With the hectic and busy work schedules, every human has a considerable amount of stress, that imbalance their life. So is there any solution to reduce stress and anxiety?

Of course, there is! Yoga and meditation are becoming the most crucial part of everyone’s life. It ensures the good health and well-being of an individual. It also contributes to managing stress and anxiety especially during this pandemic scenario where everyone is stressed. People now understand how important mental health is and to calm down, they often look for digital solutions that help to reduce stress.

Modern technologies like Meditation apps help the individual to reduce daily stress and improve mental well-being. One of the examples of a popular meditation application is Headspace that has generated revenue of almost $100 million. Keeping mental health and awareness in mind, let us offer you some vital information about the features, cost, and other important factors when developing a meditation app.

Market Trends and Statistics of Meditation App

As per a report from National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health it is estimated that around 18 million adults in the US are using meditation applications that boost up their attention and mental health.

  • Statistics show that for now the US market for Yoga and meditation app is worth 1.21 billion and continues to rise by 2 million by the end of 2022.
  • The earning from meditation app for the owners continues to rise and it is the most suitable time for them to develop a meditation application.
  • The search queries for Yoga and meditation apps have seen a huge rise and grew by 65% year by year.

The graph depicts the most useful reasons that force users to use such applications and improve their well-being.



Most Popular Types of Meditation Apps

1. Stress Management

This meditation application helps the user to determine the stress level and reduce and manage it via online meditation apps that have different soothing images, music, quotes, and content. 

2. Deep Sleep

For people who are unable to sleep at night and usually on pills, this application is a perfect alternative. With the relaxing music and aura, the app calms you down and fulfills the sleeplessness. 

3. Habit and Goal Tracker

With this application, the users can set up their goals, leave their bad habits, and keep a track of their habits. It helps the user to keep them updated with their goals and regularly sends notifications, reminders which can be customized as per the user's need. 

4. Focus and Concentration

For all the users who suffer from anxiety, the app distracts the user and blocks them. It helps the users to stay focused and concentrate during their work.

5. Mindfulness

The application offer sessions that have proved to be a boon for the users. It keeps the user's mind refreshed and refocuses their awareness. 


How to Develop a Meditation App?


Monetization Opportunities with a mobile app like Headspace

1. Advertisements

With this monetization model, the owners can run other third-parties ads on their app. As the user visits and clicks on their products/services, the payment is done via cost per click. This is quite a popular method and allows app owners to earn a good amount.

2. In-app purchases

This is the most crucial monetization method where the users need to pay to unlock different and advanced features that may be special sessions, packs, etc.

3. Subscriptions

This monetization strategy is used by most apps. When the user installs the app it is limited to basic features only and the user can take a trial for a specific period. But when the free trial ends they have to make payment and subscribe to the package so they get access to the most advanced features. 


What are the benefits of a Meditation App?

Many familiar positive effects are associated with meditation Apps. From increased awareness, calm and improved focus it offers many other benefits. Let’s discuss all of them in details:

1. Less Stress

The Smartphone meditation apps help to reduce cortisol levels along with blood pressure that helps to reduce stress. As per research the users who practiced mindfulness lessons were put under stress and can control their blood pressure.

2. Better Social Relations

With the online meditation applications, people can alleviate the feeling of loneliness and also helps to motivate people to take part in social interactions. Making the mind relaxed people can overcome uncomfortable experiences while maintaining an open mind.

As per a report, participants were able to reduce their daily life loneliness by 22% with such apps developed.

3. Helps to Improve Memory 

With so much information to be kept in mind it becomes difficult to retain all the things. The meditation apps are here to help. As per research conducted by the University of California people performing meditation score higher on tests than those who are not doing it. Experts say that meditation apps make you stronger, helps to remember all the useful things, helps to manage stress, and much more.


General Features that must be included in a Meditation App

User Panel

1. Sign in/Signup

The users should be able to sign-up with a single step via email or contact number. For better interaction, they should be able to signup via social media credentials. 

2. Profile Creation

With the basic details, users can enjoy the benefits of a customized experience.

3. Meditation Session Library

There should be all the sessions covered by the app such as stress management, depression, insomnia, happiness, harmony, relaxation, forgiveness, body-scan, and more.

4. Audio and Video Playback 

The users can play their favorite tracks in the background with their favorite playlist. Users can also record their voices and enjoy their exercise.

5. Track Progress

It allows the users to track their progress at every step and how far they have reached to attain their goal.

6. In-app Purchases 

The users should have options to pay for memberships or buy advanced features of the application through an in-built in-application purchase option.


Few of the Advanced Features

1. Gamification

The best meditation app should have certain game elements to be offered to the users because it is the most mindfulness app development process.

2. CRM Integration

With Customer relationship management, you can maintain a good relationship with the customers that helps to benefit the performance of the app.

3. Real-Time Analytics

With this feature, the app performance can be analyzed in real-time by the users. It gives an idea to the owner about certain areas that need improvements.

4. Favorite Playlist

Some people are addicted to music, and therefore the app should have features that allow them to create and play their favorite music in the background. The users can instantly play the music as soon as they start their meditation.


How much does it cost to develop an App?

There is a huge competition and several app development companies are well experienced in developing meditation apps. The major concern the client has is the investment they have to make for developing a successful application like Calm and Headspace.

Well, the cost of the development of a meditation app is not fixed and depends on several factors. The most important ones are:

1. Number of Platforms 

 2. Hourly App Development Rate

 3. App Features and Specifications 

 4. Technical Stack

With a single platform, it is estimated that the price would be around $20,000-$30,000, whereas the price would rise if you want to integrate the most advanced features it would be around $40,000.

Wrapping up!

Hope this post has provided all the necessary information that is critical for meditation mobile app development. More and more people are discovering its benefits and therefore its trend in the market continues to grow. To develop a successful meditation app, you need to pay heed to design features and choose the best app development, team.

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