What expectations do you have when you visit a website or an app again? Wish to see the same old pages and graphics? Or want to experience something new and refreshing? Of course, we all love to see changes and a better version of the app/website we are using.

To cater to these customer needs, the development sector needs to regularly bring some updates and present better outputs in return. 

When we talk about Android apps, the sector has gained a spotlight in no time and has become a preferable choice for users. Earlier, Android was based upon C, C++, and then Java and it even helped a lot in meeting the customer demands.

But as the customer demands and technology widens up, there seemed a need to go for a better and updated option. This is the point where Kotlin made an entry. Never heard about Kotlin? No worries! Let's dive deeper and understand what is Kotlin and what is its need.

What is Kotlin?

Google has extended to the programming language known as 'Kotlin' to make developers job easier and thereby uplift the customer's experience. Introduction of Kotlin has met the needs which developers were demanding for a long time. In simple words, Kotlin is a pragmatic computer programming language which combines the functional programming and object-oriented features within it. The language was developed in the year 2011 in Russia and soon got the spotlight in the Android industry.

Reasons why Android industry prefers Kotlin

As a replacement of Java, Kotlin was introduced while overcoming the previous limitations. Adopting Kotlin for Android app development has a lot of other benefits for you. Want to know more? Here is a list of top reasons why Kotlin is a better choice for the developers.

  • Easy to Learn for Android Developers: Just like the Java language, Kotlin is an easy to understand language which has an easy code as well. Thereby, it helps the developers to stay away from errors. The only part which seems complex in Kotlin are the things which Java language lacks.
  • Highest Compatibility with Java: Kotlin is Java compatible and this is the reasons why developers don't hesitate to choose Kotlin as their Android app development language. Kotlin can easily leverage JVMs and helps in improving solutions which have enormous codebases written in Java.
  • Open Source Language: In 2012, JetBrains, the parent company of Kotlin declared Kotlin an open source language. So, developers can fetch the maximum benefits out of it and attain quality outputs at the same time.
  • Most Versatile & Secure: The best part about Kotlin is about its compiler which auto-castes mistakes and helps in avoiding possible errors. Moreover, Kotlin even has the feature of null checking and is highly compatible with Java code.
  • It is a swift language for Android app development: As Kotlin easily integrates with Android Studio, this makes it fast. This means setting up a Kotlin project hardly consumes time and usually takes around 10 minutes only.

Summing Up

Want to get your next project done with Kotlin? You must rely on some experienced Android app development company which has expert developers to cater to your business requirements. Have any queries or want to know more about Android app development? Get in touch with us and get assistance from our experts.