With the growing and backing technological advancements, on-demand applications show a broad impact on the business industry. Ease and convenience are the major factors that contribute and have lead people to adapt to these solutions. It has almost changed the life of everyone!

One of the biggest problems for the homemakers is the leaky pipes and taps that can ruin their homes in no time. During these emergencies, there is a need for instant support from some experts for maintenance and repair. Therefore, finding a plumber becomes extremely difficult. Here comes the plumber app for the users. With the on-demand app for plumbing, the user can schedule an appointment at their convenience and avail services.

Entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the growing market. The market is competitive, and there is a vast demand for these applications. Let us discuss all the features, functionalities, and benefits that the on-demand plumber app offers.

Growth in the On-demand Plumbing Applications 

As per research from Businesswire.com, the growth of on-demand applications is expected to boost by 18.5% in the next five years. With the rapid growth in the market, entrepreneurs are now looking for different models, and that is possible if they hire the best app developers for their upcoming projects.

How does the Plumbing App Work?

Once the user installs the application, they next need to report their plumbing issue and emergencies which they are facing. The user chooses the category, and the amount reflects on the screen.

The user then needs to select the date, time, and venue they want to avail of the service. Once the plumber is in the proximity of the user location, they can get the services done. Once the app confirms the booking, the plumber reaches the spot and fixes the issue. After the payment of the services is done. The ratings and reviews can be done by the user.


What are the benefits of developing the app? 

An on-demand plumbing application offers tons of benefits for the plumbers as well as users. Here are a few of them:

1. Easy Plumber Finding

The users had to struggle to look for inventory and contact numbers to get the emergency plumbing services. With the applications, you can connect to local plumbers nearby and book their services at their convenience.

2. Reach Customers Effectively and Efficiently

With the development of these applications, the plumber using the navigation can reach their customers efficiently as per their needs, preferences, and time.

3. Enhance Operational Efficiency

These applications help to simplify the entire operations and, on the other hand, offer convenience to the customers. The employee's efficiency also increases as it frees them to form the hectic and monotonous tasks.

4. Earning for Plumber: The app owners can earn commission or registration fees by connecting customers with many plumbers in the locality or beyond.

Types of On-demand Plumbing Apps

1. Third-Party Aggregator

These are the applications that offer plumbing services to users. 

All the local plumbing businesses need to register. You offer a platform to the users, where they can compare different service providers, and based on the reviews, experience, and price, they charge. They can choose the best platforms for them.

2. Personalized App

This platform is for the recognized businesses and service providers. 

If you have already set up a business and want to personalize it, an app would be a great help. It helps build a name is one of the perfect opportunities to market your services to a broad consumer base.

What Makes A Great On-demand Plumber App?

Now, what makes an app a great alternative to your competitor? Is it the user experience or some features? Let us discuss them all.

1. Do not add too many features

It is not always about adding more and more features to your platform.

The app owner should focus on the essential features the app must have. Once the app gains name and popularity slowly and steadily, you can add more features.

2. Do you know the target audience for your plumbing app?

Apart from the features, services, and functionalities, you need to understand the audience. Your app should be appealing to those households and other commercial complexes that require a change in leaky valves to choke drainage pipes. The target audience plays the most crucial role for more revenue generation.

3. Your apps should be fast and stable

With the hectic lifestyle of each individual, no one has time to wait for a longer time. Your applications need to be concise and should offer a faster response time. If it loads faster, users can take action in a fraction of seconds.

Key Features of On-demand Plumbing App 

1. Sign-up / Sign-in

After installing the app, this is the first step. The user needs to enter all the details such as email, contact number, and more who all the users want to avail themselves of the services. Apart from the general email and password sign-in process, there should be a social media sign-in.

2. Inbuilt Dashboard

A perfect inbuilt dashboard offers a list of service providers for third-party applications. The dashboard should have all the advanced features such as - price, location, and service. 

The dashboard should have a list of all the service providers for convenience.

3. Plumber Profile

The app should have a perfect profile of all the service providers on the platform. It should allow the clients to check out all the details, the cost of service, their reviews/ratings, and other essential information.

4. Schedule Appointment

With this feature, the users can book an appointment depending on the availability of the plumbers. It allows them to schedule an appointment with a single tap.

5. Secure Payment Gateways

Secured payments are a must for the customers to trust your platform efficiently. Inbuilt payment gateways provide the users the ease of payment and, this method accounts for a no-human interaction process.

6. GPS Tracking

Once the plumber accepts your request to reach the destination, they should have the navigation feature. Also, it allows customers to track the movement of the service provider in real-time.

7. Chat/Call Options

There should be a fully functional communication panel that allows a client to communicate with the platform via audio, video calls, and chat options. Using these features gives the client a secure feel where they can share all their concerns.

Cost Of On-demand Plumber App Development

The exact cost of the development of the plumbing app is unknown. It depends on the client, the features, and many other factors. The most important factors include:

1. App Development Time:  It is the time taken by the app developers, designers, testers, and analysts to complete the project.

2. Cost: The cost of integration is another essential factor that determines the value you need to add.

3. Other Important Platforms: Use of platform, technology, specific requirements of the customer, and resources also determine the cost of the on-demand plumber app development. 

In The Bottom line

On-demand, apps are now the talk of the town, and we know how important it is for businesses to stay on the top. The on-demand plumber app offers a lot of advantages to both parties and is therefore very popular. Do you own a plumbing business and want to scale your business by developing an application?

OZVID has been a pioneer in providing its clients with end-to-end on-demand solutions. We can help you develop a successful plumbing app that is completely based upon the structures and precise needs of the business.