Do you remember the traditional business directories we used to had in the previous times? Those directories were just confined to phone numbers, addresses, and names. But with more users turning online, the business directories gained huge popularity. It is an online version of yellow pages that helps users search for companies, services, or products in their area in a more targeted way.

There is a storm of mobile applications in the competitive market and, it enhances the growth of businesses with the ease of better performance. It has simplified day-to-day tasks, has rolled the dice, and made life comfortable. 

As per research, every month the app is downloaded by 145 million users. After the launch of Yelp, an online business directory Mobile App, more than 70% of the traffic is coming from the mobile app and, the competitors struggle to develop clone.

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What is Yelp?

Yelp is an online local business directory app since years, and it has become extremely admired. It is an app that allows users to search certain places and services that are popular among the users. Be it be bars, restaurants, salons, cafés, or any other location or service, all the local businesses are listed on the application.

When you have finally decided where to go, you can get the complete details including address, contact number, and the route to your destination. It allows you to review, rate your services so that it becomes simplified for others to make the decision.

With the popularity of these applications, you might be curious and want to know the complete steps to develop a clone and all other important features to make it a success.

Know the Business Models to create Similar App

To create a similar app, it's crucial to understand the market condition and the hurdles they face in between. Here are the business models one needs to consider:

1. Know your audience

Know your audience when you plan to start your business. The common users of the app are businesses, restaurant owners, salon owners, etc. As per research, 70% of the users are more interested in restaurants and food, therefore it is the major target area.

2. Cost of Development

The use of the latest technologies, new content are one of the vital aspects that require a major investment. So before you plan to start your business ensure you have a set budget for the same.

3. Key Values

Ensure you offer all the key values and features in your application. If you offer a unique application to the customers they would surely make their reservations.

4. Determine Market

One must check out all the competitors to know what different they are doing and what competitive apps already exists.

What features does a Yelp Clone should have?

As there are numerous competitors in the market, so it becomes crucial to satisfy all your clients and customize all the features in the application. If you are one of those planning to initiate an app development, take a deep breath and keep reading to find out the answers to all your queries.

Here we have listed the essential features that you need to spot on your Yelp-like mobile application to make it a success:

1. Profile for business and users separately

For both businesses and the users, separate profiles have to be created independently. While the user will review, comment, post pictures, and the businesses need to verify their profiles, manage reviews and solve all the user queries.

It allows the businesses to build the trust of users, that retains them for a longer period. Our developers are experienced enough to allow customizations as per the client requirements.

2. Location-based Functionality

It is one of the key features which tracks the user's location and provides you with information about their lifestyle. It integrates the feature of Google Map and collects the current user location to allow them to search the desired location regardless of entering it manually. Also, users can check the distance of the venue they are visiting from their current location itself.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the trendiest and advanced features that interest users. It helps them keep engaged about all the crucial information. From offering the relevant content to sending gentle reminders to the users it keeps them updated giving them all the reasons to retain. 

It is the most advanced feature that can do wonders for your business and helps maximize revenue!

4. Social Media Sign-in

With the social media sign-in option, the authentication process is simplified, and it becomes quicker as well. Users can quickly check the app via social media and networks to perform the intended tasks.

5. Filter and Search options

If users are unable to find all the information they abandon your app. It’s a great idea to include a filtering and sorting option that would help them dig deep and appropriately enquire about the desired information.


How much does Yelp cost?

How much the development of an application like Yelp cost? Finally, concluding the main point of the article-the price to develop an app depends on various factors. But, we can define an average market price - $50 per hour.

Here are the main factors that influence the cost of the app:

1. Platform

 Android or iOS are the two popular platforms. The time of app development depends on how complex you want your app to be and consumes almost the same number of hours for Android or iOS alike. The more functions added the more would be the cost of development.

2. Design

As we already stated, a good interface is more than just important. But, for sure, its complexity seriously affects the price.

These applications have reshaped the market, with time. Now the customers are expecting more creativity and innovation in the applications. As the expectations rise, implementing unique ideas in app development is the only solution that helps to scale your business. 


Therefore, our team at OZVID works on unique business ideas and understands the client needs and trending market approach to offer a better app development solution. 

Want to develop a business directory app like, Yelp? Visit us and, our experts will analyze your business idea and offer the right solution!