If you take a look around, you will probably find hair and beauty salons on every street. The beauty and wellness industry is one of the most booming and trending that continues to grow. Looking at the stats, on average, a woman spends around $3,756 on an annual basis on beauty services, and that is a big number! 

As per research from Gartner, 80% of the future revenue of business comes from 20% of the customers, so it becomes vital to retain the customers. The figures make it quite clear that it is an excellent industry to focus on.

Therefore, the salon booking app development lays a foundation that automates the entire process and simplifies the flow of work. Whether you want to focus on other important operations, want to interact with your customers or staff, and the app development solutions help you with that!

Are you looking forward to scaling up your business, then you have surely come to the right place. Let us talk about the different aspects, features, and costs of an on-demand beauty application.


Market Size and Statistics for Automated Salon Industry 

As the industry grows at an exponential rate, it becomes arduous for salon owners to manage their operations manually. The net worth of the beauty industry is around $532 billion but is predicted to reach $716.6 billion by 2025

The beauty application and the salon apps have added an approximately $40 billion business to the industry. On average, women contribute $3,756 to the salon and cosmetic industry. Have a look at the revenue of the beauty and wellness industry generated in the United States from 2002 to 2020.



What all you need to make a Beauty Salon Automated?

1. Schedule an Appointment Digitally

 With the application development, appointment scheduling should be made easy while ensuring the crucial details for both parties. An automated app with the advanced salon online scheduling applications offers different types of work that includes:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Appointment reminders and scheduling
  • Contact-free checkout
  • Maintaining customer relationship

2. Manage your Workforce

Managing the assets and repetitive tasks was never easy before until automation came into existence. Today it has become easier to manage the people and the entire workforce by developing a beauty salon app. Want to know how? It assigns the right task to the right employee helping to gain the trust of the consumers. Not only it allows management of the workforce but also increases the earnings of the salon. 

3. Automates the Inventory 

With automation the inventory management you can stay stress-free from the inventory challenges and other administrative works. 


Types of Business Models for On-demand Beauty Service App


1. Dedicated Business Model

These apps are created by the specialist or the popular beauty brand to make their business more viable while reaching a larger audience. The providers can be aware of the users of their services, discounts if there are any while enhancing the overall presence of their salon. 

When the customer makes a booking, the app owner gets notified and a professional is allocated as per the request.

2. Aggregator Business Model

The aggregator app aggregates all the freelancers, artists, and experts under one roof. It allows you to partner with beauty salons and other service providers. The revenue can be generated by charging a fixed commission/fee on the transactions.


Monetization Methods for an On-Demand Beauty Salon App 

1. Commission

In this model, the mobile app owner can charge a specific amount of money from the salons that are registered with their application. Some commission is charged for every order placed from the application. This is quite a popular model for aggregator apps allowing the owners to earn millions.

2. Advertisement

This is one of the most popular monetization methods that allows app owners to earn a decent income. With the in-app advertisement, the owner simply needs to advertise other services in their application and earn.

3. eCommerce Enablement

 The owner of the app can link a beauty store within their application and earn with every product sold. The users can browse easily through the stores to search for the products they are looking for. This helps to boost user engagement.


Benefits of Taking Online Appointments for Salons

1. Schedule and Maintain Appointment 

During peak time and business hours, the salons may witness a lot of rush that it becomes difficult to schedule and manage the appointments manually. Transform your business with app development and streamline the entire process.

2. Take Payments online

Going cashless is a great choice as people now don’t like to deal with risks and prefer contactless delivery of goods and services. By making the payments online using credit cards, debit cards, or google payments allows your business to generate higher revenue and more customer retention.

3. Recognition

The most important thing in the business is your brand awareness. Promoting business while offering services online is one of the crucial tasks for salon businesses. The application allows your salon to reach a wider audience and helps you to get recognition for your business.

4. Customer Loyalty and Rewards

Apps are one of the most crucial reasons that help you to get close to customers and use them as a marketing tool. It offers coupons, rewards, and many other policies that is one of the reasons to get loyalty for customers. So with these reward programs, there are more chances that customers would avail of your services again and again!


Best Features of On-Demand Beauty Salon Mobile App

Beauty Salon User Panel

  • Social Signup/Login
  • View service and schedule
  • View Packages
  • Appointment Booking
  • In-app Payment Integration
  • Rate and Review beauticians
  • Past Bookings View
  • Contact with Stylists

Beauty Salon Owner Panel

  • Register via email ID
  • View Bookings
  • Catalog Management
  • Manage Calendar
  • Manage services offered
  • Schedule the stylist for users
  • Accept/decline user’s request
  • Manage Pricing
  • Manage Review/Ratings

Beauty Salon Admin Panel

  • Manage stylist/beauty salons
  • Approve/Reject Requests
  • Generate Reports 
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage marketing channels


Advanced Features Includes

1. Geo Location: With this feature, the user can use tracking to check the live location of the beauty professional or the salon that you have booked.

2. Predictive Exploration: With this feature, you can improve your customer reach as it allows you to predict the name of the salon instantly.

3. Advance Filters: This feature allows the customers to book the services based on the rating, price, offers, and much more.

4. In-App Chat: With this feature, the user can chat with the support team and get instant resolutions for their query.

5. Discounts/Offer: This is one of the most beneficial features that help customers to avail the discounts and offers that the salon offered.

6. Packages: Customers can buy packages as per their need to avail the benefits.

7. Membership: You can provide membership to your customers on a monthly or yearly basis.

8. Push Notification: With the push notification option, you can get real-time updates that help to keep the user notified about the activities, promotions, and other crucial things related to the app.


How Much Does It Cost to Build a Beauty Service Mobile App?

Here are the most crucial factors that impact the app development and here they are:

1. Platform

Whether it is native, the Android or iOS platform is the most important factor that decides the cost of an app.

2. Design complexity

For a unique design that grabs the user's attention, you need to pay a higher amount.

3. Device types

Making the app adaptable to different resolutions and screen sizes requires much more effort and ultimately affects the cost of development.

4. Third-party integration

It enhances the app’s functionality and also affects the cost of development of the app.


Wrapping up!

If you want to start with only one or add each of the features to your application is entirely up to you. If you are an entrepreneur and own a salon it is high time to expand the reach of your brand. 

A well-designed and unique app offers comfort to the users and allows them to schedule and visit any time as per their preference.

End up all your hassles that are involved in the salon services and get the maximum bookings with on-demand beauty app development in the right way. At OZVID, we feel happy to help you in the beauty salon mobile app development for your business.