The website is an integral part of your brand and thus it is very important to focus on its design and layout. Since every business is approaching towards creating an online presence and so the number of website design companies have increased tremendously. Every company claims their work to be the best and thus it is quite difficult for businesses to pick the right company for your business.

To make the best choice it is good to follow the right step and interview various companies just like you interview candidates for your organization. Follow the right strategies and steps like interviewing the designer, reviewing their work, analyzing their performance results, requesting a portfolio, and checking references. This would help you in making the best choice and assure you of getting quality work right from the beginning.

To interview the designer from the shortlisted web designing company here we have created a list of questions.

What to Ask Before Employing Web Designing Services?

What services do you offer?

The company offering web designing company also offers other interlinked services like web development, hosting, e-commerce solutions, digital marketing like SEO, SMO, etc. Although these services are connected, assuming that the company good at one will offer the high-class services for the other as well is not right. It is therefore good to consider their services but not making the final decision based on the number of services they are offering along with web designing.

Which is the field you specialize in?

Narrowing down your research to the web designer, the next important thing to consider is to check the area of expertise. Since every designer is different and has their unique style and talent. Make sure that the work or the theme of your website is cleared to the designer. You can also check the past work and area of expertise of the shortlisted designer and can handle them work only after gaining complete satisfaction from their past records.

Can I know the process that you will follow while handling my project?

Web designing and development is a wide field and so every company follows its strategies and ideas to implement the plan. While choosing the right web designing services for your business it is good to consider how the web designer implements their work and what is the impact of their work on your project. Gaining a thorough knowledge of the project helps you making the right choice and picking the best service provider from the crowd.

Will my project be dealt with completely in-house?

It is not important that the company that claims to offer web design and development services has a skilled team in every area of the process. Sometimes, many companies share the portion of work with the outside vendor who helps them in meeting the remaining objectives of the project. Well, doing this offers advantages as it makes website “self-performing” and also the website will gain many features that make it perfect, but sharing of work with the third-party by the web design agency might add complexity to the process, add cost and hinders the scheduling and delivery of the project. Before signing an agreement with the company, it is therefore important to know whether or not they will outsource the project? If yes, what portion of the project will be outsourced and to whom they will assign the project?

Will my website be fully custom or a “customized” theme?

Most of the web design companies showcase their work that they impersonate to be designed by them, but in a true sense, some of the websites are being pre-built that they customized as per the client requirement. This might be because of the low-budget of the company. But if you are paying a full amount and have no such limitations then it is important to ask this question. A custom website is the one that has every pixel of design and layout of their own and also they use every code created by their developers.

What content management system(s) do you recommend and why? Can you show us a demonstration?

Most of the web design companies suggest their own Content Management System (CMS) but before partnering with them for your project it is essential to know why they are using a particular CMS and what are its pros and cons. Understanding this would give you a better insight into its functionality and help you know whether or not it will help you in meeting your project goals or not. Along with this, it is also useful to know how to operate to customizing the particular CMS platform at the backend. Many businesses think it is easy and similar to operate all the CMS at the backend in the same way, but that's not actually true. So ask for the demo of the platform the company suggests to you and make the right use of all the features and functions.

How would you base your pricing? Will this be hourly, or flat-fee depending on the task? What is your payment policy?

Every company has its own way to charge for the services. The overall cost of the service depends on the experience, expertise, and scope of the company. Some offer the services by charging it on an hourly basis, while others finalize the price on the basis of the number of days or months. Whatever the pricing criteria are to make sure that the final cost of the project goes with the quality of work delivered in the end. Also, ensure that the price proves to be worthy as per the work delivered.

Do you have an SEO expert in your team?

Every website nowadays is coded by keeping SEO in mind. It is good to ask the firm whether they offer SEO services. If yes, how big is the team, their experience and the would the service cost additional price money? Ask about the strategies they employ to optimize the website. Getting an idea of all these will help you in making the best use of the services and money you spend.

What kind of testing and quality control checks do you perform prior to the launch of a new website?

Testing of the website before delivering it to the client plays a vital role. Make sure that the partnering company helps undergo the complete testing process by browsing the website on different browsers and by running it on different platforms like iOS, Android, tabs, etc. This will help to know the area where the website is still lacking in certain functionalities. Also, it is important to make sure that the company create a complete checklist of internal Quality Assurance and fulfill all the steps before delivering the project.

Can you provide any references for your previous clients?

It is always good to talk about the previous experience at work and therefore it is right to consider the projects already delivered by the company. This will help in gaining ideas and understanding of the company will help you in delivering the best and right project. You can speak to the client as well to get a clear picture of the potential redesign partner.


Determining the potential of your partner company will help in building the website and choosing the best partner with whom you can partner for your project. Ask the questions that come to your mind and make sure you get satisfactory answers for the same.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your web design project then you can reach us. We would love to hear your needs and assist you in every possible way.