Taking a break from tedious and hectic life has become a necessity for every individual. A family trip or a vacation to the favorite spot helps to rejuvenate the mood. Deciding a place to stay during the trip is one of the most important thing that helps you to make this trip memorable!

A simple hotel booking app sounds like a great idea while helping to make these steps easier. If you are in the travel and tourist business, then you must have an online presence. Read and find out all the comprehensive details that you need to know for the development of a hotel booking application.

Facts and Figures Related to Hotel Booking App

As the travel and tourism industry grows at a faster rate and the market consumer behavior is shifting towards online booking, a lot of entrepreneurs are investing in hotel booking applications. The industry is growing at a rapid pace because it can allow customers to book hotels in very few steps.


  • The worldwide market of the online hotel industry is estimated to rise and reach $174 million by 2022.
  • More than 45% of the online travel agency proceeds for the bookings through mobile apps.
  • If we throw some highlights on the number, it is estimated that the US alone has around 88% of the population that shows interest in the hotel applications.


Business Models Associated with Hotel Booking Mobile App 

There are generally three types of business models associated with hotel booking mobile apps. Here they are:

1. Aggregator Model 

This is the most popular type of business model, and the apps that work on this model are associated with a variety of other online booking or travel services. So basically all the local hotels are listed under this category. When a user searches for a hotel, all the listed hotels are displayed with flexible price ranges. When the user is comfortable with the price and hotel, they are redirected to the hotel website, where they can proceed and make the booking. The app owner commission on every booking made via the application. 

2. Dedicated Model

This type of model is most preferred for the big brands and popular chains of hotels. A few of the examples include Hyatt, Marriott and there are many other options. So if your brand is popular enough it is a great idea for you to develop an app for it. 

3. Advertising Model 

This is not a very popular business model, but it has less investment and risk involved. The app owner redirects their users to the hotel websites. This way they can generate capital. One of the examples of such a model is Tripadvisor.


Why should you invest in an on-demand Hotel Mobile App?

1. For Customer

It offers reliability, security, convenience, discounts, and many other benefits to the customers.

2. For Hotel

These kinds of applications help the owners to attract direct bookings and generate much higher revenue. They can maintain their brand loyalty, retain customers, keeps user data organized, and more with app development solutions.

3. For App Owner

The app owner can engage the users in many ways via the application. Also, they can earn through the monetization strategies such as ads, subscription, commission and more.


Popular Hotel Booking Mobile Apps & Services


Revenue Models For Hotel Booking App

1. Service Fee

It allows you to charge a fee on every booking made via the application. The app can charge a commission from the users as per the requirements.

2. Subscription-based

It allows the users to buy a subscription if they want to get more advanced features and interesting deals. The normal features are for those who don’t pay, and it is only applicable for the premium users. 

3. Advertising

Other hotels pay for advertising within your platform to be ranked at the top if there is any search query.


Crucial Features of Hotel Booking Mobile Apps

1. Bookings

It allows the users to book the rooms instantly while adding all the relevant information such as no days and night, a number of guests, and any other details. Also, users can book rooms as per their preference.

2. Advance Search Filter

It allows users to search for the specific rooms if they add the relevant information. The advanced filter option allows users to search for pricing ranges and other things as per the needs. Also, the user can sort the rooms by sorting options that include relevancy, pricing, location, etc.

3. Manage Account

It allows the users to create their accounts and track their bookings, history, manage loyalty points, discounts, and more. 

4. Virtual Tour

The virtual tour helps the users to view the 360-degree view of the restaurant. The virtual visit helps the customers to decide whether they need to book the rooms or not.

5. Payment Gateway

With multiple payment options, users can pay via different payment modes such as Stripe, PayPal, credit and debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, etc. It allows them to keep their payment account details safe and secure in the application.

6. In-app Notification

In-app notification allows the users to check their booking details, check-in, and check-out. They are notified in a timely manner about all the details.

7. Booking and Cancellation

The user can book and cancel the booking if due to some emergency they are unable to plan their vacation.

8. Instant Messenger 

Here, the users can chat with the hotel staff in case they have any queries. It helps the users to get a more personalized experience. 


Advanced Features Includes

1. Restaurant and Table Reservations

The users should be able to book the restaurant and table on a prior basis to avoid any kind of hassle during the trip. 

2. Car Rental 

With the in-house care rental reservation, the users and travelers can instantly book the cabs after arriving at the destination.

3. Estimated Cost Forecast

To deal with the constant fluctuations in flight and hotel costs, users can have a cost forecast and then plan their trip accordingly. When the price is displayed before only, it gives them a clear idea about the budget.

4. CRM Integration

CRM integration becomes vital in the case of a hotel booking app where the customer experience is of utmost importance and to ensure your customer feel-at-home, this feature will come greatly useful.

5. Push Notifications

It allows the app to send instant reminders and notifications to the users about their bookings, check-in/check-out, offers, and discounts, etc. 


How much it will cost to build a Hotel Booking Mobile App?

The cost to know the development cost of an online hotel booking app is the most vital factor that the entrepreneurs are eager to know about. However, the exact cost of developing such an application cannot be told. It depends on several factors. 

Here are the topmost factors mentioned that helps you determine the exact cost of developing such an app.

  • Software development company and location
  • Project functionality
  • Design
  • Technologies used
  • 3rd party modules and integrations
  • Total hours of the team worked
  • The platform for the app development 


Winding up!

Travelling and vacation should be the most personalized experience for the users. Therefore, it becomes crucial to make such an experience unforgettable. The hotel business is evolving and with every passing day, therefore, it becomes crucial for the business to stay ahead of the game and competition.

Our team at OZVID already has solid expertise in building travel and hotel booking applications. If you want to develop a hotel booking app and have some ideas, share your insights with us!