Have you ever thought the change IoT has brought to our lives? Maybe not because IoT has become a crucial part of our daily lives in no time and has gained the spotlight in the whole industry. Then may it be our automobiles, house, car garage, or even watches, everything has become automated and got connected over the web. All thanks to the IoT industry which connected the things over the web and got them automated.

IoT in India

With the rising popularity and usage of IoT, connected devices will multiply rapidly and are expected to reach over 28 million devices connected by the year 2020. When we talk about India, what will be its effect on Indian industry? Have you given a thought? The internet scenario of India will totally transform by implementing IoT into real practice. Things will take a new turn and we will definitely achieve unexpected results. How will IoT benefit Indian industry? What is its actual need? Let us get a closer view of the impact of IoT in India.

Benefits of IoT in India

  • Transformation in Indian agriculture: As Indian farmers are still struggling with low-income issues due to fewer facilities and resulting in suicide cases, there is an urgent need to introduce some smarter techniques intro agriculture. Isn't it? IoT can introduce "smart farming" that provides the information to farmers about the time when to plant the crops, harvest them as per the latest weather forecasts and maintain market conditions accordingly. This would bring a sigh of relief to their lives as it will directly improve the efficiency and productivity of the farmers.
  • Solving Traffic Jams: As the majority of the Indian cities are fed up with the ever-growing traffic and still looking for ways to manage the huge traffic. Here the Internet of Things can lend a helping hand to the Indian Industry. Using IoT will give us the real-time insights of traffic, traffic volume, road network at all the nearby locations and thereby guide the people accordingly.
  • Improved Disaster Prediction and Management: Earthquakes, floods, droughts, landslides bring huge loss to lives in India which takes years for people to recover back. We simply can't stop the natural disasters but using IoT into this process can assist us in minimizing the risk and loss accompanied by these disasters. Remote sensing, satellite communication, GIS, and hazard mapping can help in making people aware of the disaster in advance which can save millions of lives.
  • Secure & Smarter Homes: Out of all the other major tasks, maintaining security at our homes still remains the foremost priority. Isn’t it? Making use of IoT can let you rely on it and safeguard your house at all times. Then may it be locking the main door automatically, water logging & fire alerts, or even closing the car garage automatically once you leave the house can be done with IoT easily.

Are you ready for the future?

The above-mentioned fields are just the major ones which will benefit after the introduction of IoT into Indian industry. There are other numerous areas where Internet Of Things will show its effective results and improve the Indian economy. So, it's time that we get prepared to experience the IoT smart Indian economy to welcome a smarter future of our nation.