The changes rising in the trends of web designing field influence the entire industry. Along with website designing, it has also expanded its wings to the mobile interface design which is the best mode of attracting visitors towards your business. Mobile is increasing at a rapid speed and is expected to increase massively in the upcoming years with the introduction of mobile applications in the industry. These mobile applications have high functionality and navigation designed with exceptional user interfaces.

Mobile app design trends keep on changing based on varying user needs and designers are full of creativity and innovation as they design amazing layouts as well as best UI. Designers have the foresight and prepare for new challenges to follow the latest trends in creating UI designs that suit best for clients' business. has many expectations from the mobile UI trends determining the value of mobile application development. Let's see what they are and how they rule the market.

Hidden Navigation: Use of hidden navigation is not new for the UI designers and the entire designing industry. It has also been in the limelight for a quite long time. However, designers use this trend with its several functionalities that make it more demanding. They use it to hide the website functionality to save the screen space with a clear view of the mainstream. It will be the most used trend in 2018 as it is the only trend that works on saving the screen space.

Material Design: This is a Google-based and oldest mobile UI trend completely based on material design concept which is expected to be continued in forthcoming years too. This trend is meant to offer user-friendly mobile applications by providing designers a chance to showcase their skills. This tool is broadly used by the designers to enhance the look and feel of mobile applications.

Diffused Background: Although the screen sizes of mobile devices are not as big, still designers continue building appealing backgrounds and themes. A new technique used is diffused backgrounds that let the user focus on the important and desired features of the application. This new technique is gaining good admiration in the designing field.

Card Design Patterns: This new trend is used for making mobile applications more impressive, appealing and mobile friendly. This design divides and places the content properly on the website ensuring better visibility. This design also makes it possible to download the media objects and attract more traffic to the website.

Overlapping: The overlapping of colors, fonts, and graphics make the UI designs more eye-catching and distinctive as well as create a sense of space. Overlapping has been widely used by the designers recently as it makes the whole mobile app interface designs more fantasy and impressive.

Summing Up

The mobile UI designs have dramatically changed a lot in the previous years and is expected to go beyond our expectations in the upcoming years. The above-mentioned UI design trends are reliable and worth to use. OZVID Technologies, offering the best mobile application design services follows these mobile UI trends and tries to find out the new ways to improve the user experience of mobile apps.