holding it should get its tip across the code at a uniform speed to read the code.

3. LED Scanners

These scanners are found in the retail department and malls. It uses a scope of light sensors arranged in a row. The scanner has a better range than pens and has a gun-type interface. It is kept close to the code so that it is easily read. The LED reader works by estimating the produced light from the standardized tag.

4. Camera-Based Readers

These are among the most popular types of scanners we use in our day-to-day lives. It features a camera to capture the code image and can read it from even far away. It can read the code away from 9 inches.

How does a QR code scanner work?

The demand for these applications is on the rise, and they work on simple functionality. It makes the use of a beam of light for scanning the code and translates it. Once the code translates it, is further decoded, the data is sent to the system.

The scanner consists of a lens, light source, sensors that translate impulses to the signals. It has a decoder that quickly reads the image and gives a suitable output. Once you scan the image, the host gets the information and takes action.

The decoder translates it to a language that humans can understand.

The app functionality is easy, and as soon as they can, the product is marked in inventory, which is further a great help and helps keep your inventory updated. As inventory management is automated, there are no errors.

Most significant features you must integrate

Now that you are clear with app functioning, let's talk about the significant features you must integrate into your app.

1. Scan different QR codes

The feature is most crucial. It allows the user to scan and find details about the products and services they are looking for. The attribute's user can see after they scan includes price item, name, and more.

2. Compatibility with devices

The scanner needs to work on all kinds of devices. It offers ease and covert your mobile, tablet, or wearable devices into standardized tag scanners.

3. Comprehensive Storage

The code scanner app must offer various storage locations so that your data is protected and secured. The experts ensure that there is a substantial storage location.

4. Offer Fast and Precise Scanning

It is vital to ensure that deliver fast and precise solutions for the users. As soon as the user scans the code, all the information is displayed on a go.

5. Manual Scan or Automated

It allows users to manually enter the data or scan it automatically. The solutions can vary from manual to auto-scanning or vice versa as per the user demand. Our experts at OZVID can help you integrate the best features.

6. Scanning History

The feature allows users to check their previous scan history. These results are stored in the form of texts or web links. It depends on the user, whether they want to save the history details or delete them after the transactions.

7. App Subscription

Once the app is in demand, businesses can offer app subscriptions to avail themselves of the premium services.


Top Most Code Scanner Apps in the Market

1. Bar-Code

2. Kaspersky’s QR Scanner

3. Scan’s QR Code Reader

4. QR & Barcode Scanner by Gamma Play

5. Lynkee Reader

6. NeoReader

That is all!

The above points covered all the aspects, functionalities, and features. It helps you better understand how to develop a QR code scanner application. When talking about the QR code scanner app development, it becomes a point to deliver solutions that are efficient to use.

Do you want to enter the lucrative market, and develop mobile app solutions that offer a competitive edge to the users? You must contact our experts and discuss your idea!