The growth and advancement of technology have made mobile phones an important part of our lives. Many business owners have already understood this and are going well beyond to build mobile-friendly versions of their desktop websites. However, developing a mobile application is not an easy task as there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration while developing an app. Majority of the mobile app users are not that verse with technology and an app developer should never place all the users on the same pedestal.

Mobile app developers need to keep it in mind that users should have a smooth experience and do not face any hassle while browsing through the app. It is important to focus a few main points like user-friendliness, uniformity, easy navigation, etc. while conceptualizing the UI of the app. Here are a few tips that must be considered while undertaking the designing work to create a great mobile experience for your users.

Performance: Performance is one of the most important factors of a mobile application that requires a great amount of attention. Be it a desktop website or a mobile application, no user likes to use a slow website/application. Although, there are a number of factors that are not in control of the developer, however, optimizing the application by resizing the images and reducing the line of code improves the performance of the application.

Simplicity: All the users are not adept at using mobile gadgets. So, developers need to make sure the UI of the application is extremely simple and easy to navigate that can be used by a non-techie user as well. Try using the application with your family members at initial stages and note down the point where they got stuck while browsing through the application. Get those points rectified at the earliest.

Consistency: The application should look consistent throughout to give a professional look and to avoid any discrepancy. Icons behaving in the same manner should look similar and icons behaving differently should have different look. Novice designers often do this mistake and make all the icons of the interface look similar.

Understanding the User: It is extremely important for the developers to understand the accurate requirements of the user at a deep level. Only then you will be able to make their app experience smoother. Try to place yourself in their position and get an idea of what exactly they expect from the application.

Relevance: Relevance plays a significant role in offering great user experiences. Develop an application that targets your audience and their requirements accurately. Do your research well to give correct and accurate information about the organization and business to the users.

Optimization: Optimization of an application is a tough task as it requires minimization of the functionalities to make it more simple and user-friendly. However, optimizing an app improves its performance and engages the user for more time on the application.

So, next time when you begin to develop a mobile application, it is highly recommended to take care of all the above-listed points. Following these points will enable you to develop a user-friendly mobile application which will have a large number of happy users. Hire a professional mobile and web app development company, if you are planning to develop a mobile application for your growing business.