When we discuss voice search, the very first industry which takes the voice search very seriously is the e-commerce sector. With the introduction of products like Siri, Google assistant, and Amazon Alexa, the e-commerce industry experts are expecting a more enhanced voice-driven user experience.

Guess a person orders his favorite pair of shoes while he's driving on a busy road. Yes. This is what voice search will bring in the e-commerce sector. Thereby, helping to deliver better services on the customer's end. This will allow the business owners to connect to their target audience quickly and enhancing their experience as well.

How Voice Search Impacts The E-commerce Industry

Introducing a voice search in the e-commerce sector will replace the concept of purchasing products online while visiting a website and making manual orders. Rather, via voice search, placing orders will become quicker by which users can place orders at any time of the day simply by speaking their orders. It has a lot more benefits for the e-commerce sector, here are a few business goals for eCommerce voice search which every industry maker must be aware of:

  • Better Customer Experience: With technology evolution, people are becoming more aware of smartphones and tablets. This allows them to explore more and get better choices before making a purchase. Aa result, better the customer experience, better will be the conversion rates.
  • Secure Payment Gateways: When we talk about online shopping, the first thing for which customers are concerned is security. The app-payment transactions are made fully secure which do not require third party payment gateways. Android voice search users can easily use Google Wallet and make secure payments quickly.
  • Increase in Mobile Purchases: As the tech world is widening every moment, customers don't have time to sit on their PCs and make purchases, rather they prefer shopping online on smartphones while performing other tasks as well. In fact, it is predicted that apps perform better and faster over smartphones as compared to desktops.
  • Store Navigation: Studies say that there is a rapid increase in conversions when geolocation services are added to the data. Location-based ads can help to reach the target audience easily.

Top Brands which have implemented voice search

Voice search in the e-commerce sector is not a new thing that is yet to adopted by the industry. Rather, many reputed and popular brands including Johnie Walker, Nestle, Domino's have already implemented voice search and are already fetching the benefits out of it.

  • Nestle: Nestle, the globally popular brand, launched GoodNes Alexa Skill in 2017 which offers a visual voice browsing experience to its customers who love cooking. Customers can learn and enhance their cooking skills with voice search and grasp things in a more innovative way.
  • Johnie Walker: Johnie Walker, the famous whiskey brand developed Alexa skill to enhance the customer's experience and explain their brand name. The users can easily pick the best drink as per their taste and preferences and even the app suggests the best suitable drinks as per the customer's taste.
  • Domino's: The most loved pizza ordering vendor, Domino's launched a Siri-style voice ordering system that recognizes speech. This enhances the customers ordering experience and makes the process easy and quick for them.

Challenges along the way 

No doubt voice search will simply bring a revolution in the e-commerce sector, still, there will be minor challenges that are expected to resist in this voice search shopping. Customers will be concerned about their privacy as the smart speakers will always be set active to record and listen to your voice. Moreover, it will even develop trust issues on the customer's end. However, technology has a solution for every issue and things will change with time.

Implementing voice search will transform the way the world communicates while offering new opportunities to the industry influencers. Retailers are now quickly adopting these techniques to offer better customer experiences and expand their brand name. Want to know more or have any queries? Get in touch with us and get assistance from our experts.