Internet of Things of IoT is a new entry in the world of technology that is meant to make life more happy and peaceful.

In layman term it is the extension of existing connections between human beings and technology thus helps in building a better digital connection. IoT helps in measuring and report data and is even used to measure the effectiveness of those data.

Internet of Things is a hot topic these days. It refers to a virtual internet connection from things, processes, people and even animals. It helps in developing automatic communication with or without inter-human or human-to-machine interaction. In all, it has made things simpler and help in facilitating our lives by manifolds. 

Since every new technology faces a lot of challenges and includes both threats and benefits for society.

Here we will discuss the threats and benefits of using the Internet of Things.

Know the Threats of the Internet of Things

1. Security and Privacy

The technology on the one hand when providing benefits is also linked with many drawbacks. Among many the major one is security issues like hacking of companies, stealing data online, etc.

These issues can often cause a major threat to companies and can also lead to financial losses. 

Since many companies do not have strong security protocols and thus are wide open to many details stored in their system. 

Even if the connected devices are tech-savvy other gaps exist this makes security and privacy to be the responsibility of the firm which seems to be quite unfair with the user.

2. Data and Complexity:

Countless bytes of data are generated using IoT but that is not what measures the value of businesses. Instead, businesses analyze trends and patterns.

Since the data is collected that may lead to the formation of complex data. This requires to implement the right plan that helps in processing and analyzing huge quantities of data. This is then helpful in finding better business practices.

3. Business and IT Buy-In

Another factor that decelerates the progress of technology is the perceived cost and risk of laying the foundation. Although there is plenty of consumer-focused and cloud-managed IoT products it does a little comfort to introduce the IoT strategy to their enterprise.

Here are the Benefits of the Internet of Things

1. Safety, Comfort, Efficiency

There is no doubt that IoT brings itself with the safety, comfort and better utilization of things. Also, it gives them better control of energy costs thus helps in making the efficient use of resources. All the benefits will eventually result in offering more comfort and enhanced productivity. Thus it will drive higher employee satisfaction and retention thus improving the profit margin of the company.

2. Helps in Making Better Decision

IoT offers empirical data that help in making smarter decisions. It gives data-backed visibility into every aspect of doing business. It would reduce the cost to optimize the process. Also, it helps in yielding new insights and offers you better guidance for doing business.

3. Revenue Generation

IoT helps in improving efficiency thus the business functions. Also, it leads to the generation of more and better revenue opportunities. It offers a strategic advantage over the competitors thus help in advancing towards more growth and success.


Even though IoT has few disadvantages its advantages are much more visible as it helps in saving time and money. So the time is not too far when the technology will be seen commonly in both households and companies. The regular efforts are also put to combat the disadvantages and making the technology more fruitful and beneficial.

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