Once you get into PHP development, it becomes the foremost step to adopt an appropriate framework. Choosing the right framework will not only offer you better outputs and successful projects, but will certainly save your time and costs too. Thus, enhancing your web development area.

Laravel gaining power

Over the recent years, a strong competitor came up in the market, challenging all other PHP frameworks: Laravel. A framework which offers you full flexibility with a multi-functional environment. As per a recent research, Laravel managed to gain, 38132 stars on GitHub and is being widely given more priority over other frameworks. Web development owners prefer Laravel as compared to others, the following graph has a clear representation which views how Laravel has gained power in such a small span.

Laravel gained power graph

Easy data migration

Migrating a database is a process which needs to be carried out carefully and with full attention. Even a minor bug detected can turn out into a major problem which can acquire a huge time to fix. So, Laravel makes the process simpler by migrating through PHP, instead of SQL. Migrating via PHP is more flexible, maintains originality, and makes the migration accurate enough.

Tight security standards

Being in the web development sector, a majority of the people are just worried about the security options for their projects. Unlike all the frameworks, Laravel has its own powerful security features which makes it unique because of the hashed and salted passwords. Thereby, the password stored in the database contains random characters, integers of any length and randomly placed which are just impossible to be hacked and are out of the reach of a human brain.

Advanced features & add-ons

Out of all the other frameworks available in the industry, no one offers any added features or libraries. This is where Laravel becomes unique and more preferred out of all others. Laravel offers its customers the object-oriented libraries and some inbuilt ones which are never available in other frameworks. Authentication library offered by Laravel includes services like Bcrypt hashing, reset the password, check active users, encryption, CSRF, etc.

Guide & Tutorials

It becomes necessary to have a deep knowledge and get the concepts clear before you opt for a new framework. Laravel offers a set of useful tutorials and helping videos to assist you with the procedure to be followed further. Hence, making an easy approach for the developers and built a successful web development application.

Moreover, Artisan is a built-in feature offered by Laravel framework for easy to perform tasks. It is basically a command line tool used by the developers to coordinate with the Laravel framework. Hire Laravel developer which can coordinate well with your requirements and goals defined in a low budget frame. Take your time, choose the best.