The hectic and busy lifestyle of people is pushing them to lean on technology and applications to perform their daily household chores. Whether it is about ordering a pizza, getting groceries delivered, or get laundry services, you can avail all of them with a couple of taps. The on-demand apps have made life easier, that is why the demand for such apps continues to rise.

Availing an on-demand app for laundry service is gaining huge popularity as it allows them to spend their free time doing something productive.

An on-demand service app works as a moderator that connects the users with different stakeholders who offer the service in the nearby location. With these services, washing is made quick and easy. As per a report from Statista, the laundry and dry cleaning services are expected to reach $14.5 billion by the end of 2025.

If you are already running a laundry business offline or want to establish one, then this blog has comprehensive details that would help you to develop one.


Market Size of Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Apps

As per research, millennials don’t prefer to spend much time on their daily household chores. As they don’t have much time also it makes them tedious. Therefore, the market for on-demand laundry applications rises.

  • The worldwide revenue in the laundry care segment in 2020 was $80,030 million and is expected to grow annually by 3.0%

  • As per Research and Market Report, the dry-cleaning and laundry market is expected to show rapid growth of 10.9% and reach a value of $180 billion.

  • The Grandview Research shows the growth of the online laundry service market. Here is the graph for reference.



What drives a rise in the popularity of such apps?

1. Offers Digitization

In the digital era, digitization is something that the service provider needs to offer to run their business successfully. There is no point in starting your business without an app. As the digitization of the laundry business increases, there is a huge rise in its popularity.

2. Safer Payments

These apps offer safer payment options that make them trustworthy for the users to book the services prior by making the payments digitally.

3. Pandemic Restriction

As the pandemic has restricted the users to move out, the on-demand laundry service app offers them the ease to avail themselves of the services.

4. Busy Schedules

Everyone nowadays is so busy that they don’t have time to complete their household chores. With the application the users can save a lot of their time, therefore the demand for the app increases.


How On-Demand Laundry App Works?

1. Customer books Service

Using the application, the user places an order for the laundry to be done. The provisions allow the customers to select from the type of service they need and allocate time as per the preference. The price is displayed to the customer on the screen.

2. Service Provider picks Package

The service provider here sends a driver to pick up the laundry at the allocated time the user has mentioned. The clothes are placed in a special container and are left for washing.

3. Laundry is Washed

After the laundry is done, the clothes are delivered to the customers at their doorsteps.

4. Laundry is Dropped

When the clothes are completely ready, they are delivered back to the users at the requested time.

With just a few taps and clicks, the entire laundry is done hassle-free and reaches customer doorsteps on time. Therefore, it's crucial to develop a reliable mobile app for the laundry business, but before that, you need to know the suitable business models.


Business Model for On-Demand Laundry Services

1. Aggregator Model

The aggregator model is mostly beneficial for startups and those with a tighter budget. Here your app performs as a platform where several local shops can be displayed, and the users can choose from one. This model allows the users to earn a commission on every transaction.

For this app development, you have to partner with laundry services in your area. You list their business in your application and are paid for the same. The pickup and delivery can be taken care of by the local services and your primary source of revenue is the commission you earn.

2. On-site Model

This model is the most suitable if you have a good budget and own a laundry shop. With the offline business, it becomes difficult to scale and get new clients for your business. When you create a mobile application, your customers are accessible to order their services from anywhere. This is the best business model if you are willing to expand your business online and have a global presence.


Benefits of Online Laundry Service

1. It Enhances Convenience

The mobile applications offer the users the ease to avail the services in a convenient manner. The customers can quickly avail the services anytime and anywhere as per their convenience.

2. Helps to Increase Safety

As the users have to follow the pandemic restriction and social distancing is mandatory, people should not move out of their homes. On-demand laundry apps are helping the consumers greatly. The pick-up and delivery are done by the service provider and the users can stay safe at home.

3. Offers Better Management

A laundry app for the users helps to manage the business operations in a better way. The owner can integrate features as per their needs so that the operations are carried out seamlessly.

4. Promote Local Laundries

As there are many competitors in the market, so to make your business stand out, it is crucial to offer unique and on-demand services to them. This way, the laundry owners can promote their business and have a robust online presence.


Key Features of an App for Online Laundry Service

Customer Panel

1. Sign-up

The customers should be offered an easy login/sign-up option using their mobile phones or social media accounts.

2. Advanced Filters

The customer should be offered advanced filters so that they could look for the services immediately. The customers will be able to select the pickup timings at their convenience

3. Schedule Pick Up and Delivery

The customers should be able to select the pickup timings as per their convenience so that the laundry can be picked from their doors.

4. Track Driver

The customers should be able to track their driver so that they know what is the status of their order.

5. Integrated Payment

An on-demand laundry mobile app will allow the customers to check out using their various payment options including Credit/Debit cards, e-wallet, NetBanking, and more.

6. Notification

The customer should be notified of every state of the order. 


Driver Panel 

1. Login

The delivery men will have their mobile app for the on-demand laundry service where they can have access to the app via email or social media accounts.

2. Check Orders

The driver should be notified as soon as he receives an order to be picked or dropped so that the timely pickup and delivery is done. 

3. Track Location

This is the most crucial feature of the driver that shows the exact location of the customer.

4. Manage Earnings

The driver should be able to keep a daily, weekly, or monthly track of the earnings.


Laundry Owner Panel 

1. Laundry Details

Once the laundry accepts the order they should be able to access the details of the laundry, several clothes, type of material, and other details.

2. Order Details

All the requests that are made by the user can be viewed by the admin. They can accept/reject the request as per the number of pending orders.

3. Track Drivers

The admin should have an access to track the driver so that they know where the customer order has reached.

4. Manage laundry charges

As per the number of clothes received and the material, the charges can be decided and managed by them.

5. Manage Offers and Discounts

All the offers and discounts that are applied to the users are managed by the admin only.


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Uber for Laundry App?

The process of app development includes a lot of stages and several factors affect the development of the app. To know the cost of the app these are the factors that generally impact the cost of your on-demand laundry app development.

1. The Platform you choose

Aspiring entrepreneurs usually opt for two platforms, and you can choose one out of the two: Android or iOS.

2. The development and testing

It consists of front-end development, back-end development, or interface design. Testing ensures your app is free from all the bugs.

3. Full Version or MVP

MVP comprises simply the basic features thus costs less whereas a fully functional app costs more.

4. Hours Taken and location

Laundry app development companies charge on an hourly basis. The location of the development company plays a vital role to depict the development cost. 


Winding up!

We hope this small guide of information was useful enough to make the necessary decision regarding the online laundry app development. It can not be denied that launching an Uber for laundry business for both startups and entrepreneurs is profitable.

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