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How React JS will Reshape the Future of Javascript?

While you are planning to take your business online, there might be thousands of thoughts that strike your mind. Isn't it? Which platform to choose, how to choose the right framework, defining the budget, considering the performance, and other parameters. It's just not easy to choose all of them correctly in one go.  ReactJS gaining Power! The most important...

How To Design Better App Icons!

Have you ever given a thought that how difficult it would be to design an app icon while conveying your brand into it? Or how would a perfect app icon alike? If you think that you need to give your 100% on building your app and put make no efforts on designing a unique app icon, then this would be your biggest mistake! The app icon you decide will represent your brand name and will be the only way to attract the customer attention. Why do we need...

Major Benefits of Choosing Automation Testing for your Project!

Whenever you go to a store to buy a new product, you simply pick up that product or do a little research? Obviously, we take time and then finalize the decision. And when it's your app or website going to be launched, you simply can’t let it go without a proper testing and verification done thoroughly. Every company gathers its team to carry out testing, but still delivers its customers a product which still holds errors and bugs. Want to know the reason behind it?

Latest Technology Trends in IoT industry!

Imagine a world in which every device or object gets automated including your home and car garage! Yes, by now, you all would be very well aware of the transformation the Internet of Things is going to bring for us. Out of all the major technology trends that emerged out recently, Internet of Things came out to be the best one which gained the spotlight in no time. And why not, it has actually made world automated, connecting those devices over the internet which could never connect with the computer in the real world. So, sayi...

Hiring a Graphic Designer for Your Business

Regardless of whether you run a small or medium business, it needs a consistent flow of visuals, such as logos, websites, pamphlets, flyers, various advertisements, mobile applications, and a ton of others. All business organizations recognize their importance in the modern competitive markets. This is the reason that each genuine business searches for experienced graphic designers. Graphic designers create visual concepts, by hand or by using the software. They are responsible for the overall layout and cre...

Latest Software Testing Trends You Must Know

Just like we all moved from pen-paper to wireless devices with the evolution of technology, so did the other industries transformed. Similarly, IT companies went down a huge transformation to stay within the dynamic marketplace. May it be a startup company or a larger enterprise, the main focus is to make your customers happy and receive positive reviews from them. Isn't it? If you are getting a positive response from your customers, good enough! But if your customers aren't satisfied with your services and have complaints about your services, then definit...

Can Blockchain Revolutionize the IoT Industry?

Imagine a world where all your devices starting from the air conditioner at home to your garage locking gets automatically operated, without your involvement? Or what if I say that you left your main door unlocked while hurrying to your office, and it automatically locks the very next moment? Yes, this is what the word IoT has promised us in the coming time! As per a recent report prepared by Statista, for 2020, the installed base of Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost

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