Before getting deeper into the context of web design and development it is good to analyze your current website. Is your current website trendy? If yes, then there is a chance that it may lose productivity in the next few months. Most of the companies that deliver abysmal website design are facing poor client's response thus impacting their business growth.

Analyzing this drawback, the year 2019 comes with new ideas and approach towards creating the website and making it more presentable.  The year 2019 focuses more on offering a good user experience (UX) that will include mobile and responsive design, page speed, engaging design, micro animations, and video backgrounds.

Top Website Design and Development Trends For 2019

  • Flat Design: Creating a clean and simple design has become the major concern of website designers and developers. They are now focusing more on creating flat designs that minimize the use of stylistic elements. This proves to be highly beneficial as it reduces the loading time thus offering better browsing experience on both mobile and laptops. The flat design thus focuses more on the minimalist approach towards creating and developing a website. Thus it works with the goal of getting rid of clutter and focusing more on important elements of your website.
  • Animated GIFs: Presenting the alluring website is the major motive behind creating any website. This increases the demand for creating more approaching effects like animated GIFs. It is helpful in grabbing more attention of the potential customer and help them to provide the information that they are looking for.
  • AI ChatBots and Machine Learning: Chatbots are the computer programs that help in the conversion of text or voice. It is generally used to provide information or to offer customer support services. Earlier the chatbots were accessed by virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, messaging app like Facebook Messenger and so on. With the development, there is now an introduction of AI Chatbots that make it highly convenient for the potential customer to access your website. The customer loves to visit the website that offers convenience in gaining information and clearing queries.
  • Broken Grids and Asymmetrical Layout: Earlier the designers kept the layouts within a set grid. This helped the designers to maintain alignment and the developers to bring the website to life. But now the designers have started moving outside the grid, thus offering them the freedom to do their work creatively. This helps the designers to incorporate more appealing design thus offering a better user experience.
  • AMP Design: The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) is an open-source website publishing technology that is designed to improve the overall performance of web content and ads. This is helpful in offering good website speed and seamless user experience. It is basically used to enhance the performance of website and mobile pages. According to Google reports, the AMP pages served in Google searches take loading time less than one second and use 10 times fewer data than the equivalent non-AMP pages.


The above trends of website design will help you in shaping your website and making it more alluring and customer friendly in 2019. With the growing pace of technology and to enhance the user experience the website is progressing towards building the clean and practical style of flat website design. Also, the implementation of AI-driven conversational bots will give users a quick response time thus more productivity. To gain more ideas and knowledge of the latest trends of website design and development talk to our expert team and make your website worthy.