Quality holds importance in all aspects of businesses. The success of any enterprise is dependent on the quality of its products and services. The end product should be the best result of all your ideas in its best and glitch-free state. The smooth usage of this end-product will ensure that you were successful in maintaining the quality of your product or services. It is important to maintain the quality of the software when using Agile Development Methodologies.

Quality Assurance is an improvement process that ensures each customer is delivered the best quality product or service. The processes so initiated to check the quality of a product or service should stand up to the Quality Standards and abide by its Certification Regulations. 

Understanding Quality Assurance in Agile Development Methodologies

As mentioned above Quality Assurance is a process initiated to check the quality of the service. Thus, Software Quality Assurance is a process initiated in the whole life cycle of software development. From the planning stage until the end the motive of the Quality Management is to ensure that the end stage of the software is serviceable for smooth user experience.

According to cprime, "Agile Software development refers to a group of software development methodologies based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams."

For such fast and iterative agile processes, one cannot overlook Quality Assurance.

Best Practices for Quality Assurance in Agile Development Methodologies:

  • Create a Testing Management Environment from the Plan Initiation stage of Software Development.
  • Apply automated testing to high-risk areas to save efforts and cost.
  • Optimize and Speed up the entire process with Automation.
  • Initiate time bifurcation of each process
  • Prioritize bugs fixes based on the user end of the software
  • Form dedicated security and performance testing team


What is the Value of Quality Assurance in Agile Development Methodologies?

  • Validation of the Plan - Software Quality Assurance starts from the planning stage and therefore when the software is at the planning stage one needs to validate the whole product and initiate resource planning.
  • Documentation of the Functionalities - While we move on with the development and initiate different functionalities in software. All these functions are documented and distributed. This is hence needed to be approved to pass this stage of Quality Assurance.
  • Enhanced User Experience - User experience is one need that has to be improved and enhanced regularly, as the user will not think twice about leaving your software and moving on to a better product. User Experience should be smooth and continuously enhanced with the detection of glitches and fixing them.
  • Risk Elimination - The risk of software failure can be eliminated with the smooth working of the software. more glitch-free the software, more chances of its acceptance among customers. Constantly take preventive measures by finding bugs and resolving the functionality, security, and performance of the software.
  • Initiating Quality Improvement Plan - Constant improvements are part and parcel of the software development process. And, Prevention is always better than cure. It is better to initiate quality improvement plan for the whole process of the software development



Software Technology is a boon of the development industry and making sure that the best software remains is important. With the technology changes and trends in the coming year, automation is key for all enterprises to optimize their business operations. In such a situation it is important for software development and ideating minds to be delivered the fruit of their hard work.

OZVID Technologies use automated testing to ensure a quality experience and quality assurance of your software. We initiate the following process for automated testing of the Agile Development Methodologies.

  • Decide
  • Acquire tools
  • Introduction of Automated Testing
  • Plan, Design, and Develop Scripts
  • Execute Tests
  • Assess Test Results

The resultant of the automated testing can be easily integrated, the rich output ensures a rich user experience. We constantly work on providing better results by increasing the productivity of our process due to automation. We believe in providing Time Efficient and Cost-effective services for the betterment of each new technology in hand. We respect and appreciate the newness in your ideas and focus on delivering the best of your great minds.